The Grand Entrance

The International HDR Tutorial!

Here is a reminder that we have our tutorial in 3 different languages now!

Daily Photo – The Grand Entrance

This is the entryway to the Portofino Hotel at Universal Orlando. It’s a pretty posh place. I get nervous when I see young kids running around these places at full speed. I get really nervous when I see my own kids doing it!

We stayed here a few nights and it proved to be a perfect location for accessing Universal Studios. There is a little lake/canal system in the back that connects to the main park so you can take little boats back and forth. More importantly, there are a ton of interesting things scattered around for photography!

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    This is beautiful – I want to go there! The ceiling is cool and the floor is awesome Trey!

  • Kids? You seem to have an aura that – when combined with your camera – automatically pushes every human being away from the set. 😉 I like!

  • Love it! A little more “HDR-feeling” to this one, which I tend to prefer 🙂

  • Great shot, 14-24 in action? Trey, i was wondering. Would you like me to translate your HDR tutorial to Czech language? I am capable of doing that + my father is court translator, so no problem at all. Feel free to contact me anytime (or someone from your team).

  • Indeed a nice shot!
    If you would like me to, I could also translate the HDR tutorial into German. Just drop me a note and I can get right to it.

  • Beautiful shot! I can translate your tutorial into Pig Latin. Let me know, ReyTay.

  • Nice as usual Trey..

  • Orlando is tremendous! Was there in 2008 for Wrestlemania and had a tremendous time! I’m supposed to be going next year so I’m going to show this to my other half in a bid to convince her to stay here. I like the canal system to the park y’see.

    Also I was in the supermarket yesterday and was browsing the photography magazines. I’ve got to say that I would never buy any of them as they all seem to be offering the same generic thing month after month. There’s definitely a big gap there for something specialist kind of like ‘National Geographic’ and i know for a fact that I would by a ‘Stuck In Customs’ HDR magazine – is this something you maybe have in mind for the future?

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo, beautiful entrance to the hotel!! Cute, Cliff, lol. I too, love that ceiling! Thanks for sharing. Hey, where is the answer to the mystery photo??? I wasn’t on facebook yesterday, did you post it there???? ok, be sure and post it on facebook this time as I won’t be back to this page again, lol.

  • Thanks!

    Filip – yes – the 14-24 again ! And regarding the translation – yes that would be amazing – please drop me an email at business at and we can set it up !

    Andy – Wrestlemania! hehe cool 🙂 and I agree with you about most magazines… we may do something for the ipad ! 🙂

    Gail – will go check the mystery photo post now….

  • Jeremy

    I love the shot and it just so happens that I’m staying there the last week of october for halloween horror nights at universal…. I’m going to have to try and copy your shot and see how mine stands up to yours. To add to what iwantnext said, do people tend to get out of your way when they see your setup or do you tell people to politely move along when your taking shots like this?

  • Done!

  • Love this photo Trey!

    Is the circle in the ceiling actually an oval? The angle you took the picture from makes it look like it’s a perfect circle tilted right at you.

  • Great reflections and another great shot – Any news on any China photo walks? I’m currently in Vietnam making my way up there and should be in the Yunnan Province (which is supposed to be amazing to photograph), within the next couple of weeks.

  • Trey,

    I was going to ask about lens, too. Could I suggest a caption or even a first comment with info like lens, whether pano or not, and on other shots perhsps something about textures or special processing solutions?

    Also, in another vein, have you ever tried working with or mixing in an Infrared exposure? Does HDR IR make sense? I just bought an IR filter to play around with (650nm, so it will bring in some color, too) and if I like it I’ll get a modified body.

  • What time to you shoot photos like this? I ask because I wanted to shoot a photo in the hotel I was staying at in New Orleans and there was never a time I could find to shoot that didn’t involve a mass of people. I guess mayber 4am I could have gone down to check it out….

    Even though a bit of human element can add interest, I still prefer the empty spaces.

    Perhaps I just seem to notice the photos that are like this and that’s why I feel you always find scenes with no people. Either way, rad photo! Like to see the portrait orientation here from time to time

  • Richard Jang

    Nice – My pops developed a building in Vancouver also named The Portofino!

    Great to see your pics as always, including the ones in my hometown, West Van. Please come back and take more pictures of Whistler, though…

  • Great shot, i gotta try some pics like this. Any tips on your settings you used f stop etc?

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