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Burning Man PhotoWalk

See the Facebook event here!

You are all invited to join me at the Burning Man PhotoWalk! It’s free of course… Here are the details:

  • Friday, Sept 3 at 6 PM
  • Location: Center Camp: Look for all the people with the cameras, and me, possibly in Steampunk Goggles.

What we will do:

  • Walk around together to take cool photos of Burning Man (for personal use only)
  • Find cool art installations and activities
  • Be cool (and not bother people with our cameras…)
  • Learn more about our cameras
  • Take some HDRs
  • I’ll be there to answer questions whether you are a beginner or beyond!

More Resources:

See these cards below?  I’ll be handing them out around Burning Man…  It’s sort of a “gifting” place, where money is not allowed.  Since one of my only identifiable skills is photography, I am giving people the chance to learn more about their cameras.  I think we’ll have a good time and I hope to see you there.

HDR Photo

Below is a Google Earth photo of Burning Man in a previous year… I think it’s pretty awesome.

See you soon at OpenCa.mp

I hope to meet a lot of you soon at OpenCa.mp in Dallas! In just a few days, I’m headed up to Dallas to begin the adventure by jumping out of a plane with the US Army Golden Knights. It’s gonna be a bl

Daily Photo – Home of the Tree Samurai

This was my second trip to Kyoto, and I decided to return to this amazing treetop temple. At night, the delicate lights turn on and everything comes alive. It’s really brilliant… one of those scenes that makes you think the world is really a wonderful place.

This was right in the peak of the cherry blossom season. The soft pink of the blossoms grabs and reflects the light into an unbelievable prism. It’s all like something out of a dream, and I’ve done my best to bring it back to life here on the blog.

Home of the Tree Samurai

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2018-01-04 19:39:54
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/8
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length24mm (24mm in 35mm)
  • Flashflash did not fire
  • Exposure Programaperture priority
  • Exposure Bias

  • The world really IS a wonderful place! Thanks for adding beauty to it with your work, Trey. I wish I could be at the Burning Man event, that sounds amazing. Oh well…

  • Its kinda different processing you put into this photo…

  • Absolutely terrific marvelous picture Trey,,you really got the magic of the moment and the place,,delightful indeed.

  • Love the yellow flowers. It’ll be interesting to see your photos from Burning Man.

  • Thank you ! 🙂

  • Polly

    Trey, this photo is one of your best. Well done.

  • Great job making the foliage look natural – it’s something i’ve been focusing on more after reading the HDR mistakes ebook.

  • Gail in Montana

    Again, you made me feel as if I was right there looking at all the pretty colors and beautiful building, great job, Trey!! Holy Cow, that Burning Man area looks huge. How could you ever find anyone there, lol. My excitement of this century so far was going to a “Celtic Woman” concert last night. They are so wonderful. Had a world famous Piper, too. And we were the “Last Best Place” in the USA that they have performed in. It was their first time in Montana, and now they have been in all of the states. If you get a chance, go to one of their concerts. If you love Irish music and angelic voices, that is!!! Have a great day.

  • ?shadi

    It’s amazing
    A peice of art, i’m very interesting about you new hdr video but i live in spain how can i do to get it

  • Philip

    Beautiful picture! I love the wide range of colors.

  • Burning Man sounds great. Really wish I could make the trip out. Best of luck Trey!

  • casusan

    Wow this is beautiful Trey – I am glad you went back there and took another shot – this would be a top spot to visit!

  • Wow Trey, I’m a little surprised that you would be supportive of Burning Man’s restrictive photography rules. From what I’ve read, they kind of feel that photos aren’t your property to do as you please with them. ??? Nonetheless, lots pf photographic opportunities.

  • I agree with “Daily Malaysia HDR Photo”. But beautiful indeed. As always.

  • Patrick

    The original size has 2.3 Megapixel only? Bummer.
    But the picture itself is stunning!

  • WOW! That’s very beautiful!!!

  • RichardB

    I wish I could take pictures like this!

  • Love the cards. Mind if I ask where you got them made? Great gift Idea to!

  • Oh thanks – those are Moo Cards !

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