A Lonely Night in Iceland

Speaking at Google China

On October 11th, I’ll be heading over to the Google China offices in Beijing to give a talk on art, photography, HDR, and everything in between.  If you’re part of the Google team here in China, then I look forward to meeting you! 🙂

If you missed my first Google Talk at their HQ in California, just follow that link.

Daily Photo – A Lonely Night in Iceland

I was in the southern area of Iceland, only a few kilometers from the big volcano eruption. There was still a bit of ash scattered around, and I was driving down random side-roads. I made a deal with myself that I would randomly take exits off the main highway to see what I could find. This was one of those occasions.

On the way back to the highway, I saw new things. It’s hard to have a 360-degree sense of all compositions while driving. Usually my viewing cone is fully stimulated at 180 degrees while moving forward! So, moving back and forth along roads sometimes provides surprises.

I had just spent a few hours around midnight on a black-sand volcanic beach on the shore. I was the only one there, as usual. It’s very creepy, in a way, being on a gigantic black beach in the middle of the night without another car or human anywhere in sight. And I know that it is even beyond my sight for a long way because I had not seen anyone on the drive there. I listened to music and took photos all the while, of course. And on the way back, I saw this tiny lit church against some distant mountains, so I popped out for another shot.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Awesome little church Trey – super – see….you were not really alone! Good luck with the google China thing -will there be a podcast like Calif??:)

  • It’s strange that a church would this isolated – makes for an interesting capture however. I need to make a few music playlists for my trip to NYC. Music is essential while being creative.

  • Very quiet and peaceful atmosphere in this one.

  • Gail in Montana

    Very peaceful photo, Trey. Looks like a nice place to worship. Have a wonderful time at the Google China Offices!!

  • Jamie Z

    Trey, we used to drive old Army jeeps on the black sand beach when I was a freshman military dependant in high school in Keflavik several decades ago. Really have enjoyed your Icelandic photos.

  • Not HDRy enough… 😉

  • Looks wonderful. I love stark images like that.

  • Thanks !

    Jamie – then you know what I mean !! 🙂


    this place looks very familiar i have seen many small churches around iceland but i really do reconize this church do you know the name of this location?????????

  • Rob Hartley

    Trey,really impressive capture!

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