The Nikko Waterfall from Afar

SmugMug in China!

Have you seen my SmugMug Review?  I have something new to report about China – It works here!  I’m still here in China, making daily updates to the blog.

Flickr is blocked here, so if I still linked my photos there, the blog would look rather boring.  Now, when I meet with people here, I can easily show them everything, and it essentially opens up the blog to several hundred million more people.  That’s great… and not something I really thought about before switching my main party affiliation to SmugMug.

Daily Photo – The Nikko Waterfall from Afar

I’ve been pretty lame, frankly, in finishing up my Nikon 18-200 Review.  But, this is a photo that I took with that lens when I was in Japan.  I wanted to show the vast range of the lens, and this is the “zoomed out” view.  In coming weeks, I’ll post the “zoomed in” view, so you can see the tremendous range.  Yes, it’s a cropped lens so I can’t use my full-frame, but it’s not really the end of the world.  It’s light, cheap, and very flexible…  these are some nice plusses!

I had never gotten to a waterfall in such a unique way!  I started at the top of this thing and took an elevator DOWN, hundreds of feet.  I then went through about a quarter-mile of caves to emerge at the bottom, where I got this perspective.  It was really unique and messed with my whole sense of location.  I’m so used to taking the elevator “up” to get somewhere interesting.  I had to put on my earphones to listen to some unique music to get my bearings back before shooting this photo.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Beautiful waterfall Trey – I can’t imagine taking an elevator down – looks fun!

  • Deron

    Was this taken with the 18-200 or the 14-24? It seems super wide for the 18-200 (great photo as always).

  • Yes yes – taken with the 18-200 ! 🙂

  • Beautiful – you know i’m a big fan of waterfalls! I love the snow and the interesting cliff-face on the right hand side. Very impressive.

    I’ve finished work on ALL my London photos so when you’re back from China i’ll post the link so you can see my other stuff from swingin’ London!

  • looking forward to the “zoomed in” view….

  • Luis Martich

    Trey, Nikon just released a great lens AF-S Nikkor 28-300mm that was designed for full frame cameras. Something to think about if you have a full frame camera. Great all around lens if someone wants to “travel light”.

  • I can commiserate about Flickr. Was at a resort in Turkey last week and tried to access my Flickr. No can do. Had to request management to unblock Flickr for me so I could do my thing.

    BTW, HDRSpotting was blocked too. So I guess it ranks up there with Flickr too!

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, Trey, so glad you took that elevator to see this view of the waterfall, simply gorgeous!!! It’s now on my desktop!!!! I love this one. Thanks so much for sharing, sure beats my photos of the waterfalls we saw from the boat and up close in Oregon!!!

  • Hi Trey, I really like this one, the 18-200 is a great lens, the lens to go, when you only have one choice, I really like the sun on this picture.

  • @Luis, thanks for the heads up about the 28-300mm lens. I think that will be my next purchase. I need an all-around lens. Beautiful shot, Trey. Did you have to wait around for the sun to get in position? Excellently composed.

  • You should consider the new 28-300VR. It’s essentially an 18-200 for full frame cameras. I hear it’s very sharp. (from Moose Peterson)

  • Awesome perspective. Looks like you arrived down there just in time before the sun really shone over the ridge.

    NEK Photography Blog

  • A superb image!! Excellent use of HDR here.

  • Awesome view capture and angle!

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