London PhotoWalk Recap

London PhotoWalk Links

Thanks again to the massive group that came out!  It was a ton of fun, as you know!  Here are some links for you to follow to post your photos and give comments/review:

Video of the PhotoWalk

Stephen Graham put up a video of the event on his site too. He grabbed some informal footage while were all walking around… Jump over to his site to see it.

Pics of the event

Sadly, I’ve been too busy to process many photos, but I will soon!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photos of others on the walk.  There are some very talented and passionate photographers in London… very exciting stuff!

And below are a few more photos from the event that came out kinda cool… so you can see what these things are like in case you want to join the next one. I stop a few times along the walk to describe the shot, give tips, and this sort of thing. Everyone gets along great, and people usually make many new friends, since most come alone! 🙂

Many people took many “behind the scenes shots of the event”. Some interesting ones from Gergio Amiti (5ERG10) and Just click on the photos below to jump over to their photostreams to see more!

Images from the Trey Ratcliff HDR Walk

Photowalk London

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Looks fun Trey!! Looking forward to seeing all the photos – hope you take some video this trip!

  • John

    You sir, it seems, are a celebrity 🙂

  • It looks so funny.It seems that all people and you had a great moment. Congratulations for your success. And who knows, Trey, maybe you will do some day a photo-walk in Spain ;-).


  • PeterG

    Some great shots appearing on flickr. I’m flying home tonight and will contribute as soon I manage to get some processing time.

  • I’ve processed some from earlier in the day – i’ll strike while the iron is hot though and get some of mine processed over my lunch break and uploaded tonight on for all the good folks who were there to see. I’m liking what I’ve seen so far – what a talented bunch!

  • Thanks a lot for the photowalk, Trey, it was really helpful. I’ll be uploading my shots to the Flickr group later.

  • Cool stuff…. Andy – good – I look forward to seeing them. Besides putting in the group, feel free to link here! 🙂

    Servalpe – I was thinking about doing one in Barcelona – but not sure I have enough time to plan it properly!

  • uih, your tripod seems to be right at the edge – good your holding onto it! I am just thinking that it must have scared the heck of all the policemen in London – all the sudden so many people with tripods in their hands – like a cool flashmob idea.
    Too bad I could not join, London is just a one hour flight from Basel, but I am way too busy with work right now.

  • It was a great evening Trey, thanks for setting it up and volunteering your time. I’ve put a few up on the Flickr group…


  • Hey Trey hows it going? I was hopping you could give me a few pointers on my firework HRD I took at the WEBN show just a couple of days ago. I have many more good shoots and if you gave me some help maybe they could improve 🙂 It would mean alot! there is the link if you ever get time. Have a good one

  • Hi,

    As people have been asking for some video, I posted the video that I took during the walk.

    You can see it on my blog page where I talk about the shot I took that Trey used on his blog post about the photo walk.

  • Neil

    Any plans to visit Scotland?

  • Gail in Montana

    Looks like all of you were having tooooo much fun, Trey. Glad you had such a wonderful turn out for you walk. Wish I could have been there 🙁 but happy for those who could attend 😉

  • It was a great night Trey, thanks for taking the time with us! I’ve added my shots to the Flickr group –


  • Ermina Wilder

    Wow…I know this site real well. I miss this. Come to Philadelphia Trey.

  • Thanks all – yes – Scotland is on the list for sure – just not this trip…

  • Had a really fun evening – thanks so much for sharing your time and insights! I’ve added some shots to the Flickr group & here:

  • Trey, you should comeback in Tokyo and do the same thing =)

  • bob k

    where is the little monkey man that used to show up when you posted?

  • A Photowalk in Barcelona (BCN) that would be nice for Spaniards. There are great HDR artists there like lombartBCN ([email protected]). But I don’t know if I could go and it’s no possible for me during the week. Remember that I live in Madrid.

  • What a big mob of photographers. Looks like a fair amount of compstomping would be required 🙂 Still looks like a blast!

  • David Woods

    What a great evening. Thanks to all. I enjoyed it. Photos on Flickr Group for walk around.

  • Looks like a lot of fun, wish I could have been there! Trey, what tripod do you use when traveling overseas?

  • Come to Malmö Sweden !!

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