Photography podcast in the future? And… The Giant Sun Sinks into the Tasman Sea

Video from The Tech Guy

We have some fun video from the appearance on Leo Laporte‘s The Tech Guy yesterday. When I was out at Leo’s cottage a few weeks ago, he brought up the idea of doing a photography podcast on his network. I gave him the thumbs up and said I thought it sounded like a good idea! He said he wanted to put it together with me, Lisa Bettany, and Ray Maxwell. If you want to hear the latest in those discussions, fast-forward to the 12:30 mark.

Otherwise, we talk about HDR, the DVD, we critique on of his HDR shots, and this sort of thing. As far as links we mentioned, you can go to the HDR Camera Recommendations and the free HDR Tutorial.

And, after the interview, I forgot I was still on Skype!  So, he caught me carrying my computer back to the office… but I did capture some more behind-the-scenes stuff that you may enjoy…hehe.  You may enjoy seeing what happens during the commercial breaks of these shows… !

If you want to subscribe to more of Leo’s podcasts, just visit his main TWIT site. He has everything from the hit weekly show This Week in Tech that has John Dvorak as a regular to my fellow Austinite Brian Brushwood on NSFW. They have it all there!

Daily Photo – The Giant Sun Sinks into the Tasman Sea

Despite what I said in the podcast, sometimes you do want to go beyond +2 to -2 !  I can’t go through every caveat in those short soundbytes… but this exemplifies such a case.  In this photo of the sunset over the Tasman Sea, off the coast of New Zealand, I did take 7 exposures form +3 to -3.  Whenever you aim the camera right into the sun, you need to expose even more range than normal.

I am going back to New Zealand for about a month in October. It will be a blast! This time, I’ll be spending most of my time on the South Island, exploring around… I hope to bring back more wonderful finds from the wild for you!

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Oh wow – beautiful sunset Trey – the sea has the look of molten lava – gorgeous – enjoyed you on Leo today!! Looking forward to more!

  • Lovely sunset, might bump into you in October, travelling with the inlaws around the top half of the South Island for a couple of weeks. Not sure if you’re going this far north but Pupu Springs near Takaka would be great for some HDR’s:

  • Mark Herring

    Hey Trey good to here your coming back to NZ and the South Island. Will you be running any photo walks ?.



  • Nice interview, brilliant new photo, the usual… 🙂

  • great to read your comming back!! love the picture. There is a wonderful place called maruia springs in the lewis pass, could well be worth a look!

  • your hair looked like it was on fire in the podcast

  • Gail in Montana

    Stunning sunset, Trey!! Makes you feel like you are standing on that shore running from that wave! Thanks for sharing, have a great week.

  • Great image – Is it difficult to keep the detail of the spray from the waves after processing? I imagine this would be rather fiddly to correct in Photoshop if Photomatix didn’t like the areas with a lot of movement.

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  • Beautiful sun…. Awesome processing….

  • I have to say that this image surprises me for the lack of dynamic range. I would have expected to see more of the surf, but it seems hidden in the dark. HDR seems to managed the view of the sun, but is there a way to bring out the surf a bit more, or was it a creative decision to leave it so dark?

  • William: Lack of dynamic range? Isn’t the idea to see what your eye sees? I’ve seen this sunset (or rather, ones like it in the same or similar places in NZ), and this is highly accurate….

    personally, I think he got it exactly right.

  • Thanks for the comments…

    William – yes – I did it like that on purpose. To me (and maybe this is just me), I don’t always use all the dynamic range even though I can extrude it. At THESE times, when the sun is SO intense, it is hard for the human eye to pick up the deep shadows in the concave waves. Anyway, as usual, I do my best to represent what I saw and felt at the time.

  • Richard (Oldhickory)

    Personally, I like the dark foreground. It helps create drama and at the same time, sets off the white spray coming off the wave.

  • Nic: The purpose is to convey what you want to convey. That may be what your eye sees, how you felt at the time, or just for your own artistic expression. Photography doesn’t have to be reality. After all, your eye would never freeze a wave like that, so it’s hardly fair to equate the two perceptions.

    Trey: Thanks for the response. I understand where you’re coming from on this one.

    Richard: I also like the white spray coming off the wave. There’s a lot I like about the image. I suppose the darkness left my eye wanting more detail that wasn’t present.

  • Great capture of the wave action. Wow!

  • Trey – Whats the trick in shooting & combining 7 exposures of a fast moving subject such as the wave crashing so high?

  • Well done!

    And my thought, if you would have brought the dynamic range up to see the surf, it most likely would have over powered the droplets at the top of the wave. I like it!

  • I think it’s a great idea you teaming up with Leo Laporte for a nuts-and-bolts how-to photography podcast. All the best on that endeavor. But I gotta have you back on Digital Convergence sometime! Love talking about this stuff 🙂

  • Lovely sunset trey another cracking HDR. The interview was really cool too, great tip about bring the yellow hues I never knew that!
    Would be really cool to get a pod cast set up with more stuff like this 😀

  • I just found your blog thanks to your interview on Leo’s show this weekend. Good stuff! I hope you can get that photography how-to show off the ground, sounds like something I’d tune in to.

  • That photograph in the background made your hair look like a rockstar! NIce video, I’ll have to check it out when it ain’t so slow.

  • I’ve been looking forward to watching you on with Leo. I caught you tweet it this weekend but didn’t have time then. Glad I found a few minutes today, I can tweak some of the images I work on at home using similar techniques (at least the hue saturation, I use gimp on ubuntu).

  • Hehe – thanks kimo and all… yeah… my hair is not nearly cool enough to be in the rockstar mode !

  • Funny that you should post a sunset over the sea at this time, I’m in the process of starting a blog and I chose the sunset+sea picture to start with!

    ( )

    Still I have to say, I’m more convinced by yours! You’re the master…

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