The Lego Dragon

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The Adventure Tree, one of my favorite, warm photos, is now available as a limited edition print. This is a wonderful tree I found sticking out alone in a forest in Patagonia. I used a variety and mix of textures to give it a warm and timeless feel.

HDR Photo

Daily Photo – The Lego Dragon

There are these Lego stores popping up everywhere it seems. That’s okay with me… Who doesn’t like a good Lego set?

This one is just outside the Lego Store at Downtown Disney in Orlando. They have a few of those gigantic Lego beasts that were mysteriously built. Anyone that is sensible knows that it takes many hours to build something roughly the size of a human hand. So, these monstrosities must be either built by aliens or an army of industrious Germans that parachute in during the wee hours.

HDR Photo

  • Trey, are we seeing a transition to a more natural look & feel HDR technique? :). Awesome sunset BTW!

  • Trey:

    Congratulations for such a wonderful picture,and of course,,for all of your job. I think nobody get used to the magic a good sincere comment embrace, and i think it is nice to recognize and express your admiration to a gifted artist like you are,,no matter how many times you may listen it everyday. But what make the difference about your job, is something that go beyond the technique, but it rather have to do with your ability to express your feelings of surprise, joy and even admiration regarding to a place, a landscape, all those magical places and instant live have to oofer. Plus, as the good artists do, you are always looking after a new edge, proving, tryin, experimenting,,you dare your self to look after new roads,and to create new rules. I note and apreciate your evolution, thanks for that,, thanks for showing it is possible to improve and create new paths, to create new worlds by means of photography. Maybe i don´t or won´t post every single day the short and easy comment about your pics, but Trey, you can count that every single day, your pictures create a moment of happiness within me,,and yes,,for me,,that is what make the difference.

    Congratulations and my best regards.

  • Damien

    Love it Trey. Great colours in the sky. Is that your Tripod beside the tree? The Dragon looks like he’s going to make bits of it..I bet your glad your D3X is not on top if it as ‘m sure Dragon damage is not covered under Nikons Warranty

  • Awesome shot as usual. Love the facial expression.

  • hehe…nice dragon..

  • petrov

    ok i have to know this i really i want to know. In many picture of yours great picture i had notice some glow, tell me how do you do that ? Is not glamor glow so tell me what it is…who do you do…tell me THANK YOU TREY

  • Gail in Montana

    LOL, Trey!! Cute explanation of how the dragon was built 😉 . Great job on the photo, beautiful colors in the sky and water. Wouldn’t call the dragon beautiful, but interesting. You are right, that was a lot of work for someone or “something” 🙂 . Thanks for sharing. Your tree photo is still beautiful, too!!

  • havecupoftea

    Wouldn’t they be ingenious Danes? But then I don’t know about their parachuting capabilities…

  • Thanks all !

    Alberto (and others!!) – very nice of you to say all that – thanks.

    Havecupoftea – it Could be the Danes. I would not put it past them.

    Damien – hehe – no – I saw that too… but I was on my tripod ! 🙂

  • I can’t imagine how anyone would build those in secret! Aliens, I tell you, first the pyramids and now this!

    Great picture, too! Love the depth and colors!

  • Great HDR image!!

  • Damien,
    not a tripod, but ropes holding that tree up.

  • I love that the dragon looks like its going to devour that ferry boat. And I’ve always wondered how the heck those giant things were made…. lol

  • Matt

    I was hoping you would post one of this eventually, last time I was there was befor I knew about hdr and all I got was the sunset.

  • Fantastic shot Trey! I’ve passed this spot many times. The glow from the sunset is amazing. The Rainforest Cafe in the back right corner is THE best place to eat there! They serve a full rack of BBQ ribs that would make Fred Flintstone Jealous! Haha

  • Heisenberg

    Just nitpicking (awesome photo as always) but you spelled “Daily Photo” wrong in the title. It says “Daly”.

  • casusan

    Awesome shot! Can’t believe the dragon is out of legos – what a job! The sunset is lovely!

  • Nah . . . is a tripod!

  • This was the work of aliens – not the Danes! I like the Disney stuff you post – very cool!

  • Jim

    Great shot, but how about the NUMBER 1 0 0 – I just know that there is some Treyism in that number somewhere….. maybe the one hundredth shot taken at Disney or .. ah you get the picture.

  • Wes

    Great take on a ho-hum snap shot photo-op we have all walked by!

  • It’s hard to try and take this photo seriously with that dragons big googly eyes popping out lol.

  • Patrick

    Hey Trey,

    I was in disney world too this summer, I got a shot of the dragen also.
    Only it was in the middle of the day and it was in august (the dry season) so the grass doesn’t look as great as it does in your picture.

    Also a different angle, I made the shot with the head on the left and the view towards the boats.

    Have a good one.

    BTW Great picture (as always)

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