The Golden Knights are Bad Ass

Having a Great Time at OpenCamp!

I gave a little talk yesterday called, “Clever Tricks for Making Your Blog More Beautiful and Popular”. We had a good time, and I hope the crowd enjoyed it! If you want to know more about OpenCamp and the other speakers, including Chris Pirillo, Cali Lewis, and more, see this Open Camp Day One writeup by Phillip Coxwell.

Daily Photo – The Golden Knights are Bad Ass

I have not had much time this weekend to process new photos, but I did take a moment to process this one.

This was taken during an evening demonstration on the night before OpenCamp began. It was an unforgettable night with the Knights! After falling a few miles from the sky, the skydivers would open up their chutes & pyrotechnics and let loose. Since I had jumped with them the day before, they let me get up close on the landing to get some tight shots.

I also may go out to Fort Bragg, where they are based, and do a bunch more shots in the future. I look forward to that very much!

Visit the Golden Knights on their website, and follow them on Twitter at @ArmyGK.

HDR Photo

  • As always an absolutely awesome photo! Thanks for the link to!

  • anto XIII

    cool catch but there is a halo around the man, treatment probably !!!!

  • Wow, really awesome shot! I suck at action photography, it’s difficult when you only have a fraction of a fraction of a second to deliver awesomeness.

  • Ermina Wilder

    Electifying Photo. Love it…taken with my favorite D3S. Love that camera. I am not pro but I like the good stuff.Congrats on a nice shot …once again.

  • Trevor Driscoll


  • Nice image Trey,

    @anto XIII

    yes there is a halo visible around the man, but i don’t think it detracts from the image, in fact it enhances the image and lends an almost 3d effect to the man, it really helps him pop in the low evening light.

  • I want shoes that do that!

    The new ebook is excellent – i especially liked ‘Trey’s Rule Of Thirds’. I think it’s good to encourage people to be creative and think outside the box rather than sticking to ‘tried and tested’ methods. That’s why I left college – well done!

  • casusan

    The golden knights are awesome! Super shot Trey – I am with Andy-I want those shoes!

  • Dayton

    Cool shot! Any chance you could tell us some of the highlights of your talk?

  • Absolutely eye-catching and fantastic work. Perfect timing. Many would focus on them in the air but you caught the moment of touch down and the trailing flow of sparks. Nice work.

  • Thanks everyone…

    Dayton – It’s too much to squeeze in here… plus, it was more of a “talk” that was slides and a whole show-kinda-thing that doesn’t translate very well to the blog

  • Trey, I did’nt see your jump but did enjoy your talk at OpenCamp. I am glad that you posted this photo of the GK’s to show me what I have missed. It was nice to meet you in person though we did’nt have time to talk. Hope you enjoy my little book “Random Photons”… I am looking forward to receiving the HDR DVD soon!

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