The Parachute Jump

Keeping up…. Live from Paris

Sometimes, if I have a few extra seconds, I’ll take little cellphone pics and upload them to Twitter. If you are not on Twitter, and want to see them, just click the little “Tweets” button/tab thing over on the right. It can give you the latest scoop in case you want to see what is live. For example, I am now in Paris, and I put up a few things over the day. None of these are great shots btw… just little slices of life I am capturing. I’ll repost them here below.

New Video – The Parachute Jump

Here is the video that I edited together of the big jump I made with the Golden Knights!  Enjoy!

  • Pretty cool! I’m photographing them in less than 24 hours!!! Wish I was jumping.

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Awesome video Trey! No way I would ever ever do that! You did great though and this video makes me want to join the golden knights – wonder if they take grandmothers??:)

  • Hi Trey, first of all, sorry for my bad english. I check your site at least twice a week maybe for half year, you’re doing amazing work and my goal is to be at least half skilled as you are. 🙂 I know that you’re bored to read those kind of words every day but I just had to. I am just curious, how the hell is possible that you wasn’t in Prague, Czech Republic? You were in Dresden so it’s like 200km from there. I think you would love this town and get some amazing pics, it’s beautiful city with lot of history! Are you planning to visit Prague sometime? That’s it, i just to know this. 🙂 I’ll be happy if you’ll visit my flickr page (not so long I signed up) perhaps give me some tip, but I understand that you are busy man. Take care and continue in your STUNNING HDR WORK !

  • Trey, strange seeing you with no camera in hand ( :

  • BeachsidePaul

    Trey, that looked like fun! Who was on the “correct” side of the camera? One little critique, I think you need to work on your acting skills, you’ve got the HDR thing down pretty well now, expand your horizons! 🙂 Hope you’re having fun over in Paris and I REALLY agree with Filip above, Praque is an absolutely wonderful city and has so many great HDR opportunities it’s scary. Unfortunately, when I was there, about a hundred years ago, I wasn’t into photography, I’d love to return! Take care kind sir, Paul

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, Trey, great video. Like I said when you had the photo of the jump, you are a brave fellow!!!! Have fun in Paris, hubby says be sure and visit the Sacred Heart Cathedral on the hill and wave from the Eiffel Tower for him as he hasn’t done that since 65, lol. Enjoy.

  • I definitely don’t think i have what it takes to jump from a plane and all this talk of Paris is reminding me of my first trip to the Eiffel tower where I made the mistake of looking at the gap between the floor and the elevator as I stepped off onto the secon level of the tower right down to the ground beneath. I was pretty unnerved and spent the next 30 minutes hugging a girder until my dad, brother and mates finished their tour of the tower and rescued me. In did make it to the top some years later – My name may be Bird but i don’t do flying!

  • Thanks!

    Filip – well yes prague is a must-visit, yes? Everyone tells me this! 🙂

  • Don

    Great video Trey! I’d love to do a jump with the Golden Knights. How did you manage to get an invite from them? Do you think I’d get to jump with them if I told them that I’m a big fan of the Golden Knights and Trey Ratcliff? Have a great time in Paris and I’ll be looking forward to seeing some fantastic HDR photos from your latest adventure!

  • Bianca

    What a great video! Know your kiddos will enjoy to watch it too :-). Enjoy Paris, wish we were there with you…

  • Great clip. I especially enjoyed how you almost yawned while saying “I’m so excited” 🙂

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