New Ebook – Composing the Photo

New Ebook!

I’m very proud of this new eBook!

Jump over to the “How to Compose Photos: Creating Order from the Chaos” page here on the site and have a look!

I look forward to getting into your hands to see what you think. We have several reviews that have already rolled in on the page. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback.

Here are just a few examples of what is inside the 50 page eBook!

  • A detailed how-to about how to Compose Photos
  • Countless examples of the how/when/why of setting up a shot on the scene
  • Postprocessing:  the how/when/why to crop your image for more meaning and power
  • Deep discussions on how viewers react to different compositions
  • There is an equal emphasis on composing landscapes and composing people

Composing the Photo

On the way to the Jump!

This is what I look like right before I leave this mortal coil.

Giovanni (@Giovanni) grabbed this shot of me on the way to my parachute jump with the Golden Knights… more to come soon… but I know many people were asking, so here is a quick one for you.

HDR Photo

  • You’re way braver than me that’s for sure. Taking off and flying in an aeroplane is awesome but jumping out of one is something i’d never have the guts to do – i don’t think I could pull off the flight suit either. Looking forward to the new ebook!

  • Tony Isaac

    Sorry I still think Uma Therman looks better in a yellow jump Have you rcovered from the rush yet?
    Looking at the rig you are wearing! Did you do a tandem jump or solo?
    Either way an awsome achievement. Congrats & welcome to the club.

  • How was it Trey? I always wanted to try this but when i imagine myself jumping from a plane with a backpack…..phew………You definetly look like Uma! Haha. Take care.

  • You are having way too much fun! I would love to jump with the Golden Nights, they are my favorite parachute team I’ve seen at air shows. They are also my heroes!

  • Gail in Montana

    Looking good, Trey!! You sure are a brave lad, bet your Mom was a little anxious, lol. Thanks for sharing the photos on facebook and here of your jumping adventure. I can’t wear yellow well either. Have a good weekend. Lots of fires south of us in our valley, but rain in the forecast tomorrow and Monday, whew!!!!

  • casusan

    Looking good Trey!I admire you for jumping but no way would I ever do it! The new ebook looks super!

  • Love your new ebook. How high did you jump from?

  • Thanks! I need to check the video to see how high again ! 🙂

    Filip – it was way fun…. very hard to describe though !

    Tony – it was definitely a tandem ! 🙂

  • A cool and free cropping tool that lets you use the Golden Mean (and many other types) in Photoshop is here:

  • Blue skies!

  • Now, that’s courage. I wouldn’t dare jumping off the very chair I’m currently sitting on. 🙂

  • That’s the “I’m actually really terrified” look. 🙂

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