Tutorial HDR em Português

Tutorial HDR em Português

Do you speak Portuguese? My friend Gisele did a full translation of our HDR Tutorial, which is now mirrored here as the “Tutorial HDR em Português“. I know we have a bunch of fans down in Brazil and Portugal, so I am happy to make this available!

Of course, as always, we have the regular HDR Tutorial, if you want the King James version.

Daily Photo – The Park Through the Sky

Isn’t this park awesome? It is an elevated park that weaves along top of New York City. Hardly anyone knows about it!

Of course, people in New York know about it, and they assume that everyone else should know too. It’s relatively new — I think it only opened a few years ago. It’s called “High Line Park”, and it used to have freight trains that ran up and down it back in the 1930’s. That train service is dead, and they converted the entire thing into a long, meandering park.

Steve Simon (see SteveSimonPhoto.com) took me to this place after we had a fabulous French breakfast. I got in a bit of trouble for using my tripod, so I collapsed my tripod and acted like I was walking away until the security guard did. And then I re-built my decepticon transformer and took this HDR.

HDR Photo

  • Totally awesome shot, interesting place. Never heard of it, then again, I’m Swedish.

  • I remember reading about that park in the UK but never got the chance to visit it. They finished reformatting the tracks after I visited – next time!

  • When I saw that pic in the 10 HDR Mistakes book, I wondered where it was. I could see it being anywhere. But I had no idea that it was NYC. Now that I know, I can totally picture it. In fact I remember noticing the rail line when I lived in NYC and thinking thats a wasted opportunity. Its fantastic that the city made it into a park. I checked out the site….wow, going all the way from 12th to 20th street. Amazing photo.

  • Never heard of it- so glad you showed it in such great light! How did you get so high up to take this image though? Must have been standing on a planter… I saw your shadow in the corner, too… teeheehee. I should probably get the HDR mistakes book to learn more about this pic, huh?

  • sick photo great angle!!

  • Wow. No tripods at a park? Seriously? That’s what I like about Kiev. I’ve had no problem taking photos anywhere, tripod or not.

    Well actually, there was one time… I was stopped for carrying a camera in full view… of the US consulate. Ironically, as a US citizen, it’s within my rights to photograph that building. It’s only the lowly Ukrainian rabble who can’t do that!

  • Wow i never knew this place existed – might check it out when i’m there.

  • Nice shot trey,,the landscape has improved since this shot,,
    here is a shot of 15th st from the park.


  • I remember hearing about this place but the last time I was in NYC it was still under construction. Looks really neat! Though the fact that we can’t bring tripods is a bit of a pain…and it doesn’t look like there’s any good railings even to brace the camera. Hmmm… Lovely shot too! With moving people even! 🙂

  • Matt

    I’m really digging this shot. I also can’t believe a tripod isn’t allowed in a park. Is it a public park? If it is then the security guard was overstepping his bounds.

    Here in DC, police and security guards are often illegally telling people they can’t take pictures of the outside of federal buildings. Judges, however, have ruled that it is definitely allowable and a part of our first amendment rights. There has been a really cool movement in the past several months among local photographers to conspicuously take photos of federal buildings in the hopes of spreading some knowledge about the use of cameras in the public realm.

  • Thanks all.

    Richard – thanks for the link – I love it when people post links to their stuff too.

    Matt – yes all that is true – thanks for the reminder… it’s good to know we’re all fighting the good fight!

  • ZZMike

    About taking photos in public places: When my father came back from Germany in the late 50s, after a tour of duty with the Army, we were in New York, waiting for the next elevated train. He took a photo, and a guard came out (apparently from nowhere), and told him “You can’t do that!!”.

    Evidently at the time, it was a matter of insurance lawyers.

  • Tim

    When was this picture taken? I assumed it was a new pic but then wandered why people would be wearing coats and scarves this time of year.

    Great picture!

  • Great image. I love the High Line. It’s such a great juxtaposition of calm and…NEW YORK! I try to visit often, especially as the seasons shift. Over July 4th, I tried to capture the city from the north end of the High Line with an HDR flair. The image is included in a blog post: http://photorious.com/independent-nyc/.

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Cool shot and what a neat thing – I had no idea it was there!

  • THanks!

    Tim – I took it a bit ago.. I don’t remember exactly, I’m afraid!

  • Laura

    Here’s a tid bit of trivia for you. The consultant the provided the construction inspection services on this project is called HDR Engineering. How about that? lol!

  • Gail in Montana

    What a wonderful way to use the old railroad track, great idea. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Joe

    I took some portraits at the High Line a few weeks ago. In addition to its natural beauty, it provides a unique outdoor vantage point on the city–at 40 feet elevation it’s above street level but not as high as the skyscrapers and other buildings around the meatpacking district.

  • Trey, very cool shoot of The High Line. I like the elevated perspective.

    The High Line actually saw its grand re-opening on June 8, 2009. It’s a fantastic place to visit, and I recommend anyone who ever visits New York City to go there.

    I actually posted an entire photo essay on The High Line (including a couple of HDR images) earlier this year. You and readers of Stuck in Customs can see my photo essay of The High Line here: http://EruditeExpressions.com/HighLine.html




  • Wow, great shot. And awesome to hear about this place! Next time I’m in New York, I’ll have to try to find it.

    Absolutely crazy they didn’t want you using a tripod. What’s next — trying to erase my memory of the park when I leave it..? Those aren’t approved images in my head, after all.

  • Excellent shot!

  • Thank god a good image around here! Just kidding!

    Your pictures are always awesome, Trey! I am reading your book and loving it!

  • I have almost the same exact shot (although mine doesn’t look as nice as your of course!) My eye for subject matter must be improving 🙂

    I was using my tripod there and no one hassled me. Its a lot more crowded now so I think the secret is out…


    Love the site and keep the shots coming!


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