Leo Laporte and the TWIT Cottage

TWIT Cottage

This was shot with a Nikon D3S and the Nikon 50mm 1.4 Lens. This particular one was shot at f/5.6 (f/1.4 would have made the sign blurry beyond recognition). Other particulars are: ISO 800, 1/500 sec exposure.

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EDIT: See the video recorded here.

On Sunday, tune in to live.twit.tv and join up the chat (click Popout Chat at the bottom) to join in the fun! I’ll be answering photography questions, HDR stuff, and the like.

I’ll be on with Leo Laporte on his big show, The Tech Guy, which goes to over 100 US Cities and XM Satellite. Leo is a real photography enthusiast — plus, he’s cool because he’s into a lot of my other interest areas of science/tech/emergent sociology/etc. If you are looking for some good podcasts, check out some from his network!

The TWIT Cottage

For those of you that don’t know, Leo has established an incredible lineup of podcasts, all of which eminate from this unassuming cottage in Petaluma, California. I’ve been over to the cottage twice, and I grabbed a few photos on my most recent trip.

Most of his guests come in via video skype, but sometimes they come there to the cottage. I was on The Tech Guy a few weeks ago, and while I was there, I took these photos.

In the larger one down below, you can see some of the fudge my mom made for Leo. She said, “He seems like a very nice man.”

And he is! You always wonder… if these people are actually jerks in real life. But he isn’t… just as nice as your instincts hope he is. It’s a good indicator that talent + good karma is a winning combination for the future. Back in the olden days (especially in media), talent and good karma were practically useless. Now, thanks to the internet, clever guys like Leo have no need to succumb to the Machiavellian nonsense of corporate media structures. Even better, he has a direct feedback loop to the audience he serves. Smart.

Daily Photo – Leo, Hard at Work

This photo below is a 5-exposure HDR. It was shot with a Nikon D3X (see my Nikon D3X Review) in aperture priority. The five shots were at -2, -1, 0, +1, and +2. Of course, Leo was moving around betwixt the exposures, so there are some tricks to fix that. It’s all there inside the free HDR Tutorial.

But you don’t need a big expensive camera like that to make HDRs. I have good/better/best suggestions on my HDR Camera recommendations page.

HDR Photo

Chat Room friends who like all the details can click to zoom into the original sized version. Just click on the "O" (for Original) on the top of the SmugMug page.

  • casusan

    Will definitely tune in tomorrow! Thought it was great the first time and you and he make an intersting combination – both of you interested in alot of ‘stuff’! The cottage & studio look cool!

  • Love this Trey. I’ve been a fan of Leo’s since way back in the ZDTV days when he did The Screen Savers with Kate Botello and I am an avid listener to Mac Break Weekly and Security Now. I’ve seen pics of Leo’s studio but of course none as good as this one. He’s got quite the setup there. Kudos to him and his netcast empire ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Trey, I like your shots taken with the 50mm lens and appreciate the exposure info. keep em coming.

  • A little different, nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’d love to join this… except I have a mandatory meeting at my college. Hopefully it will be available elsewhere later!

    NEK Photography Blog

  • Gail in Montana

    Nice photos and good info, Trey. How nice that you got to go to Leo’s studio!! I love the one of the cottage. There is a lot to see in the photo of his studio, and I can see your Mom’s fudge, lol. Must have been an interesting visit. It is nice that folks like you and Leo are so genuine and down to earth. That’s one of the reasons I love your blog!! Thanks for sharing the interesting stuff and photos. Have a wonderful Sunday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I agree with Henrik – i like the change.

    That chair looks very comfortable!

  • Kelly H in Florida

    Your mom seems like a very nice woman!

  • Jim

    Don’t you just love McD’s coffee with chocolate….. Nice studio, I look forward to seeing you interview. Nice post.

  • Greg Savage

    Trey, your passion and love of sharing what you know with others are beyond fantastic. Keep up the good work. I’ll soon try out HDR — I’m really excited about it.

  • Omee

    Amazing. I just happen to load stuckincustoms and click on the link (I’m in the UK) and you are on the show in less than 10 mins!

  • Jim

    Nice Tech Guy interview. You should have told Leo about the new and upcoming D90…. made him convert….

  • casusan

    Great show with Leo – look forward to seeing you on there more often – both of you are interested in tech stuff – awesome Trey!

  • I missed it, where can I find the recorded interview?

    Thank you!

  • Thanks all — Deyson – it should be out soon – we will see if I can grab a video of it for you ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It was over too quick.

  • What a neat setup. Interesting to have all this high tech rigging in a traditional looking office.

  • Michael Smith

    I watch a bunch of the twit shows and just caught this one and had an “oh my gosh” moment. I thought “Is that the Trey from the Scarlett project circa 1996”? I then checked out this site and was pretty wowed! Incredible! I hope Leo will create a TWIP show with you and Lisa hosting it. Would be awesome! Hope everything is going well.

  • Don Killgo

    Just getting started with HDR. Can’t deside between Photomatrix and Nik software HDR Efex Pro. What is your recomendation?
    D Killgo

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