About to Explore Milford Sound

Met Joseph Linaschke!

Yesterday I met Joseph Linascke in LA. He’s as great a guy in person as I expected. I had hosted This Week in Photography with him several months ago, and we have always been trying to get together. It was good to finally meet him in person!

Do you organize your photos on an Apple and interested in using Aperture to make the job easier? You should get Joseph’s Aperture eBook. That thing is over 100 pages long and filled with all kinds of good stuff.

Daily Photo – About to Explore Milford Sound

Milford Sound was one of the three places that everyone in New Zealand told me I had to visit. And after arriving there, I’m glad I did! It was a bit foggy and cloudy while I was there, but it made for a nice mood.  The light rain would get a bit annoying on the lens, but we all learn to deal with these little bummer things that happen.  Nothing is perfect and nothing is easy…

These days are difficult for shooting. There is sometimes not a good or obvious angle, so it takes a lot of hiking and consideration before I finally pull the trigger. I hiked all around the coast for a bit before settling on this spot. Not too long after this, I got onto a huge boat to take me out towards the ocean.  That afforded me a lot more angles and unexpected shots, which I’ll be sure to include in a future post.

  • Trey, how do you deal with the wind? I never could understand how do you manage to make this rush and grass so accurate – they are always waving 🙂

  • So taken with this one for some reason – really, really cool! I initially thought that was a volcano as I was reading the post – was trying to think of a volcano in NZ when I was reading. Idiot!

  • Michele

    Lots of volcanoes in NZ, but Mitre Peak isn’t one of them!

    Trey – lucky you weren’t here around sunset – the mosquitoes come out in well-organised squadrons to attack any living thing that contains blood!

    Great shot.

  • Very interesting shot. It looks like the brush was hard to avoid! I often find that to be the case and it is so very frustrating when you have to setting for a half-decent shot because you can’t rearrange mother nature. I’ve definitely done a little bush stomping and limb breaking to get branches out of great shots, though! …is that bad?

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, that is an amazingly beautiful photo, Trey. All my favorite things in nature, mountains, water, clouds, trees, reeds, and weeds!! I love this one, will have to add it to my Trey Ratcliff2 photo album on facebook!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Very beautiful…Wide angle shot at its best…

  • casusan

    So absolutely beautiful Trey – love this one- as usual!

  • Jen – no – I break branches all the time to get the shot too hehe!

    Thanks all!

  • Liz

    This is such a gorgeous photo of Milford Sounds and I have seen many of them. One of the best.

  • Foreground Interest in Photography…damn nice..

  • What can I say? I love it, I love it, I love it…the colors, light, composition, subject matter. It takes the mind of the viewer to a place of mystery and serenity. Everything about the photo screams wonderful! Yeah, I like it.

  • Wow! I really love the colour and details. Beautiful one Trey!

  • Oh! This is great! Is it me or the picture seems like “half HDR”. It looks like the part over the water is one take and the bottom is full HDR? Is it my perception or is there some masking done between the top of the photo and the bottom?

    By the way, I love this picture so much, I can almost feel the breeze 😀

  • Sorry you were here during one of the worst summers ever 🙁 Still you managed to get these wonderful photos out. Just goes to show; you gotta get out of the car to get the best shots!

  • Another awesome shot Trey shame about the dull clouds though, if you had to pick between Iceland and New Zealand for impressive landscapes which one would you pick?

  • Thanks!

    Chris – it is a toss up! Really really… hmm… I will spend more time in both and let you know!

    Fred – I do masking all the time… but that is just to repair HDR troubles… !

  • So beautiful! I sure wish Milford Ohio looked like this!

  • Great image!

    On another note, as photographers, we all need to be cautious about what plant life we may trampling on or breaking to obtain our shot. There are some plants that are extremely sensitive to this kind of damage, which can take decades (if not more) to repair. So, please, if there is a way to take the shot without trampling or breaking the plant life, try that first. We can’t expect hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts to protect the plant life, if we aren’t willing to do so as well.

    Okay, I’m off my soap box! 🙂

  • great shot, am happy your still putting images up from your nz trip!! i love nz a very beautiful place

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