Steampunk at Burning Man

HDR on the iPhone 4 with Leo

Hey everyone. Leo Laporte asked me to be on his show today (Saturday) at 11:30 AM Pacific. We’ll be talking about, among other things, HDR on the iPhone. I’ve gotten a thousand questions on twitter and everything about this… just finishing my analysis and will share it all!

Tune in on to see the live video feed. See you soon!

More Burning Man to Come!

I’ve processed many photos from Burning Man. It was an amazing time, and I took a different approach. I did the usual HDR style on a few, but I also experimented quite a bit. I’ll share some of this in an upcoming post — I’m aiming to get them up sometime this week if I can! So stay tuned…

Daily Photo – Steampunk at Burning Man

I’ve always been a fan of the Steampunk genre. Have you never heard of it? I’m not sure I can explain it perfectly, but it mostly involves a parallel universe in which electricity never was invented and harnessed. The technology of steam is what continued to evolve to produce amazing machines, more sophisticated zeppelins, and fabulous gear-cog mechanisms of every size, shape, and function. Some movies that use this theme are the City of Lost Children, Sherlock Holmes, Steamboy, and more. I just finished a good book recommended by my uncle called “Boneshaker” that is also set in the milieu.

Anyway, everyone at Burning Man is in costume all the time. That’s about 50,000 people at a week-long costume party that becomes pretty intense. On the night of the actual burn of the tower (which you can see in the background), there was a little gathering of steampunk players toward the inner ring. One of the girls saw me taking photos, and came over to compare goggles for a bit. I grabbed this one of her just before it was time to return to her party.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    She looks like something right out of a movie! Looking forward to more burning man shots and your ‘stories’ – good luck on the workshop!

  • So.. do we get to see a photo of you with your goggles!?! LOL. Love this pic. Hope we hear soon about your experiences on the London Photowalk!

  • Nice to finally see some stuff from Burning Man!

  • I’ve always wondered about the steampunk thing; now, I’m fascinated. Love the impromtu portrait!

  • Don’t we get to see your costume? China Mieville’s Scar is totally steam punk.
    For those that are interested I was on the photowalk and it was amazing. I’m London based so thought we’d have a lot security type issues with all the tripods. I didn’t count but I’m guessing at least 40 of us showed up. It turns out there is safety in numbers, swarming works! Not a whimper from any of the police or security guards in all the places there would normally be problems. My take away from the evening was that when a pro says look for interesting angles they really mean in. Trey ended up perched in positions that looked borderline dangerous a couple of times.
    Thanks Trey it was a great evening and very generous of you.

  • This photo kick ass! I love the composition and all the subtle darks. Burning man bokeh is too cool! So, do you think you’ll do it again next year?

  • Wow, great photo! She looks like the Doctor Terror at the end of House of a 10 000 Corpses 😀 .

  • Very moody shot! freakin awesome and helps to reinforce a goal of going to a burning man sometime in 5 years! Can’t wait to see more shots over time.

  • I agree with Fred she does kinda look like the bad guy from that movie – am i weird for thinking she’s hot?

  • hasi

    I definitely think you need to learn how to spell. DEFINITELY!! not definately! did you ever get a high school diploma?

  • casusan

    Not cool hasi – yes Andy – she’s hot!

  • An out of this world photograph, Trey! I wonder if this costume was inspired by a specific character from a Steampunk book? I am sure it must have been.

    Her costume is great, especially the light on her chest.

  • So cool. It rocks!

  • Patrick

    Beautifully processed, Trey!

  • Gail in Montana

    LOL, Trey. That’s quite a photo. I’m looking forward to more photos of Burning Man, also. Glad you had fun there. We are home again, yeah!!! Have our “babies” back with us!!! Have a great week. Onward to the next photo.
    P.S. I was telling a few of the fellow passengers about your website and one wrote it down. Always good to drum up business for you 😉

  • Robin

    Steampunk is great! The Affinity Bridge is a good book and a sequel should be out soon. I’ve been looking for Boneshaker and need to break down and buy it online. 2D Goggles has a wonderful comic featuring Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace. Thanks for the pic Trey! Made me think I should embrace my inner-nerd and get a costume and have some fun!

  • Trey, can’t wait to see the rest. This is pretty wicked.

  • vfx
  • David

    The lighting is fantastic in this shot. I bet this girl is truly beautiful in person. I think I’m in love with her.

  • Great stuff, as always!!

    Trey, I’m really curious: How much of your gear was damaged beyond repair from the dust storms? Did you bring your “backup” kits to use or were these from your main bag?

  • Thanks! – this one was with my D3S, which I only brought out for a short time… the rest of the time, I used my Oympus 4/3

  • david

    Yowza! great shot. I like this because it is different than your “ordinary”/extraordinary landscapes.

  • What affect did the sandstorm have on your gear Trey?

  • nothing much – because I did not use my main camera – I used a little point n shoot

  • I just love this picture. The colors, the costume, everything.

    You said once when being interviewed on TWiP that you didn’t mind people joinking your pictures to put on their desktop backgrounds. I just wanted to say it’s true what you said, whenever I have people over for coffee and they notice the pictures cycling though on the TV in the background, I give them your URL and when they get back home they call me to say thanks and tell me they’re having a ball looking though your pictures. My TV is your bulletin board. 🙂

  • hehe very cool ! Thanks mate!

  • What an awesome shot. Subject and composition I love it.

  • This is Mama Bear! She is my friend, fellow fire freak, and the shin of our fire conclave group! She is beautiful inside and out and if you couldn’t tell, she’s a total badass. I LOVE YOU MAMA!

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  • Great pics. I especially like the Steampunk ones.

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  • Louis

    Trey, has anyone asked you for a photo of you in your costume?

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  • grazie in anticipo !

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