Purple Sunset in Indonesia

Shooting after the Storm

Here is something new that I have accidentally figured out in the last few years.

So, I watch clouds and skies all the time now.  Sometimes, I feel a bit like a shaman, back arched against the sky, watching subtle clues on the horizon for upcoming deltas in the weather.  I’ve become very sensitive to dozens of types of clouds, their layers and elevations in the atmosphere, and the incident angles of the sun in relation to the humidity.

If you are have in one of those late-afternoon storms in one of the tropics, the chances are pretty good for a spectacular sunset.  The “quick storm” is usually a localized cell where the clouds don’t reach to the horizon.  This means that the sun will be able to dip below the clouds and light them from underneath.  Watch for this.

Daily Photo – Purple Sunset in Indonesia

I promised that I would continue my story about the dead body in Indonesia, so here it is.  It doesn’t really go with a pretty sunset, but, well, here we go.  It’s short and not too spectacular, so don’t get your hopes up for a good old-fashioned dead-body story.

While walking through downtown Jogjakarta with Will the crowds were thick.  There were thousands of Indonesians walking around through busy downtown streets.  It was an area without cars, but hundreds of bikes and carts darted in and out of the traffic.  It was not really a commercial district, but it was somewhat third-world in the types of little shack-like stores that fringed the edges.  Food carts rolled around selling hot, steaming mysterious meat-mashes and small ziplocks of coconut juice hung from poles, ready for sale.

After walking through a bit, we approached a curb where we saw some poor soul splayed out across the concrete.  I’ve seen thousands of homeless / passed out / drunk / unfortunates splayed out in the street before, but this was different.  This guy was dead.  You can just tell.  People walked around him and certainly regarded him as an empty shell.  People would kind of step on or trip on bits here or there.  I passed by his legs and didn’t quite know what to do.  There was no one stopping to help, and I didn’t really want to get involved, since I don’t speak the language and didn’t want to get carted off for questioning/shakedown.

So I passed by and Will said, “Do you think that guy was dead?”.  I nodded and we got the hell outta there.

  • casusan

    Beautiful sunset Trey – sad story though – it’s a problematic situation- especially in a foriegn country – even doctors these days here hesitate sometimes to get involved.

  • Well if he’s dead, I reckon there ain’t much to do. Nice shot.

  • Nice processing Trey, I believe this is Prambanan Temple and it’s a Hinduism temple as it used to be Indonesia’s early religion before Islam and Christianity arrived.

  • last time i checked you do speak English!

  • Poor bloke! 🙁

    Do you know what these menacing clouds remind me of? The clouds that surround Skeletor’s lair, Snake Mountain, in the vintage ‘He-man’ cartoons! I love the purple hues in there!

    I lucked out in Tenerife earlier in the year with this one (I had no clue how to reead clouds) but it backs up what you were saying about the clouds being lit by the sun dipping beneath them :-


  • Amazing shot!

  • Indonesia….has a lots of things which good for HDR Photography

  • Patrick Ahles

    Sad story… in English! 😛

    The picture is a bit to dark for my liking, and has a lot of chromatic abberation. Any thoughts on how to prevent that, if possible at all? Using very expensive lenses is one answer I presume, but the HDR process produces this quite often.

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo and sad story in English, everyone is teasing you about that mistype, lol. But there wasn’t much you could do if the person was already gone. So sad to think they just walk over him and ignore the fact that he’s there. Have fun where ever you are now. Thanks for sharing the photo and story! 😉

  • Nice shot! Although, is it me or do I see a halo in your photo?
    The story is very sad. It’s especially discomforting to think that so many people walk by the body without reacting. I have to admit though, being in a situation like yours, where I am not familiar with the culture and the local laws, I would most likely book it as well.

  • great shot

  • phi-D

    Wow Trey I’m really pleased you went to Indonesia as I am from Indonesia. Hope you enjoyed you’re stay in Indonesia. If you got another photos please share 🙂

  • zhou

    hey trey,

    there are tons of places you should visit besides yogyakarta which you have visited more than once. so many landscape sceneries available here. (mount bromo & ijen crater in east java, raja ampat in papua, etc). Do give them a shot in your next visit. I’d like to see them through your perspective.

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