A Soft Evening on the Lake

Sunset Pressure?

Don’t you hate/love that pressure-zone of the sunset?  Well which one?  I of course love it… but the pressure to move around and get as many good shots as possible is pretty hardcore.  I plan it all out like I’m playing an RTS game.  I’m constantly calculating compositions, timings, and the logistics of getting from one point to another.  Every situation is different… if I am on foot, with vehicle, or on bike.  It’s a period of sweet sweet high-anxiety!

Daily Photo – A Soft Evening on the Lake

Here is a situation when I had no sunset-pressure at all.  It was a perfect evening and the sunset lasted for about five hours, as the slow-moving sun sank into the solstice sky.

I was driving through some dirt roads that connect Iceland to an area of fjords in the Northwest.  While weaving in and out of these little roads, I saw the edge of a lake, and did a short hike to find this boat, all alone at sunset.

HDR Photo

  • Hi Trey from Spain ( 8:34 a.m Europe time),

    I suppose that you are currently in China,and there are around 9 hours of difference. But I have an smile in my mouth now, cos I have the feeling that you describe as ‘Sunset Pressure’ just yesterday when I finished a photo-shooting around Gran Vía (our ‘Broadway’ area) street in Madrid, 12 hours ago. The autumn (fall) is just beginning, but the time for sunset and blue hour is decreasing every day. I wanted to shot as much as possible yesterday, but I finally had an around 30 minutes windows to take productive shots. There is not problem in my city and less in this street that is at only 10 min from my home, but this is stressful. And I think that more in a place that maybe you are going to visit only once in your live.

    On the other hand, I like the tones and colourful scene of your picture, but maybe I dislike the composition ‘cos I would had tried to put the foreground boat in the left doing a diagonal line with the boat in the middle of the image.

    Good shooting and keep on sharing.



  • Great shot. I have no problem with sunset pressure! It’s part of the fun.

  • What amazing colours! Did you fancy taking the boat out for a quick lap of the lake? I think I would have been VERY tempted to do so…..

    The problem with sunrise/sunset is that it’s usually so overcast you can’t get a sunset like the one in today’s post. That’s the reason why the life expectancy in Britain is so low – the pressure of sunset photography.

    Trey, I don’t recall if I posted the link to this one on here before or not – anyway It was the first HDR I created using your HDR tutorial. I posted it on flickr and thought that was the end of it until I got an email from anothetr user asking if they could have permission to use the photo. It has now been published in the September issue of ‘The Envoy’ which is the City University Of New York’s official college publication. I’m very proud of it and you should be too since it was your tutorial and willingess to share that made this photo happen! Give yourself a pat on the back!


  • Corey

    It would be cool If each shot was geotagged, with a link to google maps =)

  • Gail in Montana

    Congrats, Andy, wtg!!! You have a big influence on the world, Trey!! And just think how many photos you have yet to share!!! You are a very amazing, caring, person, and I know your Mom is very proud of you, and so am I 😉 . Thanks for sharing another photo I am adding to my long list of favorites, just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • John

    Hi Trey – After looking at yesterday’s picture my heart goes out to you. It must be very, very stressful to to produce images in that situation. It’s like she didn’t know what she was doing – you are there calculating compositions, timings, and the logistics of getting from one point to another and here she comes just prancing around in a thong bikini ruining your shot.

    Anxiety producing indeed!

  • Great shot, I love to shoot sunrises and sunsets despite what I read about them being over done and passe.


  • John Bjorndal

    I didn’t realize the sunset pressure was a common thing. I go through this very often trying to catch the sunsets and I have seen people giving me funny looks as I am trying to move around quickly to get the best vantage point. Where in MT are you from Gail? I’m from Billings.

  • casusan

    Oh wow! This is soooo gorgeous Trey – instant new desktop! Thanks!

  • Great shot Trey, I love the way the reflection of the sun leads your eye to the boat although I would have liked to have seen this in portrait with more of that sky – amazing!

  • Beautiful shot Trey ! In my opinion though shooting sunsets is the most exciting time for photography, I always find myself running with my tripod in hand to get just the right composition with the quickly disappearing light.
    Here are some of my sunset shots. http://www.flickr.com/photos/chapperingo/sets/72157624949368881/

  • Matt I liked your sunsets 🙂

    Does anyone else think that the poor boat at the back looks like it’s just been hit by a torpedo?

  • Thanks so much –

    and thanks for posting your links !!

    Andy – that is great stuff – I will have to look later – Flickr is blocked in China (as is Twitter and a lot of my other regular stuff!)

    Corey – Yes – if I had time, I would geotag everything… I wish it was just part of my camera darnit! 🙁

  • Jayshil

    Hey Trey,

    I had a question for you, i notice your images are sharp through the whole scene. Do you use Hyperfocal distance? Or do you focus to infinity when taking your 5 shots?


  • thanks – yes – I do focus on infinity

  • I love the depth and how you pulled the viewer into the scene. Someone once told me that a photograph can’t capture the real beauty of a sunset. I disagree. Your photo proves them wrong.

  • Douglas Santos

    Just Amazing !!!!!
    I see you like lakes, your are welcome to came and visit the most beautiful lake in the world “Lake Atitlan” in Guatemala, Guatemala and why not take a picture of this beautiful lake…. hope to see some pictures of Guatemala, also can visit “Antigua Guatemala”….. God Bless you !!!!

  • I absolutely love it! I immediately saw the half-sunken boat and recalled how many times I have seen exactly that and never captured it. How great to see that with a beautiful sunset.

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