When the Songs Were Forlorn

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I did a piece for Smashing several months back called Ten Principles of Beautiful Photography. Since the recent re-design, I made it one of the top-level articles for new people that are just discovering the site. Thanks for all the comments on there. I don’t always get a chance to respond, but I do read them all!

Daily Photo – When the Songs Were Forlorn

Today we have another new Iceland shot!

By this time, I had been in Iceland for about two weeks. Again, this was just after midnight and I was up, quite alone, in the northwest fjord area. I listen to music all the time while hiking and shooting. I had started to enter a non-stop dreamy state after so long out on my own, sleeping days and staying up all nights. When you are surrounded by constant strange-light, everything feels like a waking dream.

And when I reached this point, my iPod playlist started getting into the forlorn songs. It did nothing to help the reality of the situation, if there was one to begin with.

  • A beautiful shot Trey. The clouds always seem to like you. Those mountains look surreal! But that’s the whole beauty of Iceland. I must go there someday.

  • Agreed – the clouds always do seem to favour you! Great shot and really would like to visit Iceland one day. Maybe I’ll start planning now…

  • John S

    Very beautiful Trey. I love this country and the beauty of the country shows in this photo. Definitely have to visit someday.

  • Wow i love that hill! It looks like the one Richard Dreyfuss makes in his house when he’s losing his mind in ‘Close Encounters of the third kind’ – terrific! So what forlorn tune kicked in while this photo was being taken?

  • Tom

    Really impressive and surreal landscape.

  • very good landscape and beautiful pictures.

  • Gail in Montana

    Very pretty photo, Trey! Cute how the forlorn songs kicked in while you were at that spot, it does look a little forlorn and lonely. The sky was indeed co-operating with you, making this photo really special. Like the comment at the hill and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” , lol. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • casusan

    This is so beautiful Trey – the water is beyond gorgeous!

  • Hi Trey,

    I really hope you pick this message up! I’m trying to plan my own photography trip to Iceland next year but am only able to go for one week. In respect of this limited timeframe, which area do you think i should focus on.

    I’m looking for really remote locations so am thinking it should be the the NW Fjord area? Thanks for the help!!

  • I love the feeling in the sky. Of Course the landscape is unreal but the sky is really wild. I could only imagine what it felt like to be there.

    The site redesign is really strong! Amazing.

  • I liked how water mix into ground. Combo is perfect.

  • Thanks all!

    Matt – just DRIVE around the area — you’ll be happy – you’ll find plenty of remote locations.

  • Until this moment I never thought of traveling to Iceland. How serene. you have captured the essence of your waking dream state.

  • Not particularly excited about this one. But the landscapes look there scream “photo-op”.

  • When will you stop amazing me???

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