Old Forest After the Snowmelt

Taking Photos Sans People

I continually get good questions like, “How do you take photos without people in them???”  And then, even better, many people in the community respond for me, telling others how I do it!  That’s great… I really enjoy when you guys talk to one another, post links to show examples, and all this sort of thing.

Are you the silent reader type?  Don’t be!  We want to hear your thoughts and questions!

Anyway, to answer this perennial one, there are many ways.  But, in this case, I took the HDR in Aperture priority mode at ISO 50 and f/22.  By forcing these two, it made the shutter speed extra-long.  When the shutter is open a long time, people that are walking by do not even cast enough light to make any long-term difference on the sensor.  Does this make sense?  Maybe experiment a little and you will see what I mean.

Daily Photo – Old Forest After the Snowmelt

On another one of those painful mornings, I woke up early to explore all around Nikko.  Some snow had fallen during the night, and a warm morning sun helped to melt everything into reflective wet surface.  It also helped the leaves and bark to glow in an inviting way.  There are many beautiful old areas of Nikko that are separated by these long pathways through the forest.  It’s right out of a Final Fantasy game, and I could not help but stop every few hundred feet for another photo!

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Oh wow! This is great Trey – looks like the pathway to infinity! Super job!

  • Great shot Trey, I love the light at the end of the pathway and the way you’re leaves always seem to be sharp…even with a long exposure – great job processing!

  • Deron

    This makes me want to go back to Japan again.

  • Absolutely stunning!! After reading your HDR tutorial, I’m truly enjoying HDR and creating my own. This is just fabulous.

  • Great shot! Thanks for the tip, i’ll try it for sure!

  • I thought you erase people in Photoshop such as you managed with the bus in your tutorial 🙂

  • Awesome capture! Any plans of heading down-under in the near future? and once again, great photo

  • Laurent Egli

    Hey Tray, it’s great that you address this subject about removing people in pictures. I was in Zurich Thursday shooting in a shopping center and we needed the place as empty as possible. So besides shooting bracketed pictures for exposure fusion, I had the time to repeat the process many times. So basically taking 3 to 4 exact same pictures. Once the first her is processed I simply reprocess the next ones the same way and the layer all 3 hdr in Photoshop. It’s now very simple to remove 99% of people in pictures by simply erasing them with the eraser tool and reveal the second or third layer where no one is there. I’m sure you,ve already done this. But I thought this process could interest your readers. Thanks for your dedication to this community. Loved your book.
    Laurent Egli
    Geneva, Switzerland

  • Greeting from Tokyo, Japan. You’ve inspired me so much with your HDR Trey. Great capture and processing as always!

  • Gail in Montana

    Wonderful photo, Trey. If it didn’t have that snow, it would be on my desktop, lol. Just not ready to look at that stuff yet, except maybe on the mountain tops. Love the way the road just goes on into the future and all the scenery around it. One of my favorites!!! Thanks for sharing. Happy Saturday. 🙂

  • Trey, great shot. I love the fact that the green is not the nuclear green that typically happens during HDR. Really enjoying the DVD collection. Just the right type of material for the long flight to India.

  • Thanks all – Laurent – thanks for your message – yes I see how you addressed this too! 🙂

    John – great! Glad you like the DVD – it really heats up on Discs 2, 3+ !

  • Today’s post has made me feel rather festive 🙂 I know that there’s not a great deal of it in this photo but I have heard that shooting HDR in snow is as big a pest. Is this true?

  • Fatima Neves

    Amazing photo. Trees are one of the most interesting things in Nature to me and I never get tired looking at them. Congrats, Trey, you’ve captured Nature in all its splendor!

  • Really great composition. Love the way the path leads in and as others have said off into the future. Seems to have epic scale. And thanks for the tip about turning the ISO down really low, I’m waiting on a D7000 and note that it only goes down to 100. Been waiting ever since I came across your recommendation for the D90 6 months back. Funny, back then £600 seemed an insane amount for a camera but I’m getting a lot more comfortable with the expenditure given time. Thanks again.

  • One of the best kept secrets of scenic photography! I’m curious, do you find a need to use a cable or remote shutter release to avoid camera shake in your longer exposures? Self timer? Custom function to avoid mirror slap?

  • AO

    One of my favorite shots by you Trey! I love it! One question about you neat trick about removing people from a shot. Do you have to worry about motion blur with trees or water then? Or do the trees come out looking thinner because the smaller branches are captured either like the people? Awesome tip though, you have helped me in so many ways with my photography. I really appreciate what you do for us just getting started!

  • Andy – yes – snow, like faces, can look a little too dirty… no one likes dirty snow… or yellow snow

    Jennifer – Self-timer yes! I think I show how this works with autobracketing in one of my videos here on the site – I forget which one!

    AO – Yes I do… but water blur does not bother me. Tree blur is a problem, but not here where it was pretty still.

  • Kevin Y

    wow i can’t believe that works. Maybe throw on a ND filter since iono if some sensors go that low. anything lower than lo iso (iso 100). but i will definitely try this. nice shot

  • nice pics i really like all of them!!! Keep it up

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