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I know that some of you are coming to OpenCa.mp to see me speak — but if you are a blogger or into social media, I highly recommend you come see Scott Kublin talk (see Scott’s session here). Just trust me on this one.

Speaking of blogging, driving traffic, and all that sort of stuff, I point you to this article on ReadWriteWeb called “Analysis: What are the Web’s Top Sources of Referral Traffic?” There is a nice mention of StuckInCustoms.com there and about how much traffic we get from Flickr alone.

FlipBoard is cool!

This is the coolest way to follow Twitter (@TreyRatcliff) and Facebook! It’s called FlipBoard for the iPad, and I have been using it quite a bit. It’s great! Basically, it is a clever way to see what is happening in Twitter in a magazine format. Whenever anyone posts a link, FlipBoard gives you a nice preview of the whole story.

I have created many Twitter Lists of good people to follow for various categories — artists, scientists, funny people, the Stuck In Customs community, and more!

Here are some photos of one of my lists called “Trey Ratcliff Curated Art” so you can see what it looks like.  There are all kinds of great sources on there like Abduzeedo, who is giving away an eBook, btw.  It very smartly builds a dynamic page based on what people put on the list!

Daily Photo – River to the Maelstrom

To honor ReadWriteWeb and its founder, the great Richard MacManus, I decided to post a new photo from his homeland of New Zealand today.

On the way to Milford Sound, there are a variety of little rivers that twist and turn into the mountains. I didn’t have nearly enough time, but I did a small amount of hiking to find some good compositions. I WILL have enough time, when I go back later in November or so of this year. Maybe I’ll spend a month or so this time, so I can really get out and do some serious hiking.

Even though I like to leave a little mystery in my photos (like that unusual maelstrom around the bend), I don’t like to have these mysteries in real life. I had to hike that direction to see what was there! And what was there? Hmm… maybe we’ll save that for a future shot!

HDR Photo

  • Very nice. Hmm… I might have been a little scared to hike into that! Nice water, and the clarity on the grass/brush in the foreground is great!

    Thanks for the heads up on Flipboard. I’ll have to add that to my wish list.

  • Chris

    Hi Trey, How do I add one of your lists to Flipboard? I have tried searching for them directly from within Flipboard but they don’t come up. I also tried following them in twitter and then looking for them in my lists in Flipboard but that doesn’t work either.


  • The water looks colourful – very nice effect!

  • Very nice shot, a single exposure HDR obviously.

  • Ah, so thats what homesickness feels like 🙂

    Almost tempted to get an iPad just to use Flipboard…

  • Gail in Montana

    Beautiful shot, Trey. Thanks for sharing some more of New Zealand!!!

  • Trevor Driscoll

    Great shot your link to a larger version is broken though

  • Thanks everyone.

    Trevor – my bad – I fixed that…

    Chris – good question – let me see if I can figure that out!

  • Richard (Oldhickory)

    What stands out for me is the beautiful color and texture on the foliage in the foreground. That streaky blue up the side of the mountain on the right is awesome too. And of course, composition is king.

  • I know that place! I fed a kea by the bridge there!

  • Very nicely done, as usual !

    On another note, dang Trey, you’re adding so many additional graphics to the site lately that I might have to take “Customs” off my “must visit” list for awhile.

    Oh well, by the end of August, I should be back on my full speed internet full time.

  • casusan

    Oh wow – absolutely beautiful Trey!

  • john s c

    how does one tell if this is a single raw file or a bracketed hdr image?
    anyway to sorta figure that out?

  • Z

    The water is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous.

  • Thanks all.

    John – usually 80% of my stuff is multi-exposure… including this one. I don’t know an easy way to figure it out, though.

  • Lovely, Trey. Next time you come down here, I’ll have to carry your bag for you 🙂 The South Island is super but so are the far north and central North Island. Normally we have clouds somewhere in the sky – makes those photos more interesting, right? BTW Flipboard might be the killer iPad app; though my wife still thinks its a waste of money!

  • Some of your best work here Trey. The colors in that water are brilliant. And the storm is making me a bit nervous 🙂

  • Neville

    As we say down south, Yeah Right.

    Trust you saw the ad.

  • Awesome, I’m now seriously considering the purchase of an iPad!

  • Thanks for the updates Trey!

  • great picture

  • Thans for the recommendation and the twitter lists… I love flipboard!

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  • Ruth Norman

    Milford Sound. Capt John Grono named it Milford Haven after his home town in Wales around 1812. Later Capt John Lort Stokes renamed it Milford Sound. Maori name is PIOPIOTAHI a now extinct thrush like bird. In Legend the bird was with Maui when he tried to gain inmortality for man, only to fail. The Piopio flew to Milford Sound to morn the loss of Maui

  • Ruth Norman

    Here is a piece of useless information. Hinenui-te-po is the goddess of death & it is written SHE is resonsible for the dreadded maneating Sandflies in Milford Sound. Reason being she does not like people staying there to long. He sandflies just love me

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