Clyde Aspevig Interview

A New Mini-Documentary Video

I’m very excited to show you this little interview!

In case you don’t know of the great painter Clyde Aspevig (or you missed that bit in my book where I referenced his paintings), then this is a great chance to do so.  I was lucky enough to spend several days with him again in Montana at a ranch, and I did not waste it.  Many of you know my fascination with the French Impressionists; the idea that I was able to talk to a modern day reincarnation of one was thrilling.

Daily Photo – Clyde Aspevig in the Wild

While I was out there with the D3S (see my Nikon D3S Review) taking video, I also grabbed a number of stills.  While Clyde was in the middle of one of his paintings, I knelt down to grab this one.  I love it… I think he looks like a demigod.

  • Cruzing

    Hi Trey,

    Keep up the great work, have you thought about building a Android application to share your daily photo adventure?

  • Hey Trey!

    Amazing to watch a master in action…! allso liked the way u combined stills and moving footage!
    Yes im from finnland and keepn a silly blogg to amuse myself and others hopefully…!
    Details like the way Aspevig keeps his colors on the!
    HDR pretty new thing to me, but when googling i found yours…!
    Really amazing results you get…!
    Gonna say like Cruizing did

    keep up the good work!

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo of Aspevig painting. Thanks for sharing!!

  • That’s a great shot. I love how you can see the painting and then see the actual scenery. It’s almost like his canvas is a photo frame! Single image HDR?

  • casusan

    Awesome video! I am amazed he finishes those beautiful painting in such a short time! Glad we got to meet him on your blog Trey!

  • Stephen

    Continued great work from you, Trey. I’m incredibly jealous of the people you are meeting in your adventures.

    This picture reveals one of the challenges in HDR which is how to mix a lifestyle shot with the surreal overtones of a tone-mapped picture. Tone-mapped clouds and human skin in the same shot is very hard to pull off properly. While the composition is great and it captures an artist and his work, it gives great fodder to the discussion of whether or not this actually conveys what the artist (Trey) intends to convey: Is it to achieve light balance? Accentuate landscape texture? Human expression? Surreal essence?

    IMO, given the predominant portion of the picture dedicated to clouds, I would think it’s the latter, but having the artist in pose would think it’s to convey a personal facet. I’m left a bit confused, but I enjoy the picture nonetheless. Perhaps a tighter crop would eliminate the confusion, but that would eliminate the cloud essence altogether; a never-ending dilemma of cropping.

    Do you have a shot of the artwork looking out over the exact landscape depicted on the canvas? That would be an interesting piece.

  • nice portrait HDR..:)

  • Thanks all.

    Cruzing – yes I have indeed. I’d be quite interested in that… !

    Tim – yes it is a single image HDR.

    Stephen – thanks for the feedback… and yes I do have other shots like that of clyde I will post later

  • Love your work, and I’ve been enjoying the videos on the site. Is there any way you can link to an iPad friendly location for the videos (the embedded video doesn’t show up at all on the page when viewed on an iPad)? When I’m on the road I don’t have any other way to surf.

  • THanks Chris – well that is a Vimeo video – I am surprised it does not work – let me see what I can do !

  • I was thinking about paintings the other day while i was working on something on Photoshop – i’ll need to give the interview a bash. His painting looks excellent and i like the relationship between that particular medium and photography.

  • Barry

    Amazing! The clouds look like a painting. Very fitting since your subject is a painter…

  • Mike

    I love your work whether it is a single image or multiple images. Keep up the inspirational work.

  • Trey, I’ll be interested if you learn anything about the iPad and Vimeo because friends have told me they can never view slideshows I put up on Vimeo on their iPhones but they can see videos I put up on YouTube … Go figure, hope you learn something that helps ’cause, in many ways, I prefer Vimeo to YouTube – there’s a lot less “advertising” of others’ videos.

  • Great video and photo of Clyde Aspevig painting!

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