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I tweeted this out recently… I thought it was so unique — I wanted to share it with you here.

Lilac Wine from Matthew Landa on Vimeo.

Daily Photo – Forever Skies

The beautiful and endless skies of Iceland are a constant source of inspiration. Have you ever seen that movie, “What Dreams May Come”? Do you remember how it had these flowing, impressionist scenes? Iceland is kind of like that all the time! I wonder if the people that live there get used to it over time… I can’t say for sure. But I was keenly aware of every hue and color in the sky throughout the roadtrip.

If you recall, I also used to double-major in Geophysics, so I am into the geology of all these places. But, I end up getting frustrated when I can’t recognize different formations. Like, for example, that wonderful mountain-plateau there on the left… not sure how that was made. It’s different than all the other bits of these glacier-carved fjords. Anyway, I’m sure that one of the clever people in this audience can tell me what it is! 🙂

HDR Photo

  • Beautiful – we get similar skies here in Scotland but never quite as vivid or colourful.

  • Great photo! I love “What Dreams May Come”, it’s sad and beautiful.

  • Nice video; shame they didn’t use Jeff Buckley’s version of Lilac Wine.

  • I think ( i stress the word ‘think’)that formation on the left would be a plateaued arete created by erosion from a series of glaciers that are arranged in a kind-of back to back formation. The plateau has been created by some other sort of erosion that has escaped me – either that or a big icelandic chainsaw did it!

    You may like this one taken not to far from my home – the terrain is like a Higher Geography exam in these parts – stunning on a nice day as you can see.

  • Gail in Montana

    Loved the videa, Trey, that was beautiful!! I had to click on Lilac Wine and go to the site. For some reason, I can’t get them to come up right on here. And, of course, I love this photo. I have to add it to my facebook album!!!! Might make it the cover, even ;-). Thanks so very much for sharing both, fantastic!!!!! Leaving soon on our cruise on the Columbia River, but you won’t miss me as I’m taking my laptop, lol. You probably wouldn’t have time to miss me anyway rofl!!!! 😉

  • awesome pic, once again. You are my hero Trey!

  • Great photo. Great composition. I’m seeing a lot more into pictures that I like now that I have read your composition eBook. Thanks again.

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Absolutely gorgeous Trey – I think it’s my new fave of yours! Instant desktop!

  • I am astonished by the video. What a pleasure to see this work !!!
    Your picture is a great example of fully colors range that can be obtained with HDR techniques.
    I let you 2 links here to similar tonal range in sunset in the one and only great sunset that I have had on my vacations this August in Marbella :

  • Steve

    Beautiful photo with a wonderful sky, Trey.

    That plateau your are referring to appears to be the core of an ancient volcano. Difficult to tell for certain without a closer view though. Black Tusk is a good example of this located near Whistler British Columbia. (Acutally I’m really surprised that you didn’t shoot Black Tusk, Brandywine Falls and Shannon Falls when you were last in British Columbia).
    For a comparision shot of Black Tusk refer to,_2007.jpg


  • That video is just awesome :O, thanks for sharing. I like the photo also, just made it my wallpaper 🙂
    On a side note: Apple have announced that they are implementing an “HDR Photo” feature in their iOS 4.1. Maybe you could share your view with us on that one? Of course photos from an iPhone will never stack up to a DSLR in terms of sheer quality, but since you’re the HDR Guru, I’d love to hear your thoughts 😀 Thanks

  • Why this photo is not sharp as others photo?

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  • Chris R

    Hey Trey,
    What are your thoughts on the Apple Announcement today? There will now be an HDR photo setting coming in the camera app on all iPhones and iPod Touches. Should be interesting for getting HDR style further out there, although it will be very basic in its functions.

    – Chris

  • Stunning landscape. I really like it.

  • Rat MacKay

    That video reminded me of this: which is still one of my favorite random internet finds. Wiggle your mouse as the song plays and have fun creating your own music video!

  • That mountain is the core of a volcano…the formation is called Stuðlaberg in Icelandic, Basalt in English. This type of rock formation was the inspiration for the design of Hallgrímskirkja or Hallgríms Church in Reykjavik.
    Your photography is inspirational to say the very least. Glad you liked Iceland. No, one never takes the lovely skies for granted…I have been told this by my family in Iceland.

  • Your skies are perfect on every picture!!

  • Chris- I have 4.1 installed and I have tried out the HDR function and it is very basic and honestly I wasn’t that impressed with it.

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