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Long-Exposure Article

When I was in Iceland with Rebekka, she set up for one of these long-bulb jobs. There was a light rain and a few drops kept getting on her lens, and the frustration ended with a wholesale slaughter of all nearby mountain-elves.

She’s gotten over it and recently posted an article on Long-Exposure Photography over at Pixiq. Follow that link to see more of her work!

Daily Photo – The Private Library

Here we are again, continuing the Hearst Castle thread. We have so many threaded stories here, yes? It’s a bit like Lost, in that there are so many story-lines that never really get resolved. Maybe at the end, we’ll all end up in a generic church together, staring at a white light out of the doors as the camera pans up and away…

There are a few libraries inside Hearst Castle, and this is the biggest. I’ve always wanted something a little like this. Maybe it doesn’t have to be quite this large, but I’d settle for a few warm shelves full of books, a reading table, and a few servants to bring me coffee.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Beautiful room Trey – yes, I could go for maybe a quarter of this size room – and oh yeah, maybe someone to bring me coffee! Have fun in China – missing your tweets!

  • What a lovely room.
    Great strategic placement of the camera at the corner of the rug. It really draws you into the room!

    NEK Photography Blog

  • Z

    I have always dreamed of having a large library. This is beautiful. It exudes warmth.

  • This is why I love HDR. Lovely processing and composition using patterns and lines. The use of light and details are awesome. Congratulations Trey.

  • Agree, I would also love a library just like that. However, i think my rows of Iain M Banks (minus leather binding) would probably let the scene down!

  • Very nice library indeed 🙂

    Thanks for the link to Rebekka’s (very cool if you are reading Rebekka!)tutorial on Long Exposure photography. Star Trails are something I’ve been mulling over and this is as good a starting place as any – cheers!

  • AMAZING shot. But of course, I will fall for anything with books in it.

  • Gail in Montana

    Again, I agree with Henrik, lol. Great shot of the Private Library. It’s so neat to see these photos that are so spectacular of an amazing place. Charles Osgood hosted CBS Sunday Morning from Hearst Castle on Sunday. And I kept saying to myself, “oh yeah, I saw that room or pool in Trey’s photos 🙂 . So glad you took so many and are sharing them with us!!! Our town would love to have a library that would look like and fit in that room ;-). Great job, Trey!!

  • I think this place needs a big comfy couch, too rigid in there. Great shot though.

  • THanks all! Also – glad you like the placement of the camera… you know, this is one of my favorite things… walking into a room and spending a few minutes figuring out where to place the camera!

  • What a well process HDR interior photo…

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  • Looks just like my library at home 🙂

  • Tom

    I’ve been watching Lost on Netflix/Blu-Ray since June and I’m up to the last 2 episodes. Damn you!

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  • Did you miss something here? The windows are washed out. Everything else is great!

  • conney sour

    If you wanted to do it HDR, why did you leave the windows and lights over-exposed?

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