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A Bunch More Photos from China…

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Getting Around China

So, I don’t speak much Chinese. Actually, I speak so little that it is embarrassing. And, very few people here speak English. It’s less than 1%. So, most of the time it can be tough to get around… but I always end up getting where I want. It’s more a matter of will, charades, and international gestures that get me where I want to go. Anyway, this is often a question I get, “How do you get around without knowing the language?” It’s really not a worry… Have you read “The Alchemist”?

Daily Photo – Pandora from Avatar

Getting to this place isn’t easy, either. I wish I could tell you how tired my legs were and still are. I added about another 1/4 inch of calf muscle in the last week. Climbing these spires with all my equipment is not cake walk. I climbed to the top three times in my hikes, and my first day had about 10km of unforgettable pain. 10km is one thing. 10km that involves these kinds of verticals is another thing.

I also climbed one of these at night. Alone. That was exciting. I don’t know if exciting is quite the right word for it, but it certainly was an experience (that word said with French accent). On the way down, I ran into a big snake that would have liked nothing more than to rock my face off. I’ll have a full story on that in a later post from this area.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Oh wow – these spires are cool – super shot – your stories always remind me of Indiana Jones or something – well, that’s my era anyway – looking forward to the newsletter!

  • Ok, fess-up – how high did you actually climb-up? Your secret is safe with me 🙂

  • Z

    This is beautiful. An ideal spot for a riveting story.

  • Very cool shot. I like.

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, amazing photo of Pandora, Trey. Thanks for doing all that climbing to get this shot. I loved that movie, nice to see where they filmed part of it. Waiting for the snake story 😉 . Have a great Sunday!!

  • Thank you everyone!

    Gail – You are up late tonight!

    Stewart – there is a path that goes up… there are many part where the rock is low and you have to walk duck-walk and many sketchy bits. But… it’s not like I’m rock-climbing with my tripod strapped on my back by my chalk bag ! hehe

  • This is spectacular trey…hard works paid with this beautiful view

  • Wow looks like it’s in the movie Avatar!

  • Spectacular photos as ever Trey, thanks for a visual treat to start my day!

  • Susan I’m with you on that one – Indiana Jones films are often one of the first things that pops into my head when I see Trey’s photos. As for this one today – all i can say is I never thought that anything like this existed on this planet. Truly extraordinary!!!

  • cindy williams

    Great image…Are you staying permanently in New Zealand? Ask because your children are not in school. Is that your final destinations as they say….I lived in NZ for a while and would go back
    in heart beat.

  • bitguide

    your efforts certainly paid off. Outstanding shot.

  • Dad’s Dad

    Boom-Your mom is really right on this one.

  • Two mind blowing photos in a row. This one is absolutely incredible! As if there was ever any question, you are still “The Man”!

  • The spires are awesome! I would love to get there some day and photograph them.

  • That is one amazing place, and that’s one amazing photo.

    I get dizzy just looking at it!

    Thanks, Rob.

  • Patrick

    Great shot! But…
    This area looks as if it was made specifically for a panorama photo.
    Therefore you now need to go back all the way and do a pano shot!
    You are stuck in China anyway and don’t really know what to do with your time, do you?

  • As the title said a pic from another world … thx for sharing such amazing scenery

  • hi Trey!

    did not know this place actually existed!

    what trouble to get there but see the result! this looks beautiful!

  • Thanks everyone… yes -it was a sketchy place for sure…and the insects… they just screamed by my ear singing “malaria”.

    harmon – neither did I! I was so pleased to find it!

    CIndy – no, but we are visiting NZ for a month… we will be moving here eventually, though! We home-school the kids, btw.

  • This picture and the story around it show once again how – literally – crazy good you are.

  • Don

    Fantastic photo Trey!

  • It is really great to read that I was not alone, (about a month ago – 23-25.sept) hiking with all my equipment, tripod, etc. up to this gorgeous place. I took more than 500 shots here! Still trying to sort them out though! 🙂

  • Ok . . . you can stay!
    Certainly worth the effort . . . great POV . . . nicely done!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Gorgeous picture!

  • It is amazing view, it really feels like watching floating Pandora rocks! And I admire you for climbing all the way with a full set of photo gear, Trey.
    Wonderful layers of mountains and colors, you know hot to get photo right!

  • Mark J Quintanilla

    For a sec, thought I was up there too.

  • Wow, this is incredible. Props for climbing all the way up…I have to say this goes on my list of things I want to do someday.

  • Lili

    Great great shot!
    Really amazing landscape…

  • This really does look like a scene from the movie Avatar. Well done. Looking at the other spires I really wonder how you made it to where you took the picture. Was it a straight climb or more like a hike? You gotta wonder how those shoots of rock don’t collapse or tip over…

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  • Fantastic picture! Foreground is just stunning, but I also love how the mist fades the mountains in the back though still let you know that there are further adventures to be had. Great work!

    Cheers Allan

  • Adam

    Hi Trey,

    Great shot! I am planning on going to Zhangjiajie in January and am hoping to get a snow covered version… sounds like I have some mental and physical preparation to do!

  • Angel

    I was lucky enough to have gone there last summer, the view was spectacular. This picture really captures the magnificence of Zhangjiajie. Amazing!

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  • Great shot – any info on how to get to this point? I’m on my way to Zhangjiajie for some days… have been travelling China for three weeks now. Thanks for sharing Trey.


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