The Allure of Night-Shooting

Favorite Time of Day to Take Photos?

Mine, in order are:  Sunset, sunrise, dusk, night, day…  What are yours?  Exactly the same or a little different?

Daily Photo – The Allure of Night-Shooting

Of course, taking photos at night in cool cities is awesome.  But the bad thing (if there is such a thing) is that there is never really a good time to stop.  It could go on all night!  It’s not like sunset or dusk that has a fairly limited shooting time…

So, usually I am really awful in these situations and just keep shooting until my body physically gives out.  It’s always so easy just to jump in a taxi and head back to the hotel… so it’s hard to come up with a big reason to stop.  Everything is so stimulating!

This one was taken very close to my time-lapse sequence that was part of that Japanese video I released.  If I found a good place for a photo, then it was also a good spot for a time-lapse.  Those are cool and everything, but they do tie up the camera for a long time and inhibit the HDRs!

HDR Photo

  • Sunrise(for the light, not the early hour), sunset, the blue hour, and then everything else

  • casusan

    Super shot Trey – another night scene – we are lucky! Am wondering how google China went today – is there a link?

  • Great shot! Sunset, Night, Dusk, Sunrise then Day for me. Although sunset and night are very close to being switched. I’m a big fan of the night sky.

  • Deron

    Same as yours except sunrise is at the end because I hate getting up early!

  • Nice work again Trey. Your late evening and night shots always seem to be my favourites so keep staying up late!

  • I think my favourites are (starting from favourite) – Dusk, Sunset, Night, Sunrise, Day. Looking back on my daytime ones ,after having taken so many great dusk/night ones in London during the Photowalk, I just find that daytime shooting doesn’t offer the same opportunities as the other times of day. The colours of the skies during the other times is far more interesting.

  • Sunset, sunrise and never in the middle of the day 🙂 I love the glow you get with your images; wonderful stuff!

  • Gail in Montana

    Nice photo of an evening in the life of Tokyo! Thanks for sharing.

  • sunrise, sunset, night, daytime
    Comeon Trey, give us a new picture 😀 We’ve already had this one 😀 It’s worth seeing twice though!

  • kinda blurry

  • The purple car in the foreground looks like it’s firing laser beams out of it’s headlamps! Was it’s transparency due to a long camera exposure or was it perhaps utilising a cloaking device of some kind? 🙂

  • Hi, Trey. This is an awesome HDR composition with people and cars moving around. May I know what are your settings and the lens that you used?

  • Do you ever catch any grief/flack/harassment carrying your rig around (pro body/tripod)? Do you get concerned? I’ve started walking around doing some night photography, but I feel like someone would start following me when they saw the body/lens/tripod…just waiting for me to walk down a dark street. Or, follow me back to my car in the parking garage.

  • @Duluk, that reveals the second purpose of the tripod, it helps to protect your camera and you, too.

  • Great night shot! Sunrise and early golden light, then Sunset and Twilight, then daytime with great clouds, storms or fog.

  • I just love this colorful scene at blue hour. The combination of artificial lights with the blue sky always creates great scenes. Well done, Trey. I love sunset, blue hour … I don’t take pic at sunrise but I would like 😉 if I had time. I let you some pic links of another images taken using traffic lights trails in a urbanscape:

  • Karan

    I prefer evenings – more people around getting more interesting pictures. Also – golden hour means better pictures.

  • Dusk, night, sunrise, sunset, and then the rest of the day!
    There’s no need to mention it of course, but stunning shots Trey!!

  • Trey,

    That is when you leave the D3s setup shooting intervals, and take the D3x out for the brackets. Just make sure to leave a sign on the D3s that reads…. ‘ I’m Watching YOU!’. It worked when I forgot my bike lock in college back in the day.

  • Thanks – yes everyone… interesting to read your rankings… !

    Duluk – no I don’t – when I walk, I usually keep it retracted and people’s first reaction is that I am carry a weapon, so they stay away.

    Andy – hehe… well… must be the exposure. I did have Data set up a triangle of transporter enhancers, so you may see a bit of phase-residue.

  • Wow – purple cars driving backwards in China – that’s how I recall the cabs handled traffic jams.

  • I find night shooting to be toughest, but you’d captured it so well. I guess nothing is “impossible” 🙂 Great shot as usual!

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