The Grand Pool

Great PhotoWalk in London

We had about 75 people show up and had an amazing time. Thanks everyone who came out! We totally overwhelmed security at Westminster, Parliament, and The London Eye — they had no choice but to leave us be! 🙂

Before the walk, I gave explicit instructions to the crowd on what to yell in case they are accosted by the police: “Help Help! I’m being repressed!” Then, we would all work together to tweet it out and make a big deal of it… but, in the end, no one was bothered… it’s intimidating to see 75 tripods coming your way!

Below is a shot from Steve Graham (iboogaloo on Flickr).  You can visit his blog here.

Trey Ratcliff HDR Photographer at the London Photo Walk in front of Westminster

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Daily Photo – The Grand Pool

I’ve already posted a few photos of the fabulous Hearst Castle indoor pool. This is the one that it is nearby, just outdoors. The thing is enormous and perfect.

I wonder if it ever gets used. So sad. Maybe they put on little pool parties here and there for the elite. Or maybe rappers rent it out and bring in a bunch of rap-video-girls to gyrate around the edges. I don’t know.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    ahh….beautiful Trey – just as I remember seeing it so many years ago – nice to know some things don’t change!

  • Love the lines…

  • Destiny

    Beautiful… just as it was when i went there..

  • 75 tripods… wish I could’ve joined you! Love that movement in the pool.

  • Giles Roditi


    The pool is used a few times a year, I was there recently with beautiful weather and asked one of the tour guides- she had been in the pool a couple of times, it is a special treat for them. I love your photography but have decided that is is not really the HDR, it is your eye for composition that makes it so good.

  • Trey, Thanks for putting up my shot from the photo walk, it’s done my Flickr stats and web site analytics the power of good.

    Instead of being intimidated by 75 tripods, I’m feeling a little intimidated by the 750 new visitors that have come my way just this morning!

    It was great fun to wander around London with you. Let me know if you ever do it again! Thanks


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  • I like this one – especially the way it’s composed. The first shot I took in London the other day was of Buckingham Palace and I composed it in a similar way albeit with a bit of cropping on Photoshop afterwards. The ebook on composition has taken away my fear of chopping bits out of the image if they aren’t working which really helped the final result.

    I’ve got dozens of HDR’s to process from London that I took even before the Photowalk so I don’t want to flood this place with links so once i’ve done them all i’ll post one link to them. In the meantime I’d just like to say it was a great evening – flash mobbing Westminster was a blast and watching the skinny Security guy flipping out was even funnier!

  • Cathy Wright

    While there a couple years ago, our guide tells us that the first weekend of each month, after closing, all the employees and a limited number of their families are allowed to use the outdoor pool for their enjoyment.

  • Imagine what it was like back in the 1930s. Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, Paulette Goddard, Greta Garbo might have swam in that pool. Maybe even Winston Churchill or the Marx Brothers!

  • john

    I loved my visit there, I was a teenager that didn’t want to go, but after five minutes I was glad I did. The highlight of my trip was a little boy peeing in that same pool!

  • Gail in Montana

    Steve’s photo is a great shot!!! Thanks for sharing it, Trey. Love the photo of the pool, too. See you tomorrow!!

  • I worked at Hearst Castle 30 years ago and the pool parties were then just twice a year..

  • Alessandro

    Just beautiful

  • George

    How were you allowed back there? I know you’re limited to go on the path which is opposite your image… by the way, I honestly wish I knew you were coming up! I live local to Hearst Castle.

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  • Sam Nicholls

    come see the violence inherent in the system! 

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