Feng Huang Cheng

Stuck In China Update

From my post yesterday, I’ve gotten all kinds of interesting response – thanks!  It looks like there are a few uber-powerful political types that stop by the blog from time to time and some strings are being pulled.  We’ll see if I can get out of the country in a timely manner!

(NOTE:  Do not ever run at full speed through an embassy.)

Three Days of China

I’ve been in China now for what is approaching a month. It has been a wild and adventurous time! I’ve been so busy shooting, and internet has been so hard to get in places — it has been hard to do regular, timely updates. So, obviously, I’ve been posting some new pieces from other photo adventures, but this is how things generally work around here.

But, for the next three days (including today), I’ll show you some brand new stuff from apart of my trip here!

Daily Photo – Ancient Feng Huang Cheng

As many cities in China quickly leapfrog American cities into one technopolis after another, there are still many old, ancient places across the countryside. So, in an effort to find some of the more unique and classical Chinese places, I had to go pretty deep beyond the major cities.

This is an old place that maintains its classic charm. It’s called Feng Huang, and the old buildings along the river are still up on stilts. They don’t build right along the river, since they know every 50 years or so, a major flood clears everything away. In the meantime, locals go on about their business, going down to the river to wash clothes, prepare food, and the like.

The entire time I was here, I never saw another white person and did not meet anyone that spoke English. I also suffered a fairly significant injury one morning… will talk about that another time. I’m going to hit a hospital here in Beijing to see what exactly happened! But, most importantly, even though my cameras hit the ground pretty hard, they are all in perfect working condition. Sweet Nikon.

HDR Photo<

  • casusan

    Oh wow1 What a cool shot – I’ve never seen dwellings like this before – lovely reflections. Hope your injury is ok! And that you get out soon to head to NZ – feel bad for you! And yes, Steve, I am always first or second – you see most of the time Trey posts at midnight CST -Austin time- and I live in CA so it’s only ten for me – always look forward to his posts! Keep up the good work Trey!

  • Deron

    Awesome job! Reminds me of the Philippines along Pasig river.

  • Lovely shot. Hope everything is turning out okay for you.

  • Awesome photo, it wonderful to see far away places like this. Hope your injury heals real fast and that you will recover like your Nikon Cameras! I dropped one of my Nikon cameras not too long ago from a counter to a wood floor. Thankfully my Nikon camera seems to have made a full recovery too :o) Thanks for sharing all your wonderful images, very inspiring and safe travels!

  • Great shot today Trey! I am feeling your current Chinese bureaucracy pain as we are on the other side of the border and cannot get into the country! We have felt the full force of the archaic shambles that is the Chinese embassy and we have now been stuck in Vietnam waiting for visas for 2 weeks while the embassy is on a 10 day festival holiday.

    Look on the bright side like we did. You’ve been given the gift of time. 10 days to take lots more HDR shots! That’s what i’ve been doing…if anyone’s interested they can be found on the appropriately titled http://www.waitingforvisas.com

    Good luck breaking out!

  • Hehe thanks everyone. Nick – that is wild — but yes – more time for photos… although I am just spending my time sitting around rather boring government offices the last few days! Ugh…

  • Haha i like how you never met any white people – i think I would like that. Everywhere I go I always bump into a Scottish person or see someone wearing a Rangers or Celtic strip (our big two soccer teams here in Glasgow) and wish that I could just avoid Scotland for just one day of my life 😀

    I always marvel at how much more colourful these places in the Far East are – wonderful!

    Is the tip on not-running-at-full-pace-through-an-embassy a story for another time then? I’m intrigued 🙂

  • Jim

    Great shot. I just got back from a photo workshop in the South West US with Bill Fortney and Scott Kelby. We had a least three or four folks drop their cameras, lens and tripods. Lens filters shattered, body’s got dented but the NIKON gear kept on working…. Glad to hear you are still shooting. Just love hearing about your adventure. I hope you get back to your family really soon. Pano from ZION on a rainy day. http://www.flickr.com/photos/wowphotoshdr/5076136132/

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, beautiful shot of the reflections of the little buildings on stilts. Sure hope you recover from your injury soon!!! Thanks for sharing, once again, beautiful shot!!! 🙂

  • Steve Clarke

    caSusan! Glad that hear that you have reported back for duty! Got a little worried when you went AWOL.
    Trey, nice when things start to work out when least expected eh?

  • That village can’t be that far off the beaten path or that far removed from contemporary China if those are a/c units I see sticking out of the sides of the structures. 😉

  • Giovanna

    oh no!! I just read about your passport! and not making it to New Zealand yet! Hope your ok! and you make it to your family (and new zealand) soon! I meant to say too if you are in Christchurch and head over to Akora at any stage theres a winery on the way called French Farm, it’s set up on the hill and is lovely (and my parents own it)

    Akora is a little french village thats nice too but not a lot to it! Just incase you head that way, it’s in the guide books so shouldn’t be too hard to find! Hope you get there soon!

  • Avaviel

    Albrecht Dürer* gave prints to Government officials, and they helped him travel around Europe back in the day ^^

    *Famous printmaker. Look up his stuff. Trust me.

  • Ever impressive. Your shots are amazing. And your teaching materials are great. I recently took a crack at writing a post on “Cheating at HDR” (http://photorious.com/cheating-at-hdr/) but would really like to refine my techniques to get the kind of consistent high quality you’re able to achieve.

  • Hey Trey,

    Wicked shot! I have been following your blog for a while, yet this is only my first time commenting. I recently started my own blog (http://anewlightphotography.blogspot.com/), what do you think?

  • Love this one!

  • Andy – yes – a tip to be expanded on !

    Brad – hey thanks for the first comment ! hehe.. and thx for link – will try to look when things calm down a little

    Dana – thank you for that link too

    Avaviel – I know Durer (or, of him) – I should bring masterworks with me to give away

  • Wayne

    I’m surprised you found that town as even to many Chinese it is an unknown place. It’s a bit remote in Hu Nan provice. I haven’t been there myself but judging by the great shot you’ve shared with us, it’s worth a trip!

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