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I’m still happy with my move to SmugMug several months back. If you decide to try them out, just use “STUCKINCUSTOMS” to save 20%. If you want to know more, see my SmugMug Review here on the site. I have a new bit in there about how it compares to Flickr with pros and cons. I still use Flickr too, and my photos from SmugMug get copied over there, since I intermix with many communities.

Now, daily, I upload a new photo to the Portfolio and it is appended to the end. I need to get in there and re-arrange things a little bit. But, for now, the portfolio goes into a slideshow mode that starts with some of my favorites and then cycles through all of them. You can start the slideshow, if you wish, by clicking the photo below!

Daily Photo – The Megapolis

I was spending the day with various characters including June Arunga, Paul Roussin, and Cali Lewis while hunting around New York City for some interesting shots. I never get tired of shooting there. It’s a bit like the ocean in a way… it changes and cycles with the light and the motion. I find myself circling back to the same bits again and again to see how things have changed.

I don’t know why I happened to be posting this one so close to the Petaluma puddle shot from a few days ago… I suppose it is just somewhat of a coincidence! The hardest bit about these shots is getting my head so close to the ground. It’s impossibly awkward, and I’m sure I look like quite the loon, splayed out across the pavement of Times Square!

  • haha.. I don’t know if I would have had the balls to splay myself all over the pavement but I’m glad you do! That red is so vibrant and the reflection’s pretty snazzy too. Cool!

  • Very nie shot! I have to ask Trey, is this a bracketed exposure or 1 RAW file? And if it is bracketed, which it looks like it is, is it handheld or does your tripod have some super low setting, or maybe you propped your camera on top of something? Just out of pure interest in learning 🙂 Thanks!

  • Well that’s weird, the picture’s very nice and fully detailled, but the sample posted here on the blog seems… blurry ! I took a look at the flickr ones, and they’re almost perfectly sharp.

  • Very cool shot, love it 🙂

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, Trey, this photo was worth getting down for. All the reflections in the water puddle is amazing, as well as the rest of time square, love the colors. Great job!!!!! Thanks for sharing all your efforts here on your blog. I watched some of the slide show, very good.

  • I suspect processing of that was quite a challenge with the reflection.

  • Ray

    yeah smugmug have some catching up to do, their servers seem to be down quite a lot!

  • Hey Trey,
    I don’t know how to get a hold of you except through your blog. I just got back from an amazing off-road Trek through the most remote parts of Alaska. Extremely beautiful area in the land of the midnight sun that very few people get to see. I am going to do it again in June 2011. If you are interested, drop me an email at ccdelany [at] gmail [dot] com. P.S. I’m not a crazy person. Promise. 😉

  • Dennis Franke

    Mmmmh…i don´t know exactly what it is, but i don´t like this shot in any way. Maybe it´s the green tree on the left? I don´t know if it would be better to cut the tree off the frame or to have more of it an the shot. There is something…but Trey, don´t worry! I still like your work alot! 😀

  • eric

    I don’t really care for it either. Looks like a p&s photo.
    Also looks like some cloning left of the middle tower near the building line.. possibly a human who moved though.

  • They have to be really hot in those jackets since it has been 90 degrees these last 2 months.

  • casusan

    I love this Trey – the colors are so vibrant! Cool puddle too!

  • Thanks all…

    Thomas – a bit older than that hehe

    Eric & Dennis – thx for feedback

    Joseph – this is 5 exposures, which is usual for me, from +2 to -2

  • I agree with the weird positions! I definitely have even gotten my head wet leaning way down in some yoga-like pose with my camera. What I find is that when I am in weird positions like that I really have to change how I breath, or even hold my breath.

  • Love the texture in the puddle, and you’ve just given another testimonial of why all DSLR’s should have a movable LCD!! C’mon manufacturer’s – Get on it!

  • Mark

    Exposures — Does it matter if you do 3 Exposures (-2, 0, and +2) vs. 5 exposures (-2, -1, 0, +1, & +2)???

    Would I get better results doing 5 than 3?

  • Henry

    Earnest Haas said “with reflctiins we are too soon a genius.” Maybe that’s why the 2 reflections shots.

  • Mark – no 3 exposures is just fine ! 🙂 My camera only steps by 1s 🙁

  • Nice shot, Trey! heh I know what you mean about getting so close to the ground. My widest lens is only 29mm (I know I know.. I need to invest in a wider one) so I have to practically lay on the ground to get a good shot sometimes. Luckily, I’m in Japan and foreigners are generally expected to be weird and crazy, so it doesn’t surprise too many people to watch me 😉

    The past few days’ shots are awesome too!! Sorry I haven’t been commenting so much lately. Been super busy trying to get my own daily hdr edited and posted outside of normal work. It’s really tough to do this everyday! I have incredibly respect for you and how you’ve done this for.. how long now? Amazing.

  • Thanks David – very much – appreciate your comments as always. A shot a day is hard as heck… don’t know why I gave myself this challenge!

  • Wow cool – I’m just back from London where I visited Piccadilly Circus at night and again although i’ve been there a dozen times I still always go back as the vibe is never always the same. It was also the first time i’ve been there with all my camera gear which was very exciting. It was good practice for New York in October and encouraging as the results were pretty good.

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