Searching For Water

New Podcast Interview available

You can now listen to Digital Convergence Episode 33 – thanks again to Carl Olson for the nice interview.  Here is a snippit from his website:

In today’s episode, Trey and I talk about a wide range of topics. For filmmakers, Trey discusses his interest in how the human brain responds to high speed video. He has conducted a number of interesting experiments using low cost point-and-shoot cameras that can record video at high frame rates.

We delve briefly into the topic of HDR photography and then discuss a number of topics on the “edge” of visual arts. Trey manages to fool me into thinking he has taken up oil painting. Find out how he accomplished that!

We move on to the topic of “the decade of the artist” – how business models have changed for visual artists in the 21st century. Trey candidly talks about his business model and why he chose to go the route he did.

Daily Photo – Searching For Water

The amazing Ta Prohm ruins of Cambodia have secrets around every turn.  These enigmatic trees grow up and over everything.  I was amazed by the girth and length of this lateral root system, as the trees search everywhere for water.

I would LOVE to see a timelapse of this tree growing.  Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing in the world?  If you have ever seen a good simulation of this in video, please let me know… Some of these things we find in the real world are almost impossibly awesome.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Awesome alright Trey! I can tell you want to go back there – let us know if you find a time lapse of this – it would be interesting to see! Hope you are enjoying Spain!

  • I find these far Eastern countries fascinating – maybe one day i’ll visit that neck of the woods.

    Any time i see this tree i think of crazy sci-fi stuff where trees or weird plants begin to take over the planet!

    Thanks for the comments on the waterfall pic – when you come to Scotland i’ll make sure you know how to get there!

  • Listening to the podcast now as I dump memory cards. Great thoughts on this one. I love the bit about “the decade of the Artist”. Sounds like a bit of what Seth Godin talks about in Lynchpin.

  • Gail in Montana

    It is amazing how trees can grow in the most unlikely places and place roots where ever needed to find water. You see that in a lot of places in the west where trees are growing on huge rock formations, just very fascinating. I would love to see that in time lapse, too, Trey!!!! Great photo of a very determined tree!!!! Thanks for sharing, enjoy Spain for me, too 😉

  • Tom

    Awesome shot, awesome place! I was just there a few weeks ago and took these two of the same tree:[email protected]/4971052784/, and[email protected]/4981679272/. A time lapse may be tough though, because I think tuk tuk driver told me these trees are approximately 300 years old, give or take.

  • Time lapses are awesome! I usually like these images of your from Cambodia, but this one seems a little too contrasty for my taste. Just my opinion. Keep up the great work.

  • That would be cool… I can envision it now with all the roots slowly devouring the building, lol that would be great.

  • jon

    Trey, re: timelapse – you should look for a BBC wildlife documentary called ‘Life’ and their episode on plants, the BBC bristol team recreated an english woodland in a studio, and timelapsed its seasonal changes over i think 9 or twelve months. The final footage is spliced with real life shots of the actual woodland on which the studio was modelled – i guarantee you’ll love it. Even more so, the ‘behind the scenes’ footage that takes you through the process. Oh and SLR’s were used extensively! Google it dude and enjoy.

    jon (from the london photowalk group)

  • Great shot Trey. I just left Siem Reap yesterday…amazing place:

  • Great shot Trey. I just left Siem Reap yesterday – amazing place:

  • Thanks everyone… jon – thx for the info – I will look at that! 🙂

    And everyone else… thanks as always – I always read and appreciate every word ! 🙂

  • great photo, witch lens do you taked? and do you have a filter for the cloth?

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