Nikon 18-200 Update

New HDR Spotting Editors

I am going to be asking for some more HDR Spotting editors. The flow of photos is picking up and I think the current team is getting overloaded! Anyone can apply — please head on over to the site and put in your application!

New Nikon 18-200 Review

The photo below has been added to the Nikon 18-200 Review. It helps to show the full range of the zoom. My reviews are usually short and sweet, showing the practical use of the camera or lens.

If you want to see more Reviews, just follow that link!

Daily Photo – The Icy Part of the Waterfall

This waterfall was enormous! I’ve never been to Angel Falls in South America, although that is on my list. I know that these places are extremely difficult to photograph. Luckily, for this one, I had a good vantage point at the bottom that let me zoom in.

I took this photo in the very early spring, during cherry blossom season in Japan. There is still snow and ice in the highlands, and you can see a small pack of it here behind the waterfall. I also have a “zoomed out” version of this on the review page mentioned above.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Awesome shot Trey – looks kind of ‘other worldly’ – I always enjoy your shots from Japan – know you loved it there. Glad to hear you made it to NZ!!

  • mint shot trey!! looks great!!! what part of nz you in. will you be doing any meet ups or anything? would love to as i missed the last one!

    hope nz treats you well

  • Patrick Ahles

    Wow, my monitor is too small, since this one can only be viewed in it’s original size! So much detail!

    Glad to see you made it to New Zealand!

  • No meetups planned for this time I’m afraid – just doing a lot of family time! 🙂

  • Wow cool waterfall again – I always like the smooth movement of water. Is that a huge lump of ice or snow next to the main fall or is it something else?

    I was waiting until you got out of China to post a link here to my complete London photowalk collection plus some portraits I did the other day but i’ll hang fire for now and let you get some well-deserved peace and quiet 🙂

  • I just noticed that my question about the ice is answered in the description – i’m really slow today.

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo, Trey. One of my favorites!!! So glad to hear you were rescued and are now spending time with your family!! That had to be a scary time for them. A BIG thank you from me to your friends that got you out!!!! I know we are all greatful! 🙂 Big smile on my face this morning!!!! Take care and be careful out there. Have a wonderful week with the wife and kids!

  • Wow! such great details!

  • Nice shot, the way the intricate detail contrasts with the blur of the waterfall is really striking. Glad to hear you got out of China and off to your next destination; you really do get about …

  • Love the composition here. I read your full review of the 18-200. The flexibility is amazing but I think I’ll look into the 28-300 since it is FX. This shot is great because it shows creativity in shot selection instead of “just another waterfall” shot. I love waterfalls but it’s nice to see a unique view.

  • Oh, great to hear you made it out of China. Your images from there are amazing.

  • Peter

    Have you heard of the new 24-300? This seems to be the full format equivalent;and one of the most superb verstaile lens ever!

  • Paul

    Hey Trey, you got me into HDR, and I appreciate it! One question- would running jpegs through photomatix multiple times eventually degrade their quality?

  • Congratulations on getting out of China – I just made it in yesterday and can’t wait to start shooting here! Enjoy New Zealand, I know you’ve been before and I love your previous photographs from there. Don’t forget to pull over as soon as you get through the big tunnel on the way to Milford Sound. The view is incredible and reminds me of Yosemite

    Looking forward to your NZ stuff!

  • Love the photo! Great way to photograph this scene.

  • Paul – Well – I don’t do it multiple times – just one – but yes… it would degrade their quality… Peter – yes – sounds pretty awesome eh? It’s on my xmas list!

  • Hey Trey,
    I am planing to get a D700 and own a 18-200, what I wanted to know is the low light skills of the FX/DX combination. Can you get nice results from that or should I get an FX lens?

    Kind regards,

    Christof aka @zideshowbob

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