The Valley To Forever

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Daily Photo – The Valley To Forever

The first part of one of my hikes in the Andes included a pretty serious jaunt up a mountain. This was jarring in many ways — mostly because I simply wasn’t expecting it. But, once I got to the top, and emerged to the other side, I was afforded this view.

My lackluster food rations and absolute lack of Internet was not really an issue with this sort of view. It was nice to be able to spend hours and hours hiking without having to worry about checking my email. Maybe this is partly why I like adventuring in remote places so much… I have really good excuses for being slow on emailing people back! When I am on the Internet, and people see me on Twitter all the time… they know I am there… they know they know… and ignored emails and tweets have no excuse!

The Valley to Forever

  • Absolutely beautiful. With a shot like this what f-stop do you use?

    I need to travel more

  • great shot!

  • The line of the river on the right of the frame really leads my eye to the mountains. I find that the sky is a little too dark for my liking but overall this is a very powerful landscape. Great work as usual.

  • This reminds me of the ‘Rest and be thankful’ here in Scotland – you should check it out – it’s tremendous!

    Will hopefully be able to make the London Photo walk too – just need my bosses to give the go-ahead for time off!

  • Great shot, Trey

  • Thank you very much!

    Ben – I don’t remember on this one (although the exif is there on the clickthrough)… I imagine on this one, since all was at infinity, I probably just 2.8 or thereabouts

  • Gail in Montana

    What a spectacular view, Trey. Great job, thanks for sharing with us once again!!!! Have a good week.

  • Another great scenery!

  • I love this photo. You can really get a feel for the “smallness” you must have felt standing there.

  • Trey, do you “see in your mind” the way this is going to look after processing when you set these shots up or are they all “aha” moments for you when you are done?

  • Amazing shot! I love the green -> gray -> blue up the valley to the sky!

  • casusan

    Awesome shot – what a spectacular view!!

  • its gud but if it is animated,it is a step below its beauty

  • gud day

  • Mitch Sacks

    Ben – Here’s the info from the exif data:
    Aperture: f/11
    ISO: 100
    Focal Length: 56mm (56mm in 35mm)

    Doesn’t say which lens, but I’m going to guess he was using the Nikon 24-70 as that’s one of Trey’s favorite lenses.

  • Great shot Trey, great detail in the mountains too. Good luck on your London workshop. The 24-70 is my favorite lens by far, just enough compression to bring the mountains in a bit.

  • Thanks all!

    Shelley – yes – I usually have a 90% idea of how the final will look…. but that 10% is usually good for a surprise – good or bad!

    Mitch – that sounds about right — the only lens I have that does 56mm !

    James – me too – I find myself using it more and more!

  • Ahh … reminds me of last weekend … similar view from the mountains in Norway:

    I choosed to edit with a lot more saturation and contrast though … hmm … when I see them together I would have pushed back on my exaggregation a bit … and think I would like to see yours with a bit more punch to it … I learn something new every day I watch HDR’s … thank you Trey!

  • Beth K

    Trey, Gorgeous shot! Listing to you now on Leo Laporte’s The Tech Guy #685. Glad I came to your site!

  • Great pic, somewhat reminds me of Winnetou movies 😉

  • chris sproul

    do you ever do any panoramas by merging in photoshop? This great shot looks like it’s crying out for it.

  • Gr8Scot

    What altitude were you at? Looks pretty high up. I live at sea level and hiking about 6,000 puts a hurting on me. Totally unrelated, the other day I got a picture of a hiker at 7,000 in the wilderness (trails goes up the side of one mountain and across snow fields). Anyway, this hiker had the biggest white purse and flip-flops. Pretty amazing! Most of the other hikers had hiking boots, backpacks and bear spray. I guess she was the toughest, just out for a stroll at 7,000 feet! I should post the picture, pretty hilarious.

  • Thanks all!

    Chris – I very rarely do Panoramas… but I usually use PTGui and sometimes photoshop.

    Gr8 – not sure how high I was… I wish I had a full-on GPS attached !

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