The Tori Gate

Free London PhotoWalk!

Don’t forget! It will be a lot of fun… It will be at sunset on September 10th. Exact details to come soon.

My general plan is to get started about 30 minutes before sunset. We’ll get started and meander through an interesting and scenic route for about 90 minutes. My PhotoWalks are always laid back and fun. All levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced. I’ll stop several times along the way to set up, talk about my shot, answer questions, and the like. And then we’ll meander more until we find another cool spot. Of course, no one is required to listen — people can come and go as they please and seek their own scenic fortune!

After the event, we can all meet at a local pub or cafe and get drinks/snacks and hang out… that will be fun too. I look forward to meeting y’all!

Daily Photo – The Tori Gate

What a perfect post-storm dusk! I was going photo-crazy.

This is a replica of the exact same place I have been near Nikko, Japan. The Nikko one is quite hard to shoot! There are many things in the way, and setting up for the ideal shot is no easy matter. Plus, when I was in Japan, the sky was not so great that evening. It’s the luck of the cards sometimes!

But this evening in Disney World was ultra-perfect. Epcot is the park that has all the little international areas. Japan, Germany, France, etc etc. It’s all a little silly and fake — but it’s also very cool and scenic! I don’t know how it can be both… but it is. Those Disney imagineers do an incredible job of making things look dreamy. I do the best I can to capture the magic as I saw it.

HDR Photo

  • Another great shot – compositionally and technically!

  • Blase

    Trey, would be nice if your photo included aperture and shutter speed. Mid exposure of the HDR photo set if bracketing was used. Thanks

  • Love it! Yeah, I think we all know the thrill of perfect light and weather 🙂

  • Patrick

    Just click on the picture. It takes you to Trey’s Smugmug page. Then click on “Show Details”, then choose the “Info” tab.

    For this picture it lists: Exposure Time: 30s (30/1) and Aperture: f/8.
    However, I don’t know if it is for the mid exposure.

  • Gail in Montana

    Nice photo, Trey. Disney World does do a great job(I only know this through your photos). Glad you were able to capture this scene, very pretty!!!

  • Great photo Trey. I wish your walk was in Quebec City ;D. Do not hesitate to come in our great town as it is in my opinion one of the nicest in America. There are lots of great places to shoots.

  • Thanks!

    Blase – some of that information is avail on the click-through — just go to the info area 🙂 — oh yes – like Patrick said ! 🙂

  • Jennifer

    This is just breathtaking.. absolutely gorgeous

  • casusan

    Beautiful Trey – love the lights and those gorgeous blues!

  • Yes! More Disney World Photos! Is it always cloudy there?

  • Jim

    Nice foreground leading to subject and super reflections in the distance and a cool sky as well.
    You taught us to mask through with the darker one and maybe toned down the burnt out highlights of the two lights. Man, I can’t believe I just told Trey to fix a picture… I am sorry…… I won’t do it again… :>)

  • Hehe Jim… I was thinking about that on this photo. I left that part blown out on purpose. I liked it better for inexplicable reasons – made it feel more cheerful and purposeful perhaps? I dunno.. maybe just in my head.

    Kevin – probably always cloudy because I don’t take shots in boring blue sky! 🙂

  • Stunning as always Trey. The surface contrasts between the clouds and the water is fantastic.
    By the way, do you have a price for the London workshop yet? I’ll be ready to register at 10am on the dot but it would be nice to know how much it was before I signed up. Thanks.

  • This actually a replica of O-Torii (Grand Gate) from Miyajima and not Nikko. The gates are similar, but this particular one is “Miyajima’s”.

  • Thanks all!

    Landscape – thanks! Good to know!

    Barney – will be up soon!

  • Blase

    Thank you Patrick. I could get the metadata I wanted through your instructions….easy. Thanks.

  • Very nice!

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