Morning. Coffee. Yellowstone.

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Daily Photo – Morning. Coffee. Yellowstone. Fog.

My poor family. I dragged them all out of bed at 5 AM and put them in the car so I could go take this photo. I did load up on plenty of coffee to keep things fresh and warm on this cool morning, but my kids zonked out in the back of the car anyway. Well, if they’re not asleep, they’re whining, “Dad??? You stopping again!” … I rush out the door and trail off, muttering into the wind, “Yes but art must be made, you see…”

This spot is not too far from the entrance to West Yellowstone. The warm water that comes from the earth mixes with the cool morning sky. It creates a surreal layer of fog that simply rests on top of the river. It flows up, around, and through the neighboring trees. It reminds me of the dry ice that comes out of cauldrons on Halloween.

To take this shot, I set up with a tripod and grabbed 7 exposures from +3 to -3. I always anchor at even zero for these “sun shots.” I also set up for matrix metering, since you can’t figure out where in the dynamic range to hang your spot.

HDR Photo

  • Caleb

    I’m in Yellowstone right now, and my alarm is already set for 5 AM to capture the sunrise. You beat me by a day! Now THAT is a coincidence!

  • Caleb

    Awesome photo by the way!

  • Hi Trey – a novice question – in relation to HDR, can you pls. explain “matrix metering”? Thanks

  • Excellent capture how the sun rays embrace the forest. Congrats!

  • Jason Cook

    simply amazing. great shot!

  • Thanks for the tech info on this photo- the pic is beautiful and it’s always helpful to me to get a handle on how it was set up… The self-deprecating talk beforehand is always fun too.

  • The grass has that indefinable quality that I love so much about an HDR picture. I’m so glad that, via your site, I finally figured out what that quality was!

  • THanks y’all.

    Gangadhar – well — there is a “metering” option on most DSLRs. You can choose how the camera should sense the amount of light in the shot. A good example is shutter speed. If the camera is automatically adjusting the shutter speed, then it needs to “sense” the amount of light out there…it does that via metering. A lot of light will produce a fast shutter than otherwise. There are other things that go into it, of course, but that is more or less the jist of it.

  • Trey – thanks. I knew that – I guess I was wondering if there was something specific to matrix metering as it relates to HDR – I presume not, based on what you indicated…thanks for clarifying.

  • This is terrific!

  • awesome light

  • Damien

    Excellent Shot Trey.Think this could be a new Favourite. I’ve ordered my premimun package just there also. Can’t wait.Keep up the good work

  • Brilliant sun rays!

  • Hey, a great shot. Congratulations. The usage of multiple photos always seems to yield more natural results than using HDR software to force it. Nice.

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, beautiful shot, Trey!!!! We were just there on Tuesday, but not at 5 a.m. lol. This will be one of my favorites. It will go in my Trey Ratcliff Album #2 on facebook. I still have all my photos to download from my camera, but it will have to wait. Have a picnic at 11 this morning, T-storms are predicted, toooo much fun!! Anyway, thanks for sharing another beautiful photo of Yellowstone Park. Great job!! Have a great day, everyone!

  • Incredible HDR, Trey! I just love your work!

  • Lo que haces es realmente bueno…


  • Thanks all – Yes this is a new favorite of mine too ! 🙂

    Gangadhar – the matrix metering is mostly figured in HDR to determine that “anchor” 0 point.

  • So not fair to torture me with a beautiful shot of my favorite place on the earth! I haven’t been there since 2002, but hope to go next year….

  • Heidi

    Oh, it’s so gorgeous…

  • Great picture, Trey.

  • Great shot as usual! I’m glad you told us a little about your camera settings. I wish you’d do that more often. And it would also be nice to know the aperature on a lot of your shots or on what point you set your focus on…..

  • Bonnie Salisbury

    Absolutely a beautiful shot!! I love the sun rays!

  • To Trey, you can find most of this information on the properties of the respective photo. Just click on the image, it will take you to the smugmug site. There will be a sidebar on the photo with little “i”, click on it and it will show properties this photo. F/8, ISO 160, FL 24mm, D3X, date taken 7/8/10 etc…

    nice photo Trey

  • that note was to Trey Campbell btw

  • I love sun shots like this one! Thank you for including the tid-bit about how you took this shot. 🙂

  • Sergio García

    Awesome. Thank you for discovering hdr to me. I’ve been in north Spain for 12 days and now I’m making some hdr’s (more than 100) from the 700 pics I’ve taken. You should visit north Spain, a wonderful place to shoot.[email protected]/sets/72157624585355913/

    Sergio García.

  • Tom in Vancouver

    You can see why my mom calls these ‘God rays’ when you capture such a heavenly moment.

  • Walk towards the light, Trey.
    Great image . . . . . love it!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! This is soooo beautiful Trey!

  • Liz Douglas

    I do love Yellowstone. You can get some amazing photos there

  • really nice processing!

  • I love this shot, Trey. Definitely one of my favourites from your “bank” 🙂

  • What an amazing shot. I’ve attempted a couple into the sun shots but have not had anything come out this spectacular. Well done. Oh, and thanks for the 10 Mistakes eBook. It has been very helpful.

  • Very nice work. Love those rays of light.

  • fav for sure! this one is crazy, good job trey!

  • Thank you all ! 🙂

  • Great Picture! Were you in your PJ’s when you took it?

  • Dayton

    Gorgeous picture of the sun, trees, and grass.

  • What kind of filter did you use on this image Trey?

  • OH MY GOD, this pic just blew my mind! I still do not quite know how to appropriately get the sunrays (as good as you). Can you please help me Trey?

  • Awesome! Just awesome!

  • Wonderful feeling from this scene! I too know of the “why are we stopping again Dad” scenario. It takes you longer to get places when you’ve got a camera and your eyes open…. Looking forward to your next visit down in New Zealand. Lots of these places to capture…

  • hehe thanks all… iWantnext – well the hdr process enhances the rays a bit… also I try to do this in heavy fog !

    David – did not use any filter on it at all.

    Binkley – hehe no no… too cold for my footsies !

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