The Tetons, Revisited

Revisiting Photos

While I was at this hallowed landscape spot in Wyoming, I took a ton of photos. I’d move a little, shoot. Then move a bit more, shoot. Etc. I made many different compositions with small and big changes. These all ended up there in my Lightroom for later processing. I started processing them about 3 years ago, and this is one of my most recent results.

Personally, I think it is better than my previous versions of the Tetons. I don’t realize how I make little improvements in tiny areas of refinement. But, in looking at photos from many years ago, i can detect a difference… so that makes me feel better about the way things are going. I know we get a lot of positive comments on here… that is great… negative ones don’t bother me. I’m already hard enough on myself.

Daily Photo – The Tetons, Revisited

This area is not too far from Yellowstone. Just outside of the south exit, there is a fairly short drive to this area of Wyoming. It’s on the way to Jackson Hole. This is also an amazing place if you are into Bison. There are hundreds and hundred of bison in this area. A free one was roaming about while I took this. They’re actually quite dangerous for something that looks like a giant silly stuffed animal.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Super beautiful shot of the Tetons Trey – so crisp and clear – you can almost smell that clean air! My first thought was what a lovely place to have a picnic!

  • Rimmer

    I think some of your more recent pictures look more “real.” They look less like an HDR shot and more like a really great, non-HDR photograph.

  • Nice scene, but I fee like its slanted. I am sure it’s because of the way the water’s edge is, and not the camera being off, but it ruins it I think.

    Keep up the great stuff!

  • An extraordinary picture Trey. I think photography is for enjoying and have fun,,at least that is what i think. When i post a picture is for sharing a good feeling with others. Of course,,negative comments are welcome as well, as long as they are constructive and with not a personal taste. You know there are lot of bitter individuals out there that find in the internet their way to take out all of their frustration. Who cares ´bout them!!

    I know you like geology, and since you have been in Wyoming, wondering if you have ever visited that curious stone formation that is called Devil´s Tower or something like that,,you know, the one which figures in the movie Close encounters of the 3rd kind,, i am sure you would get some outstanding pictures of it!!
    Keep well Trey and thanks for your great work and effort 😉

  • I think there is something really exciting about revisiting old shots. I recently bought Topaz Adjust and that opened up a whole world of opportunities for some of my old stuff that I was kind of resigned to leaving on the shelf. My favourite example is the one I took of the kestrel in some old castle ruins a few years back. I’ve put the link to it below and on it is another link to the ‘before’ version.

    Susan – thanks for adding my photo of the London Eye and Aquarium as a fave on flickr – that made my day yesterday 🙂

    Thanks also Trey for the ISO tip and encouraging comments – another lesson learned!

  • Thanks all! 🙂

  • I also enjoy this Trey. I can also see you’ve made “great” improvements in your HDR from the images I’ve seen in your eBook, “Top 10 HDR Mistakes (GREAT eBook, BTW). The way I always learned is to make the mistake and then capitalize from it. It gives you a little more self-confidence and appreciation about your passion.

  • Gail in Montana

    Great capture, Trey. We have driven this route many times, the Tetons are really beautiful. While we were in Yellowstone in August, the Bison were in the rut season, way to exciting when we were in the traffic jam in Heyden Valley. Oh, and when you go there again, be sure and stay at the Amani Resort above Jackson Hole. It’s the only one in the U.S. and our friends are managers there. We didn’t stay there, but it sure was a nice place to take a tour. But be prepared to pay the big bucks for a room, lol. It has other resorts around the world.
    Back to the photo, this is another one of my favorites, as you knew it would be. Just beautiful!!! Thanks for posting!! Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are 😉

  • I think a lot of us would have searched for an area where there weren’t any dead trees, but we would have missed out on a cool contrast between the lifeless branches and the background peaks. I think many of us would also have tried a tighter shot to minimize the amount of river, but thankfully you didn’t. You are better than me!!!!! Go figure!!! Thanks for all your hard work.

  • I’m glad you brought up the thought about improving on your own work. It’s one of the things I enjoy about photography and post processing. There’s always room to learn from your past, try something new and just be creative. I’m changing things as I go, but it still reflects my own taste or style. It’s hard to ever get bored that way.

  • Clifford

    ok, that picture is simply beautiful.

  • Hey Trey, just to let you (or your staff) know. Your Facebook page is attracting a lot of spam.

    Is it possible to send someone around to take out the garbage?

    Love this shot, BTW.

  • Gail in Montana

    Posting again to explain why we have a lot of dead pines in the west. We have two causes, the bark pine beattle and a little white butterfly that lays it’s eggs in the pine trees, and the larvae eat the sap. The whole country is loosing so many different types of trees. Ash, maple,oak, pine, and I don’t know what is next. Sad, but I guess this happens from time to time in the natural cycle of things.

  • Looove the Tetons! My favorite place- though hiking around Jenny Lake in the Tetons we ran into a couple bears..a little worrying! 🙂 I love the photo too – really get the whole peaceful feeling!
    Thanks for the trip back!

  • Trey,

    Still using Photomatix for tonemapping?

    This is just outstanding and the image in Paris is too. There are a number of reasons I ask but I just had to shoot it out there for now.

  • Beautiful shot, I love shooting landscapes myself, hopefully I can get to that part of the US someday.

  • Rebekah Wadsworth

    This is so beautiful!!!

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