Man Crossing Street

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The best-selling one is “Composing the Photo“, which is one of our 3 ebook offerings.  Today’s photo below is shown towards the beginning of the book.

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Daily Photo – Man Crossing Street

I spent a lot of time in this dynamic area of Tokyo.  It’s sort of the techno-nerd electronic center of the Japanese world.  So I felt right at home there with my fellow nerds.

But this guy certainly stood out.  He was crossing the street and looking extremely Japo-cool.  I pulled up my 50mm and waited for the time to feel right before I snapped the photo.  Afterward, of course, it is kind of fun to look at little bits of the photo and find out, compositionally, why the photo did indeed feel “right” to take at that moment.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Wonderful shot Trey – you picked an interesting subject! Congrats an the ebooks!When is the next one?

  • I like the vignetting here – it’s something i like to subtly add to mine from time-to-time.

    The ebooks have been a terrific help so far. To put things into perspective I spent the exact same amount of money a few months back on a ‘Digital Photography handbook’ and while this was helpful in some ways I got so much more from your ebooks. I found the handbook too preachy – the language in yours was more down to earth so It was much easier to relate to and absorb.

  • Hi Trey,

    Congrats with your ebooks, that’s great news! Also, really love this ‘stranger’ shot! It immediately reminded me of a project I’ve just started called ‘Stranger Awareness’. I’m basically taking images of strangers going about their daily business (with their consent!) and then treating the images to some super cool ‘hyper real’ post processing which I know you’ll dig. Sadly not HDR involved this time!

    I’ve got six photos so far, and as my project is never ending expect a few more!!

    Here they are on my blog, check em out if you get chance!


  • Nice work…..

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  • Gail in Montana

    Nice photo, Trey. You did pick an interesting looking man for your subject. I added another photographer’s site yesterday, Lukas, who saw me on here. I have lots of HDR friends now thanks to your site!!!! Some of them are so much fun to know, all are nice!!!!! And I have a Malaysian friend now because of adding Momoc, very nice lady!!!! Thanks for sharing your photos and your friends!! 🙂

  • Cool! Glad you are finding more people Gail. and Thanks Matt for posting your links…. appreciate it !

  • Hey Trey,
    Just caught up with the pictures that I have missed over the past month. It is confirmed once again that you will never cease amaze me with the broad arrange of color and tone that are in all of your photos. You have a definite style, but the ability to make each photo tell its own story. Amazing! 🙂

  • Dad’s Dad

    Boom, the walk is similiar to the cover of an old beatles album. Before your time but that jumped out to me.

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