Horses on an Evening Meadow

Topaz with Photoshop CS5

I am still using Topaz Adjust quite a bit to do some final sharpening on my images. Topaz Adjust 4 does work on Photoshop CS5 now, but it still feels a little slow. Actually, I find Topaz Adjust 3 is faster. What is your experience with it?

They tell me (when I complained) that the algorithm is exactly the same. This is probably true, but it does launch a new UI in a new window. The process of launching that new window seems to take a while longer than before. I’m on a Mac… maybe it’s just a Mac problem… but wondering if I am alone with this!

If you want to see other images from Topaz, see my Topaz Adjust Review here on the site… I try to pop new images in there from time to time.

Daily Photo – Horses on an Evening Meadow

Every night before sunset, the horses would be let out of the corral for a bit of “personal” time.  They spent almost no time at all on the Internet, and, instead, just meandered around this grassy meadow at the ranch.

The grass looks nice eh?  And there was no lawn-mowing necessary.  All you need is a bunch of beautiful and hungry horses, and your lawn can look just like this.  Don’t worry about your neighbors.  You don’t like them that much, anyway, do you?  No, of course not, all your real friends (like me) are on the Internet.

This evening turned out really well.  After spending some time taking photos, I went into the lodge to have a wonderful dinner before going into the great room.  There, one of my friends named Annie sang some opera while we enjoy apres-dinner espressos.  It was really great.  It’s the second time I have heard her sing, and it was just as good the second time around.  Should I put her last name here?  I don’t know… let me ask her first to see if she is too shy!

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Beautiful shot Trey – interesting how they are all kind of lined up! Sounds like a wonderful evening! (ps ‘hungry’ typo! Nice to know you are human!)

  • About Topaz Adjust in Photoshop for Windows, I think that the performance is similar in both versions. But Topaz Details, for example, is going faster in version 2.x than 1.x. Version 1.x took a lot to load and currently , version 2.x is doing pretty well.

  • That horse in the foreground has wonderful markings!

  • What a great shot and wonderful composition. Yet another moment where being patient and anticipating the photo paid off. Well done 🙂

  • Trey, why don’t you remove that black stripe in the background (in the beginning of the text)? It makes difficult to read, seriously 🙂

    The photo is amazing!

  • I am running Topaz on windows 7 and it runs very smooth. Of course a 6 core processor with 12GB RAM probably helps a bit.

  • Hey Trey,
    I came across your site after looking up Lamma Island in Hongkong. Im over there in HK in 9 weeks for a couple of weeks holiday.
    You certainly have some inspiring images and your HDR is out of this world.
    Your work would certainly gain interest down here in Perth Western Australia
    I have added you as a link to my photography blog and will do a post on your work.
    Your Photomatix workflow is very much appreciated and thankyou for sharing.
    Check out my own images at
    Cheers Adrian Wayte

  • Gail in Montana

    You know I love this photo, Trey. I loved your comments about the horses not being on the net and mowing the grass for free!!! 🙂 I like the markings on the horse on the right also. All of them are beauties!!! Thanks for sharing. Great job!!

  • Topaz Adjust 3 is absolutely faster then 4. I prefer the older version. (I’m also on OSX)

  • I love the character of this shot and the landscape in the background is amazing, top work Trey!

  • The horses are great, nice balance of spotty white horse and the clouds.

    Nope, you are not alone. I have actually been waiting for you to bring up this question of Topaz Adjust 4 being slow. I too use a Mac (with CS4) and find it slow and cumbersome, whereas Adjust 3 runs rather smoothly. I’ve used Topaz Adjust 4 only a few times and got frustrated, now I only use Adjust 3. It runs better, but I always feel I am missing out?

    Thanks for bringing this up and please let us know if you have any further info.

  • Thanks all!

    Glad to hear you are having similar slow-downs with Topaz – maybe we can convince them to fix this… Speed is important!

    Anton – that black stripe should disappear when the white overlay is on top! But… this raises a good point because sometimes the white bit does not load. I will endeavor to erase that black stripe in those cases where the white does not load!

  • Hi Trey,

    Nice image once again! To all, that first horse is a Leopard Spotted Appaloosa….my only gripe is I wish they had rinsed off the blanket sweat mark off that horse….(that is not a natural marking.) Oh, well, can’t have everything…where would you put it? 🙂

  • Bill Guntle

    Great shot I like the way the horses are facing with the clouds in the back ground, and the ranch house the way its is facing, it is like the whole shot moves out towards you.

  • Sky is unreal and beautiful. Love the combination of blue and green.

  • Wow a beautiful shot. I need a vacation there. Another amazing photo Trey. Tell us the truth Trey, did you lay out horse feed in a line from the corral to your perfect photo spot? JK. Keep up the great work.

  • Hi!
    Is this HDR from a single RAW file?

  • Thanks all.

    Jose – Actually, those are robot-horses !

    Marcp – this is from 5 files… and used the middle RAW to fix the ghosting problems…

  • casusan

    The header is missing now – miss the snow monkey and all!

  • The colors are amazing. Especially the grass and the sky.

  • I’m currently working my Topaz Adjust through Fusion Express. I currently can’t comment on Photoshop CS5, since I’m stuck in the original CS era. iPhoto loads it up at an ok pace (my Macbook is 3 years old, so that may be a problem), but I’m eventually working to get and upgrade to CS3 to get the whole “kittin-caboodle” in one program.

  • john s c

    is there a way to know if this is amulti bracket hdr image or a single raw file
    it would be cool to know by lookinghere

  • The not using the Internet comment was funny. Seems weaning oneself off the online world is getting harder and harder each day.

    For me the trees and the wavy horizon line standout in this photo. That is the part of the image my eyes focused on the most.

  • matt

    Trey, I’m running adjust 4 on my brand new MBP and it is unbearably slow! I’m not a huge fan of the new UI either…

  • Tom M.

    I’ve only used Topaz Adjust 4, and as long as you’re using it 64 bit with 64 bit everything else, it’s nice and snappy. Lost cause if running 32 bit CS4. That’s on a (very fast) PC, not Mac.

  • which function did you use in topaz adjust? dramatic? i wanna test it out as well…

  • Ken – usually I do photo pop as a starting point then move around the sliders a bit!

  • Oh my gosh!! I feel as if I could just walk right into the photo!

  • Amazing shot. Really great. The sky works so well here.

  • As I mentioned on twitter, great shot! I love how clear it is. Those horses pop right out. Wonderful!

    I’m a mac user too. I only have 2gb ram which doesn’t help, but Topaz 4 runs MUCH slower than version 3. I load v3 and it is only a few seconds, whereas v4 takes over a minute just to launch. This is with both CS4 and CS5. I also can’t stand the v4 UI. Those of us with smaller monitors (20in iMac here) need the extra room v3 gives. v3 is so much better both in speed and design. Here’s hoping you can use your influence to make them finally address these concerns, Trey.

  • Hi Trey, I’m running Topaz adjust 4.x on Photoshop CS5 with Windows 7 64 bit and am not experiencing any problems or slowness. Wonderful cloud cover in this shot…

  • Great depth on the horses images. As someone mentioned above, the eye is drawn to the trees and horizon. Very nice!

    Topaz Adjust 4, W7 64bit, CS4 32bit – very slow. It takes ages to load. it seems to be creating thumbs for all the profiles, at least it saves back to PS quickly. unlike Topaz Detail, time to take the dogs for a walk then!

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