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Your Favorite Woody Allen Movie?

So, some of you know that I am a fan of Woody Allen stuff. In fact, I just finished his audiobook from Audible… there were some funny bits in it.

I have a few favorite Woody Allen movies — what are yours? This title comes from Love & War. It was kind of slap-sticky, but there were some super-funny scenes in there. At the end, they start talking about “wheat”, and it reminded me of these horses.

Daily Photo: Wheat Horses

This HDR is from a single RAW file, as about 20-30% of my photos are. If you look in the free HDR Tutorial here on the site, you can see page 3 talks a bit about how to do this. It’s quite easy!

Before, I talked about my desire to try to get off the main highway in Iceland. But when you have cool horses like this lining up along the highway, it’s hard to find a reason to get off!

I don’t always like to use a flash when taking photos of horses because I think it scares the animals. I prefer just to shoot wide-open with natural light and see what I can recover later with the HDR process.

In this case, these two horses were playing with one another, weaving their heads and necks together in a little dance. I stood there with my camera, trying not to intrude on their private horse-moment, when they stopped for a quick second in this pose.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Awesome capture Trey – yes they do look ‘in love’!Awww…they are so cute!

  • These horses are amazing and you capture them perfectly. I especially love how you can’t even tell this is an HDR photo.

    NEK Photography Blog

  • Patrick Ahles

    Now I want to go see them for real! Great shot!

  • Very cool – i saw this one in the composition ebook and used it on one of my own similar images to correct the layout of the photo just the other day. These guys look like best friends. I’ll link my updated photo to let you see it once it’s uploaded

    On the subject of movies I thought that you would like this trailer for a subject that is as close to your heart as Woody Allen is. This is the trailer for a movie about (no kidding) ‘The Ultramarines from ‘Warhammer 40k’ – who regularly used to crush my Dark Eldar back in the day. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to watch it – you are indeed a busy man.


  • My favorite Woody Allen film is “Love and Death”, no doubt about it. I also particularly love Annie Hall, Take the Money and Run, and Whatever Works.

  • Matt

    Nice shot. Unfortunately almost all of my shots have to be one shot HDR’s since I only have a D60, but I make up for it by taking moving shots that wouldn’t have worked bracketed anyway.

  • Gail in Montana

    I love this photo of the horses in their private conversation!!! Job well done, Trey! Thanks for sharing. By the way, we had our first hard frost this morning, 25 degrees F. I said goodbye to all our flowers last night. But we sure were blessed to have our tomatoes and flowers this late in the year, very unusual!!!

  • grs

    Favorite Woody Allen movie: Sleeper

  • Love is in the air 😀

  • Dale in Texas

    Trey – Great shot, thanks for sharing! Love escaping through your great site every day.

    Matt – Check out http://www.d-software.co.za/ for some free D60/D40 camera control to perform multiple exposure hdr on a D60. Just need a netbook. It’s what I use for my D40.

  • Your single RAW shots are always great Trey but one thing I’ve never heard you talk about is taking a multiple exposure handheld in those situations where a tripod wont do but where you might want more than a single RAW. I guess it would be tough with the D3X as it can only shoot 5 exposure auto bracketing (correct me if i’m wrong). But the D3S can do 3 right?

    Not sure if you ever use this technique or how many of your readers employ this method but it’s something that rarely gets mentioned although the results can work pretty well when there’s no other choice…. http://www.waitingforvisas.com/?p=234

    Would be interested on what you or anyone else thinks about this.

  • I think the D3X can take up to 9 bracketed exposures Nick – don’t quote me on that though hehe.

  • Mike

    Favorite Woody Allen movie: Bananas…the Howard Cosell play by play of the assassination is priceless…
    Favorite Woody Allen book: Without Feathers

  • Nice horse play.
    Woody Allen movies; The very best has to be Play it again Sam, the next best The Sleeper.

  • Thanks everyone — funny to hear which ones you like.. !!

    Andy and Nick – yes it does 9 exposures The D3S can also do 9 exposures stepping by 1.

  • PY

    So easy but a slight cliche – Manhattan!

    Anyway, couldn’t help but notice your Twitter silence. Have you stopped using Twitter?

  • Alistair McNaughton

    Great picture. When are you writing your Photomatix versus Nik HDR Shoot out Review?

    Favourite comedy fo all time – Sleeper.

  • Rob

    Trey, I’m a huge Woody Allen fan but don’t recall any film titled Love and War. Maybe you mean Love and Death?

  • You have captured the moment here, when the horses poses are so beautiful framed. Congratulations

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