Photo Mystery – The Private Room

Four Hours in Helsinki

So, I am connecting from Ibiza to China through Helsinki, Finland.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what to see and photograph in that time?  Keep in mind that I’ll have to jump in a taxi (or train?) and get to-and-from these locations and get back in time to go through security again.

The Private Room

It was a dark and mysterious set of serpentine stairs that brought us to this room. Where could it be? Who can identify it? You all are so hard to trick… None of these has ever stayed mysterious for more than 24 hours… but maybe, just maybe, we can have this one stay a mystery!

And I know people zoom into 100% on these to look for clues… this one is a little messy at 100%, so I am a little embarrassed by that… I do figure that 98% of people look at it in the default “blog size”, where it looks okay.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Oh wow – yes, mysterious! I never guess correctly on these – but judging by the carpets I would guess somewhere in Hearst Castle – and what is inside that room? – am wondering and wondering!

  • I got a bunch of Finnish friends over in Helsinki. Unfortunately I only see them when there in the states. As for photos I’m sure you’re gonna get something great. Four hours is more than enough time for yah 😉

  • I’ve only ever been in Ibiza and there’s only two places I can think of that would be worth photographing. ‘The West End’ of San Antonio is pretty crazy at night and there’s lots of neon, vibrance and lights which would make some nice night photography. There’s also a place called ‘The Coastline cafe’ where visitors go to get awesome panoramic views of the sun setting – i’ve seen said sunset at said location and it doesn’t disappoint.

    As for this photo i’ve no idea where it is – it does remind me of a place over here i’ve visited a few times called ‘The Drovers Inn’ which you would love and would get some great HDR’s at.

    I’ve posted the link to it below – the Scottish Tourist board owe me big time…..

  • Matt momberger

    I’m gonna guess Hans Zimmer

  • Hi, I’ve been following your beautiful hdr:s quite a while, but now I can give something back.

    There’s no train connection from the airport, taxi/bus takes about 30 min per direction if there’s no rush hour. So if you want to be on the safe side it’s a bit short time for a Helsinki-visit (or depends how much you want to see – it’s doable of course).

    But if there’s delays you still have time to visit at least the Aviation museum, which is within walking distance (0,5km) from the airport: – it’s probably quite quiet place so excellent place for different hdr-photos. Here’s the map:

    Have a good trip!

  • Really nice DOF, mysterious as it may be 🙂

  • Airport isn´t that close to the city downtown Trey,so i agree with what Timo said. Helsinki is a quite “compact” city. Almost all of the main atractions are far from each other only a few squares. Maybe you should pay a visit to the cathedral and surroundings. Is by far the most representative sightseeing in the city.

    Good luck =) and hope you can get some great shots!!

  • Gail in Montana

    Very mysterious looking room, Trey. I have no idea, maybe somewhere in Paris or Hearst Castle. LOL, who knows but you. Great photo, though. Thanks for sharing. Do we get the answer tomorrow??

  • PeterG

    I like the underground mountain church in the middle of Helsinki, unfortunately I didn’t have the camera with me the last time I visited.

  • John

    Been to Helsinki a few times and got to see it in different seasons.

    Grab a cab and head down to the City Centre and you have to get to Senate square and the Lutheran Cathedral – can’t miss it

    The main railway station is brilliant too.
    A lot of the buildings were designed by the same architect who did St Petersberg and the buildings down by the market square look wonderful (apparently Gorky Park was filmed in Helsinki).

    Enjoy your brief stop over!

  • I second the Temppeliaukio Church with Peter. Depending on the time of day you should be able to get pretty dramatic lighting changes in the space.

  • I agree with Matt momberger: it’s somewere in Hans Zimmer’s lair 🙂
    The color set is matching …


  • hehe – all good guesses – no one has it for sure yet… ! 🙂

  • The photo looks very similar to the VIP club at the house of blues here in LA. I remember being there once and it was as if you were transported to some strange far away land. If you haven’t been it is definitely worth it.

  • JJ cale

    Yeah, I’d say go to the city center for the giant white Lutheran Cathedral. Drop me a mail if you need some one to show you around in Helsinki, albeit just for a few hours. 😀

  • Erik – That is it indeed! You got it ! 🙂 🙂

    JJ – thanks so much for the invite – I’m afraid I just won’t have much time at all. I’d be such a burden, even if just for an hour or two, I’m afraid!

  • 1seashell

    Where oh where is it, please? Since it’s filed under Chicago, could that be where it is? It’s where we want to be.

  • JJ cale

    Oh well, that’s just too bad. I would have wanted to meet the de facto HDR guy. Well, next time if you ever come over here to this part of the world, let me know. 😀

  • Fiona

    Nice job Erik! Founder’s Club VIP room, House of Blues Chicago. It was great welcoming in the New Year with you and the Mrs., Mr. Ratcliff. I’ll be in Ireland for the next NYE- you, Tina and spawn are more than welcome to join me!

  • Fiona

    That would be “Foundation Room.” And another cup of coffee to wake me up, please.

  • wasim

    hi how are you ?

  • wasim

    any one there

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