Another Summer Day in Paris

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Daily Photo – Another Summer Day in Paris

I’m having an amazing time in Paris. As usual, it’s off-the-rails perfect. The weather has been remarkable, the sunsets amazing, and the chocolate flows like mana from heaven. I made it over to the Eiffel Tower for a big night of shooting, and arrived there just as the sun was setting. I have a few little special spots I like to visit around the tower that are not full of tourists and the like.

This shot looks much more delicate, perhaps, than I did while achieving it. Unfortunately, this was one of those tricky ones where the tripod legs were splayed out like a flattened armadillo. I looked beyond redonkulous while taking it… but I felt pretty good the result would work out well. As opposed to most shots, when I go into the sun and only use +3 to -3, this one was 9 exposures from +4 to -4. This helped to get some of the gentle colors under the flowers.

HDR Photo

  • my first reaction to this photo was “@%@#$#@”… so freaking amazing. you never cease to impress.

  • casusan

    Oh wow – the Eiffel Tower looks amazing – the clouds perfect and the flowers are lovely – wish I was there! Super Trey!

  • so sharp — perfectly seamless exposure blending. Unique perspective on a very worn icon!

  • First time ever that I’ve seen the tower without other human made structures surrounding it, so refreshing! Thanks

  • Nice. I really have to visit Paris sometime. Then again, that’s usually what I think about all the locations you shoot Trey 😉

  • I love it – the Eiffel tower is one of those things which is so photographed so much that it becomes nearly impossible to get an original capture but this looks fairly authentic to me – brilliant!

  • Eiffel Tower from different angle and in HDR Photography..nice

  • Brad Truxell


    This is beautiful! Really awesome compared to the traditional Eiffel Tower shots you normally see. Did you get really bad sunspots/flares? I always take shots like this in HDR and end up with a huge sunspot that ruins the photo…Great work!


  • Gail in Montana

    Very, Very beautiful, Trey!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this one, another favorite, my list is getting pretty long 😉 I made it my desktop background so my hubby could see it when he gets up. Thanks for sharing this lovely photo, have a fun filled week while you are taking these wonderful photos!! Am I repeating myself, lol.

  • Cruzing

    Hi Trey,

    I’m still trying to understand how you make time stand still whilst making all the people disappear.

    Is there a magic plug-in for photoshop that makes people invisible that you haven’t told us about?


  • Cruzing – There are a number of ways to get of people. First, do what Trey did here and find a spot where tourists don’t flock to. Not only will that give you more unique angles to shoot from, but you won’t be dealing with thousands of tourists walking around. If you can’t get away from people, you can get rid of them by simply using longer shutter speeds. As the shutter speed gets longer, the people begin to get more and more ghosted, until eventually they disappear all together. If this doesn’t work, you can still remove them (sometimes) in Photoshop. Provided that there are only a few people, otherwise this task would be far too involved. Hope this helps.

    Trey – Incredible image, one of my favorites for sure! I love the layering of the image, how it moves from the flowers, to the trees, to the tower, to the sky.

  • Beautiful- and thanks for the explanation of how many exposures- I’m never sure why more exposures in certain situations, so you helped me out there.

  • Super fantastic shot! Love the leading line of the flowers to the sun. Definitely a perspective of an icon I’ve never seen before! And you always seem to get excellent clouds all of the time!

  • Such a nice perspective of an often unnoticed part of the Champ de Mars! Beautiful composition!

  • Amazing shot. Thanks for the note on your exposure bracket. I’ve screwed up all of my into-the-sun shots so far by not having the exposure bias setup correctly. I need to make sure I always check my histograms while I’m in the field. Another n00b mistake, I guess. But this shot is amazing. Thanks for all the help.

  • Dayton

    Wow, what a beautiful shot.

  • Ron

    Great shot! You´re the boss in HDR 😉
    And Paris is beautifull…

  • Bianca

    Fantastic shot and perspective! Wish I could have seen you looking beyond redonkulous…

  • I have to say, it’s been a while since I was truly awed by one of your pictures, but this… this one is just stunning!!

  • Thanks everyone ! 🙂

  • Alistair McNaughton

    What a stunning perpective! What lens were you using?

  • I’ve seen this three times in my life in person. It is as breathtaking in person as your image is. Thank you for sharing and bring back a lot of good memories.

  • Our home in Madison CT is called “SUMMER HERE SUMMER NOT” … “SUMMER ON THE WAY” depending on how many of our kids and their families are visiting our beach at one time … but your “SUMMER DAY” needs a future “SUMMER NIGHT” !

  • Can’t wait to see what you do in Barcelona – my favorite city in Europe by far!

  • People must have been wondering “who is the guy lurking around in the bushes? Oh look! He took a beautiful picture”

  • This is amazing! Never seen a picture of the Eiffel Tower in this perspective.

  • @ Cruzing
    A helpful hint if you want the people to “disappear” it to use a smaller f/stop (f/11 and upward) if you don’t have a good ND filter.
    It will let less light in and “drag” your shutter so moving people will barely be noticed by the camera’s sensor.
    The downside to this (sometimes) is that the aperature is SO small that the light comes through like giant star bursts.

    Not to mention lens diffraction but that’s getting pretty technical right there.

    Hope that’s helpful.

  • Nice shot. Cant believe you are in Paris and I didn’t know about it. Wish you were doing a photowalk or a talk somewhere.

  • Extremely Beautiful.

  • Man what a difference nine exposures can make – great stuff Trey!

  • Ron Roberts

    This is an awesome image. I will be in Paris in April and will be practicing new perspectives for shooting some of my favorite things, including the Eifel Tower. Thanks for all you do to promote the sport!

  • Cruzing

    James & Sledgy, I was think more on the line that Trey picked up a late model Delorean Time machine with a Flux capacitor from Marty McFly. With some slight modifications to the vortex you may be able to bend time or at best make time stand still 🙂

    Trey, keep up the great work you inspire us all


  • Jamie Z

    You must be on a round-the-world treadmill, but fabulous photos, I keep having to update my
    desktop photo of the week.

    Safe jouneys…

  • Seldgy – yes that is right… I almost want to get an ND filter so that I can even drag it out more. Night is not a problem – but daytime is.

    Martin Soler – I really wanted to do a Paris photowalk! But I was only in town 2 days… not really enough time… maybe next time!

    Everyone else- thanks so much for the nice comments!

  • Thanks for sharing, Trey. I love to take shots directly into the sun like this, you can get some lovely flares, too. What I like is that you’ve got a totally different view of such a oft photo-ed place.

  • david

    this view of the Eiffel Tower is different than most. exccellent work in scouting it out, then capturing it and sharing it.

  • I love your photo’s Trey and this one is no exception. The contrast and perspective are just stunning !

  • Very cool composition, I see I have alot to learn

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