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Twitter has turned out to be a great tool for photography!  Not only did I help use it to organize the London PhotoWalk, but I also send out tweets to places like @WickedLondon and @Tate to get inside scoops on photography and whatnot.  Since these places are obviously into social media, they are often likely to respond.

Daily Photo – Wicked London

So, I just got finished watching Wicked in London.  It was a very cool experience.  I would have enjoyed getting a few more shots of the environs and actors/actresses — maybe next time!

The stage was wonderfully elaborate and fantasy-steampunk.  I didn’t expect so much steampunk stuff in my life lately…  speaking of that, I’ll have more of these sorts of photos coming from Burning Man in coming days.  When traveling on the road, it’s hard for me to get new shots up right away, but I know people enjoy seeing “live” shots that show what I am seeing on a timely basis.  It takes a lot of energy to be out shooting all day, come back, post-process, and then upload everything to the blog — but I will try to do it from time to time.

Anyway, if you get a chance to see Wicked in London, I certainly recommend it.  I won’t ruin the story for you if you haven’t seen it, but there is a surprise appearance at the end from Jar Jar Binks that is totally unexpected.

Wicked London

  • how did their staff treat you with your camera and tripod?

  • casusan

    Oh wow – looks cool and fun – nice to know you take time out to do these things! Looking forward to burning man photos!

  • john

    Very interesting, I love the detailed set with lighting and all captured in the image. I’ll be pouring over the detail here for a while!
    Nikon news flash!!
    I am always buying a camera three months before a newer model shows up, this is the bane of my shopping experience! Today I found out my beloved D90 is replaced by the handsome D7000 with some very exciting advances! I was looking around for a deal on a D90 to replace my stolen gem, and DP has a review up for the D7000, finally I’m ahead of the game for the first time!
    Now the bitter decision, the D90 will drop in price, and it suited my needs very well, so… ahh, decisions! The new model will allow me to lose the Flip video cam, not that I ever used it much, but one less thing in the bag….

  • Seems like a cool place! Really got to visit London sometime.

  • Haha no way – I photographed outside this theatre just before I got on the bus after I left you guys at the photowalk. I’m going to see this in NYC in November with my other half Paula – I can’t wait to show her this as she’s a huge fan of this musical – Great Post!

    I also added my favourite captures from the London photowalk group on Flickr last night after several hours and several gallons of tea to keep me awake. I’m pretty happy with them so enjoy :-


  • Very creepy photo. Fitting for the title!

    From the photos I’ve seen of your photo walk I didn’t see any women. Were there any there? I’ve noticed there is a significant lack of estrogen when it comes to HDR photography…
    Would have loved to have seen you and participated in the walk, but alas, London is nowhere near Vermont.

    NEK Photography Blog

  • I absolutely love ‘Wicked’ – saw it on new year’s day this year; just fantastic. So it’s brill to find this wonderful HDR shot of the set – looks great!

  • Cool shot. Would love to see that show as well, especially now that you noted the steam-punky atmosphere.

  • Gail in Montana

    Cool photo of the stage, Trey. I don’t think that play will ever make it to Montana, but would love to see it. Very scary looking 😉 Good job!!!! Thanks for sharing and making me curious, lol. Hey, maybe it will come out on DVD someday, everything else does, wishing 🙂

  • Lisa Bradley

    LOVE this show and LOVE this shot! Both the set and lighting are cool and really lend themselves to HDR photography. Nice that you got to enjoy both a wonderful show and photo op!

  • Mark

    Almost all theaters forbid photography of any kind, even before or after the performance. Did you get permission from the management for this?

  • This is a “wicked” looking theatre. Did you get a lot of ghosting with this one?

  • Thanks all… yes -matt a lot of ghosting for sure that required repair

    Mark – yes I needed permission on this one… but … lucky enough they said yes.

    Andy – thx for the links !

  • What wonderful colors and detail. An amazing shot that looks so real and alive.

  • I saw Wicked in Philadelphia and they had the same stage setup. Great show, that was my first musical and I’d go to another.

  • @ Trey
    Theater management should thank you for making their theater look so good.

    @ Andy Bird

    “A Vibrant Evening On The Thames ” is an excellent example of HDR.

  • Saw this in Des Moines – maybe not nearly as cool of a venue but a great show. Unfortunately did not have my camera there, because the scenes were pretty amazing. Love the pic.

  • nice work! I love the way you captured the different colors of the scene! keep up the good work

  • I can certainly relate… shooting, processing and posting can take up a considerable amount of time, especially doing it daily.

  • diane sipple

    absolutely fantastic!

  • Ron

    I love this picture! Cool colors, nice shot!
    Ron Stalenhoef

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