Secret Treasures of Beijing

Daily Photo – Secret Treasures of Beijing

These little finds are everywhere! Sometimes, while stumbling around from alleyway to alleyway, I appear right in the middle of these perfect little scenes.

It was very close to the National Day, and crews were out freshening-up the city. There were about four Chinese painters that were busy putting a fresh red coat of paint on this perfect little bridge. By chance, they were just finishing up as I approached. This little boat from the painters was pulled up beside the bridge in a wonderful way, so I set up my tripod along the bank for a photo.

They all looked at me in a confused way. They had no idea why I would want to take a photo of their little boat and the bridge. I imagine they find this so commonplace as to be hardly worthy of a photo… and it makes me wonder about all the non-photographers (or fans of this site) out there. Perhaps they just go through life and don’t even notice anything interesting pretty and nicely composed. What an empty visual life this must be!

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    What a delightful little bridge…..yes, I would stop to take a photo or two myself! Lovely Trey!

  • I like how you’ve dealt with the foliage in this one Trey – it’s something that’s put me off in the past but i’m getting the hang of making it more realistic looking now. This is a wonderful place. The worn-out looking boat is such a nice subject matter.

  • Beautiful shot of a beautiful spot. I did not intend to rhyme there, no Sir!

  • Thank you ! 🙂

    Yes – trees are often a god-awful mess in HDR, yes?

  • If the foliage is a total disaster either with due to horrible yellowy hues or movement I usually just replace it completely with one of the originals. I find that usually works best for me as I find that Photomatix doesn’t like the repairing movement of foliage. That tip on removing the yellow is one of the simplest and best tips that you have shared thus far i reckon.

  • I like the view a lot.

  • Gail in Montana

    Beautiful photo, Trey!! The colors are so vibrant, beautiful little bridge, neat little dock with the rustic boat, and the colors reflecting in the water, just gorgeous!!!! Great job, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  • I think the boat really completes the scene. It would be very nice with just the bridge, but the boat gives a nice cool/warm contrast between its color and the red bridge. Also, I like that little hint that humanity is nearby.

  • Great shot. Learning about photography has definitely been rewarding in the things that I now notice.

  • marc in calgary

    I like the photo, and that you’ve given today’s photo over to Beijing coincidentally on the day when the Nobel Peace Prize people have gotten it right… 🙂 (for all I know you may have these photos lined up months in advance) … still, I notice.

  • Don

    Very nice Trey.

  • Trey….LOVE this shot.

  • Thank you guys very much !

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