France, Through the Centuries

Viveza 2 Review

I have recently created the Viveza 2 Review. Have you ever heard of or used this product? You should! Check it out at that link for more.

Daily Photo – France, Through the Centuries

I’ll be arriving in France soon, and I can’t wait. There is something very comforting about some of these places where time seems to stand still through the ages. Notre Dame on the Seine is one of these places. I take photos every time I go… It’s always the same, but it shifts gently with the light and angle. I think this is very nice.

This photo was taken as part of the Viveza 2 review above. You can see a few more details about how I achieved the photo there after the link!

HDR Photo

  • The City of Love in HDR photography

  • casusan

    Beautiful Trey – the lighting and the sky-awesome! Wish I was there!

  • Nice! I’ll look into that review of yours.

  • Great photo – i’ve been there twice but never really got the chance to explore that much as I was a bit too young. Did you hear about the earthquake that hit the South Island of New Zealand earlier today?

  • Ed

    I always enjoy your images showing Notre Dame, and as you mention the changing light and angle helps see it in a new way each time. I am going to Paris in January so would love any insight you have into the other locations you like to photograph while there, similar to the London list you and this community generated – that would be great!

  • Thanks all!

    And sorry for the slow responses… I am out at burning man and internet is scarce — to say the least! Anyway, I am going to review ALL comments and stuff very soon! Just a quick note to say hello…. !

  • Nick

    Hey Trey,
    Big fan of your stuff and you’ve provided loads of helpful technical advice but I wondering about how you deal with the non-technical side of your photography? I’m currently travelling around the world taking loads of HDR pictures and I was wondering how you manage all your pictures? I’m using a macbook pro with lightroom & separate hard drives/online backups etc but as you know HDR photography means at least 3 times as many RAW images (not to mention all the JPEGS and TIFF files) and my archiving system is getting very messy. Would be interested to hear some of your workflow methods and any tips/tools you might use to assist.

  • Very nice.

  • Love this, twilight is the magical time for an image!

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  • Beautiful. Love this.

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