The Sea and the Sun

What Terrain-Person are you?

I think there are ocean people, mountain people, plains people, desert people, and forest people. By that, I mean, for whatever reason, you just feel most comfortable in one of these environments. You picture living there, building your house there, waking up there, and going to sleep there.

I’m pretty sure I’m one of the mountain people (not be be confused with the “hill” people or the “village” people). I have a lot of friends that are definitely “ocean people” that just love the beach and the sea. What terrain-people group are you in?

Daily Photo – The Sea and the Sun

Even though I’m not an ocean person, I do spend a lot of time photographing them. Maybe as long as there are mountains close by, I feel a little more comfy.

The NW area of Iceland is edged with countless fjords. They just go on and on and on. It’s also confusing when you are not used to the area. The road goes around the outside of course, and as you edge out onto one peninsula, it circles back into another big loop around the bay. Each loop takes another 30-45 minutes or so! I remember I was trying to get to a certain town, and I knew it was somewhere there along the road. Fjord after fjord passed, and as I rounded yet another peninsula, I was both exasperated and excited that I had to make a big loop around yet another fjord!

HDR Photo

  • Patrick Ahles

    Beautiful sunset!

    Now, for what type of person I am? I like the mountains, the forests, the plains… Maybe I would like to live where mountains, forests and plains meet. I don’t like to be constrained to the one or the other… πŸ˜‰

  • Ghislain

    Trey, you did not mention city people πŸ™‚ I’m definitely one of those!

  • Deron

    Definitely ocean.

  • Simon Morris

    Definitely mountains for me in any shape, size or form… currently enjoying the wild and somewhat remote Southern Alps here in NZ, hard to take in at times!

  • Mountains!

    My wife is ocean though, which sometimes creates friction. On the positive side, friction creates heat…

  • I think my favoured location depends on my mood – i like the buzz of the city just as much as i like a trip to the country to visit waterfalls, hills and mountains. I’m definitely in ‘city’ mode right now with my visit to NYC on the 30th – hopefully the current unrest in France won’t ruin the outbound trip. Fingers crossed!

  • Beautiful sunrise! I’m both Water and Mountains. My dream would be to have a house in the Mountains with a path leading off to a beautiful waterfalls or a house up on the Cliff’s above an Ocean with a path down to the beach.

  • Gail in Montana

    Beautiful photo, Trey!!!! I’m with you, I’m a mountain person, that’s why we retired to the Bitter Root Valley in Montana. And we can always go to the river to see water or Lake Como. We have lots of rivers, creeks, little water falls, Larch trees turning orange right now, cottonwoods that are yellow, close to the town where we do everything, and so on. We have the best of all worlds as we are only 25 miles from a larger town, with several smaller towns here in our famous valley where Marcus Daly started a lumber mill to provide timber for the mines, and he also built the famous Marcus Daly Mansion for his wife, which we have toured more then once. I guess they say it is haunted, lol. But I don’t seem to be sensitive to ghosts πŸ™ . I would love to see one. So what kind of person does that make me, lol. Hope you find a lovely spot for your home!!!!! Boy, am I wordy today or what, lol. Thanks for sharing, I love to visit the oceans, too!! πŸ™‚

  • casusan

    Beautiful sunset on the water Trey! Yes, am definitely an ocean person!

  • Lisa B

    Ahhhh, beautiful.

  • 1seashell

    Awesome comment and photo! Can’t we be many of them at different times of our lives or of the year, please? Some of us are affluent enough to have homes in different terrains for the reason that we like so many locations. We do, however, live “in the moment” (or the week) and it’s having to choose at any one time where to be that can be the challenge, I agree.

    Fun to dream through your travel photos. Thank you very much.

  • I am most definitely a Mountain Person. I love the mountains. The Southern Alps in New Zealand are of course amazing but I like the mountains that we have here in Oregon as well. The Cascades have beautiful volcanoes, the Eagle Cap Wilderness was an Ice Cap during the last Ice Age so we have Alp-like glacier valleys, and we have desert mountains with the Basin & Range and also Steens Mountain. There are rim-rocked mountains that the chukar love. There are so many different types of mountains; can’t get enough of it. But the Cascades with their volcano Mounts are what I think of when I think of typical mountains.

  • Rimmer

    Desert person.

  • Jake Jacobsen

    Trey, you are right on with this. I have always believed that certain people belong with particular environments. For most people, I bet, it doesn’t really matter. They are happy living in many different environments, but for others it’s different. There is a strong connection, not to sound mystical or anything like that, it’s just how it is. I have a friend who has always known that she is an ocean person. I have known that I am a mountain person for as long as I can remember.

  • yes, I can almost feel the sun on my face!

  • thanks all — interesting to see what kind of ppl you are…. I wish I could make that your avatar so I don’t forget.

  • Heidi

    I am most definitely a mountain girl. I’m from Montana but am living in the unfortunate state of Nebraska. I miss the mountains every single day. I love them.

  • Ernie

    I grew up in Switzerland….it’s mountains for me.
    Trey, how about some pictures from Switzerland?
    Mountains, waterfalls or even cows πŸ™‚
    Love your pictures.

  • Will

    I consider myself one of those city people

  • Steve Clarke

    Mountains for sure, but even better when they meet the sea. Specifically the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. I’ve often thought that mountain people better understand their true insignificance in the nature of things. Looking at the shear beauty and majesty of a mountain range quickly dispells any notions of grandeur and self importance. Mountains make you realise just how small you really are.

    Living in the man made environment that we call a city, may give one a false sense of importance… the master of a conquered environment.

    I’m pretty sure that is reason big cities have so many self important and easily irritated people living in them.

    Now, of course there are always exceptions and there are plenty of nice folk living in cities. So if you where thinking of tearing a strip off me for this post… stop for a moment…you’re not a big city person are you?

  • Jeff Hentosz

    Mountain person here (and city person, too; good point, Ghislain!)

    Trey, you’re saying Iceland is a Mandlebrot set? πŸ˜€

  • Simon Morris

    As mentioned earlier, I’m fortunate to have New Zealand’s Southern Alps right on my door step… but I do have a soft spot for European mountain ranges… in particular the French, Swiss, Italian and Austrian Alps.

  • Beautiful image. Type of person? I always thought I was a water person (ocean, to be exact) but since moving to the mountains of Colorado, I’m feeling pretty happy with being a mountain person, too. So maybe people can change. I do still dream of the ocean, though, so maybe I’m not completely switched. πŸ˜‰

  • Gr8Scot

    Trey, so just how mnay pictured DID you take in Iceland? Were they all from just one visit?

    …and do you count a 3-bracket set of shots as one picture?

  • Gr8Scot

    …sometimes I can spell

  • Always gotta have a close reference to water….its kind of an anchor for me. Ocean, lake, river, …… gotta know where the water is at all times πŸ™‚

  • Josh B

    I like this one

  • Jason R

    I am definitely still stuck on a beach in Ibiza. That was a sunset.

  • Sunshine

    Ocean!! Without a shadow of a doubt, and the forest is my second favorite!!

    So love what you do!! So please keep doing it!!

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