Video Interview on SplashMedia

Video Interview on Splashmedia

Have you all heard of Renay San Miguel? He was an anchor on CNN, CBS, and CNBC… You’ll probably recognize him in the interview!

Thanks to Chris Kraft and the team over at Splash Media for the interview! I hope you enjoy it…

New Prints – The Adventure Tree and The Falls of Yellowstone

We release one new print a week, and I’ve been a bit remiss in mentioning them with all the travel. My bad. I can remedy that right now…

You can click on each print to go over and get details. As always, each one is part of a numbered limited edition series. Enjoy!

HDR Photo

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Wonderful print releases Trey! I saw the splash media interview via twitter just recently – super job!

  • That waterfall shot is one of my favourites of yours! It’s huge!

    You may recall at the London photowalk I was telling you about some of the nice places close to where I come from in Scotland, i think i mentioned the place featured in the link below. It’s pretty spectacular so i can only imagine how the one at Yellowstone was in real life!

  • Gail in Montana

    Love both pics you have for sale!!! But the Yellowstone River is my favorite!!!! I finally got the first one I ordered in a frame last week, after getting a frame. The square photo I received when I ordered the book is still frameless, poor thing 🙁 . Hard to find. Thanks for sharing your photos once again!!

  • You hit it Right on in your comment you are like “THE HOST AT A PARTY” … it suits you well …

  • Congrats, they did a nice piece with you. Always enjoy your viewing your texture work, this is gorgeous -;0)


  • Bianca

    Great interview, you are a natural!

  • Great interview Trey! I think I’ll link to it later as well. Hope all is well in Europe 🙂

  • Great interview and thanks for bringing HDR into mainstream photography. It truly is the more accurate representation of what you are seeing/feeling when trying to capture an image.

  • Nice interview there! You are kinda like the catalyst to speed up learning for those who are just stepping into HDR heheh! Keep it up!

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