The Mysterious Stone Sphere

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Daily Photo – The Mysterious Stone Sphere

This English-style garden near a smallish castle in New Zealand had all sorts of little sculptures and whatnot. This part of the day was overcast and cool, so it was nice to walk casually around with my tripod. I don’t know what this stone object was all about, but it certainly seemed photo-worthy.

I used a 14-24 lens for this shot, and I am still amazed how close I have to get to a subject to get it to fill up the frame. Usually, I have to get uncomfortably close to the subject. I suppose it’s not uncomfortable with an inanimate object, but, still…. you know what I mean if you have done this.

HDR Photo

  • I’m sorry to say that,but your latest shots are sooo far from the ones you used to post. No offense,but looks like u’re getting a little lazy with looking for a subject and processing the shot after. It might be because you post shots every single day. So maybe you should post once in a couple of days,but a truly amazing shot? Just my 5 cents 🙂

    P.S. Are you planning to visit Toronto?

  • Wow there seems to be alot of mysterious stone balls in New Zealand – cool shot however.

    Trey, do you recall the last ime you posted one of your motorcycle shots and i said i was frustrated about the lack of motorcyclage in Glasgow? I went out the next day and the place was full of them – no joke! I posted one of the final images of flickr for you to see – i also shamelessly plugged your website!

  • Nice shot, perhaps a bit different as well 🙂

  • Gail in Montana

    Very nice photo of an interesting Garden decoration in New Zealand. Great find, Trey!!! I have to add this one to my facebook album!!!! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the newsletter!

  • Cool Andy – thanks for the link!

    Thanks for the comments, as always… Newsletter should arrive soon!

  • casusan

    I like all your New Zealand shots Trey – what a beautiful and interesting place! The newsletter is super too!

  • Have you seen the mysterious stone spheres in Costa Rica?

  • I have indeed heard of those Jim – always wanted to see them!

  • Although they have some of the spheres at the museum in San Jose, best place to see them is Palmar Sur and Palmar Norte in western Costa Rica. If you can find a guide, you may visit spots where a few are located on or near their original locations. I had to wonder if the New Zealand sculpture was influenced by the spheres in Costa Rica!?

  • Mysterious indeed!

  • Ruth Norman

    The Ball is a fountain. It just spills over the top. It is at Lanach Castle outside of Dunedin. The row os large balls in the water are the Moraki Boulders. As the tides eat into the cliffs & banks there, more are revealed. In time the tides break the boulders down to sand. The Moraki Boulders are north of Palmerston on the way to Dunedin on the South Island. Hope that helps

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  • David Martin

    Are you aware of the (baseball, softball size) two speres that were found and are composed of different materials fused together in a manner we have yet to be able to replicate because we are not advanced enough? One was found in the sands of a gold mine on the south island-I spent time on both islands doing geophysical exploration in the early 80’s. Just trying to update my knowledge of these two incredible items.

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