Boat in Mumbai

Having a Driver

Having a driver is so nice! Really… it sounds so elitist and decadent to say, I am sure… but it really is wonderful.

Now, here’s the deal… I think it sounds extraordinarily extravagant, but in places like India, China, SE Asia, and hundreds of other places, it really is not. It might only cost $10-$30 a day, and these guys will follow you around all day long. It’s like a mobile base that holds all your extra camera stuff, snacks, drinks, and lots of sweet sweet air-conditioning. So, when traveling to exotic places, even though it can be expensive to get there, you can actually move around within these countries with relative ease and style.

Another $10+ per day will even get you an “umbrella assistant” that will follow you around and hold an umbrella over your head. Again, it sounds so over-the-top, but why the heck not?  If I were feeling generous, I might even pay another $10 to get an umbrella assistant for my umbrella assistant, but that would just be redonkulous.

Daily Photo – Boat in Mumbai

Mumbai and Bombay are the same place. If you say “Mumbai” quickly with a thick Indian accent, you will see what I mean, and understand it why the stiff-upper lipped British just went with “Bombay”.

One of the more interesting bits of the city lies along the waterfront. The quay is filled with hundreds of boats going each and every direction. I popped on my 70-200 after a quick visit to the car so I could find some interesting things out in the water.

HDR Photo<

  • Will Zhao

    You need to be careful though, it happened a lot to me, especially in third world countries if you hire someone to carry your camera equipment, there’s a chance you won’t get it back 😛

  • you’re sure you looked…

    i’m looking forward to the rest of the story 🙂

  • casusan

    Great capture Trey – love how the water looks like glass! Yes, traveling in China sounds quite nice – that’s less than you’d pay for 1 cab ride here! Have fun in NZ!!

  • Cool capture! It’d be so funny to see a line of people holding umbrella’s for the next person, lol But then… the line would be never-ending unless the last person held 2 umbrella’s!

  • Wang

    Labour is cheap in China, but I dont think you can get an assistant with his car all together for only $30 a day, especially in those cities like Beijing and Shanghai. The fuel is much more expensive in China than in US these days. But I can believe there might be a lot people or Uni students would like to volunteer to provide even cheaper price or free services to you, because they like your images and most Chinese are always welcome to foreigners. This is another case though.

  • Nice capture. Was this shot recently? Are you in India now?
    Please lemme know…


  • Haha that guy on the right looks like he’s enjoying the party. I’m enjoying the reflections on the water – very nice 🙂

    As for yesterday’s topic, I forgot to mention that I am a headphone guy. My favoured tunes range from classical scores (‘Lord Of The Rings’ soundtracks) to hard rock (‘Motley Crue’, ‘AC/DC’ etc) so you never really know what you’d hear next on my mp3 player. Depends really what mood i’m in what I specifically choose to listen to while i’m working – i definitely find it helps my focus.

  • waiting for more HDR photo from Mumbai…I meant Bombay..:)

  • In SE Asia i’ve had drivers for $15 a day but i’m travelling around China at the moment and I had a driver yesterday to go from Lijiang to Shangri La via Tiger Leaping Gorge and it cost me $150 for the day so you got a bargain if you paid $30! Still, it was worth it for me to have the freedom to stop whenever you want to grab some shots of the amazing scenery…. Great shot as always Trey, I can’t wait to get to India next month.

  • Cool responses – thanks everyone!

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey… I especially like the silky smooth water in the foreground coupled with the gentle tidal current in the background, nice contrast!

    As for my nationality, I guess it’s Bombay… chocks away and tally-ho chaps 🙂

  • sham

    This is the case with poor people in any developing nation. And the reality is nothing in this world is permanent. NOTHING…

  • I like the picture, I belive it would have maybe been a bit nicer if you gave it some more space to go to 🙂
    keep it up!

  • Gail in Montana

    Looks like those folks are enjoying being on the water. Very good capture of the boats in Bombay/Mumbai !1 😉 That’s the water part of me that likes this photo, and I love to be in a boat on the water!! Even a paddlewheel boat going down the Columbia River!! And I, too, am waiting for the rest of the story, lol. Thanks for sharing, hope things are going well with your search in New Zealand. 🙂

  • Trey, I have three kids and am not sure how you find the time to travel so much. I love the website!

  • Simon Morris

    Hi Trey, probably the wrong place to post and my apologies if so… however, I’m intrigued to know what you use for post processing… Apple’s MacBook or iMac?
    I’m at the stage of switching from PC to Mac and can’t make up my mind whether to go with a MacBook Pro 17″ or iMac 27″… any advice will be much appreciated, thanks.

  • Will Zhao

    Simon, I think the answer to that is pretty simple, if you’re regularly on the go then pick the Macbook, if you prefer to do your work at home then go with that iMac 🙂

  • Thanks all…

    Simon, I prefer to use my mac pro at home, but I end up doing some on the road with my macbook pro

  • Simon Morris

    Thanks Trey & Will… it’s not often I visit clients, so the iMac 27″ is looking favourable.

  • Anthony

    I was there last week. A driver is essential given the crazy traffic. Plus they tend to know many of the hidden places and can get pretty much anywhere if they are real locals who speak Marathi. In the 4 days I was there I was stopped several times each day by people who wanted me to take their photograph! I’d take their picture, they’d look at it on the screen, say thank you and walk off.

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