The Sheep and the Lonely House

About to get a new Android Phone

See the “Android Exploration Post” from a few weeks ago.  I’m leaning toward the HTC Desire.  You all are so smart about these things… seems to let me use any sim card when I travel.

Daily Photo – The Sheep and the Lonely House

The countryside is filled with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of little sheep farms.  I think they are all charming and fun to explore.  Luckily, no one seemed to mind when I would jump over fences and galavant across the meadows with my tripod.  The sheep would notice.  After spending a vast amount of time with them (not, “Oh I was just helping this sheep over the fence” time, btw), I can see sheep have two states of mind:

  • Confused – In this state, they look at you with an empty stare.  You can see this in spades below.
  • Scared – In this state, they simply run towards the nearest sheep and roughly at the same vector.

HDR Photo

  • Totally off topic, but are you anywhere where you might catch the Aurora Borealis tonight?

    Love the sheep, btw. Lots of them, as well as goats, in my neck of the woods. They make fun subjects!

  • What a funny story. But I will add another state, Angry: After jumping the fence, you saw the sheep confused .. Later you were going near it to take a picture of a landscape but the vector of movement for the sheep is not the same when it scared, the sheep is going towards you until you jump the fence outside ;-). This one happened to me in Scotland 😉 …

  • Funny description and truly awesome photo!

    So it’s either being confused or scared, being a sheep must be hard work.

  • Trey, is the river masked or is this pseudo HDR? And btw, you have +1 fan, my sister loves sheeps. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  • Michele

    Sheep can also be bullies. We had one that rushed us every time we went near it. We were quite pleased when the bloody thing finally died!

  • Michele

    BTW, Trey – my Madrid-based friend with the HTC Desire is still raving about it after 4 weeks with it. The only gripes he has with it are:
    1. the battery life, but that seems to be the normal complaint these days with smart phones. The charger is USB though, so you can plug it into your computer to juice it up.
    2. the screen takes about 2-3 secs to change orientation from vertical to horizontal and vice versa. By default, this option is off, so maybe they realised how slow it was.

    Apart from that, he’s a happy HTC owner!

  • I love the little sheep peeking out at you behind the house.
    Be careful when you hop fences… I did that once only to realize its a heck of a lot easier getting into an electrified fenced in field then getting out. If it can keep the cows in its pretty effective at keeping you in too! 40 minutes later I found a place to escape without being fence-fried. ha

    Glad I’m not the only one gallivanting through fields 🙂

  • Gail in Montana

    I love this one, Trey. I like to watch the sheep and lambs in the spring, one of my favorite farm animals. I know they aren’t very smart, but they sure are precious. Speaking of Precious. Dorie, my doxie, and I went to our vet’s office to meet Precious, an older lamb,for whom she has repaired a broken leg. I guess Precious thinks she’s human and gives kisses, but not to strangers, lol. Dr. Linda found a shelter not far from town that will take her in. That’s my sheep story ;-). Thanks for sharing your Iceland sheep photo with us!!

  • Thanks all!

    Jen – yes, I hit 2 electrified fences while there too. It was quite exciting.

    Filip – this one is masked… almost all of mine with moving subjects are!

    Jennifer – no I wasn’t… too bad, I heard they were awesome!

  • Love the light in this picture!

    Trey, for a listing of available Android devices check out:

  • casusan

    Beautiful scene Trey – you’re stories are always funny!

  • Soo beautiful and colorful, great pic.

  • Sylvia

    Where is this?

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