Best Places for Photos in London & The Lotus Sunrise

Free London PhotoWalk Details!

Everyone is welcome to come on out.  I look forward to meeting you…  If I don’t have a chance to introduce myself personally to you, please do not hesitate to come up and say hello whilst we wind about the streets of London together!

  • Facebook Event: See FB Event Here
  • Cost: Free! Like all my PhotoWalks
  • Time Start:  Friday, Sep 10, 6PM.   (Critical sunset is at 7:30ish)
  • Location: South Bank right outside the National Theatre (Google Map)
  • Getting there: How to Get to the National Theatre.
  • PhotoWalk End: We will end about 8 PM or so at a nearby Pub / Light Eating place…  And just hang out there, look at photos on the back of our cameras, geek out, talk, you can come over and introduce yourself, etc etc.  Very casual…
  • Plan: After a quick hello, we will walk together and take photos.  I’ll stop 5 times or so and set up formally for a shot and talk through it.  You are welcome to listen, ask questions, or meander about.  We will start by going past the Festival Hall and down to the London Eye, where we should have a good shot of the Westminster / Westminster Bridge / Big Ben.

And thank you to Greg Annandale (@greg_a on Twitter), who will be joining us at the HDR Workshop in London as well, for helping to set this up!

By the way, do you have professional video equipment and want to do a little extra during the PhotoWalk? Let me know !

The Ultimate London Photography Poll!

Thanks for all the suggestions on places to shoot a few days ago! I’ve done my best to compile them here into a poll… (This is not for the PhotoWalk, but instead for my week or so in London). Also, maybe others can use this list in the future too!

You can select ONE to TEN (10) of your favorites!

[poll id=”3″]

Daily Photo – The Lotus Sunrise

These delicate shapes are seen on a variety of temples all over southeast Asia, India, and other parts of the Far East. It is the shape of a Lotus Blossom, a timeless symbol, and it is repeated over and over here at Angkor Wat.

The lotus represents the purity of body, speech, and mind. Like the lotus, these should float above the muddy waters of attachment and desire.

The shot below was taken around 5 or 6 AM in the morning. While shooting, I was attended to by a small Cambodian girl that would bring me strong Vietnamese coffee whenever I ran out, which was often. I don’t know where she would go to get it — she would disappear off into the jungle and come walking calmly back every 15 minutes or so, smiling.

HDR Photo

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  • Brilliant photo… and mysterious coffey girl. I’d go for some jungle coffey any time!

  • As I may have mentionedin the past, I LOVE reflections! What a capture! Thanks for updating the HDR mistakes ebook and allowing the free download Trey – i found the detailed fixes to be a great help, especially with the halo problem. I’m looking forward to revisiting my old HDR’s now to give them a new lease of life.

    London photowalk also sounds good!

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo, enjoy London, all who will be there. Wishing I could be too, ;-)!

  • Ed

    Beautiful image. I wish the central tower didn’t have scaffolding on it when I was there. The sunrise is incredible despite the hoards of people and you’ve done it justice here. I managed to get up early enough to set up at the front and was also attended to by a girl, maybe the same one, who brought me a chair and limitless coffee. I managed to get some tips from a great photographer called Nathan Horton ( who was set up next to me with a client. Cambodia is an amazing experience.

  • Great shot Trey! I loved visiting Cambodia and Angkor as well. The temples and Khmer people are amazing…and the coffee! I just wish I would have known about HDR back then. oh well, at least I do now thanks to Trey.

  • What a great place to start a photo walk – I’m jealous. Give my regards to the South Bank IBM office when you pass (assuming it’s still there, right next to the National Theatre). I spent an interesting 3 months there on a marketing secondment about 20 years ago.

  • casusan

    Beautiful Trey!! The London photowalk sounds awesome!

  • Neil

    Just a note on the ‘Canary Wharf near Strata tower & Elephant and Castle’ entry on the voting list. Canary Wharf is definately a different location (3 or 4 miles away) from the Stata tower located at Elephant and Castle (where Micahel Caine and Charlie Chaplin originally comes from I believe). Canary Wharf (for the skyscrapers) is easier to combine with a visit to Greenwich Park as they are on the same light rail line. If you are looking for a River Thames & Canary Wharf combination then you are looking at either North Greenwich penisular (home of the dome and a 45 minute riverside walk from Greenwich Park past a fair amount of industrial wasteland)or Rotherhithe. Someone mentioned Rotherhithe Hilton. Even though its a generic middle of the range hotel some of the balconies have unbeatable views of the river and Canary Wharf. Worth 1 night there if you can get a room with a good view. Knowing the size of UK hotel rooms your wired remote would practically stretch from your balcony to the bed. Note that parts of Rotherhithe and Elephant and Castle areas would make me a bit nervous loitering around with a D3x but equally not bad enough that I wouldn’t go. Have fun and hope the weather works out for you.

  • Check out the lloyds building! its near the gherkin! In my opinion its more interesting since quite abstract and colorful! Here is my take on it!

  • Wow wish I was in london now!!!! I hope you’re coming to Paris one day for a photowalk too. My favourite was Tower Bridge and City Hall which I thought make a great contrast.
    Here are my london HDRs. The Victoria and Albert museum is pretty cool too.

  • Unfortunately I can’t make the London walk on the 10th but I can’t wait to see the photo’s that you take of London.
    Just a word of warning though, I have photographed many places around London and some parts of the south bank around Tower bridge, Millennium bridge, and the London Eye are privately owned and you will be moved on if you get an over zealous security guard has I have found many times in the past. Also I have been moved on before even getting my tripod off my back around Canary Wharf by there security staff.
    I hope this doesn’t happen to yourself or the group.
    Happy snapping

  • this is one of my favs all time that you have taken, mostly because of the location. but the picture it self is amazing contrast texture everything all together is an amazing shot. when i grow up i wanna be you trey lol. 🙂 keep up the great work.

  • Karl Fredrik

    Getting bad conscience from reading this blog and thinking of that it’s so long since I’ve worked with HDR… Getting a Mac this Monday with CS5 Master; promising myself that I’m getting back into it again ASAP. As alwasys; keep up the good work, Trey, and thanks for the inspiration 😀

  • Thank you everyone – this is very helpful ! 🙂

  • My I suggest Crystal Palace, in south london!

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  • What a great chance to see a master at work, both myself and girlfriend will be on the walk so hopefully meet loads of new friends and pick up lots of tips. See you all at 6pm

  • Elizabeth Gibson

    Hi! My friend Richard sends me your fabulous photos which just knock my socks off. I would love to see all the wonderful London street scenes I’ve missed while visiting relatives there.

  • Well like Martin Soler i hope you will do this one day in Paris ^^ …
    And great HDR of Angkor Wat i hope i can go there one day where my mother come from.
    Oh and a little precision for the curious Wat mean temple so Angkor Wat mean the temple of Angkor 🙂

  • ross

    It is the only time of the day when you can get a good (or great as in this case!!) photo without hundreds of people wandering around!!

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  • I was there last week with my girlfriend, have a look at my pics:

  • Dan

    Eh? Trey I’m confused, I somehow got to this page thinking it was a NEW photo walk you have organised. But when I see the FB it sais 2010 but is still ‘active’ ?

    Is this an old one ? 🙁

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