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Updating the D3S Review

As I take more and more photos with the D3S, I add them to the Nikon D3S Review here on the site.  Whenever possible, I try to include info such like the ISO, shutter speed, and this sort of thing.  I hope it is helpful, even if you are not going to get the camera!

Daily Photo – Wrapping Around Time

The ancient ruins of Angkor Wat are wild and unprotected.  I think the country just cannot afford to properly keep the sites maintained.  This is both good and bad.  It’s good for me, since I can go anywhere, climb anywhere, and take photos of anything.  I’m very careful when I am near these places, and I don’t disturb the natural order of things. The bad part is that graverobbers are everywhere, snatching this and snatching that.

These old banyan trees grow up and around everything.  The roots become crazily and beautifully entangled.  If I’m not mistaken, I believe that these are also sometimes used as bonsai trees.

  • the colour of this is crazy! i like it, shot man

  • This is like something out of Indiana Jones – makes me want to grab my bullwhip and fedora and go on a crazy jungle adventure!

  • Impressive. I find it interesting though that the two photos I’ve seen you put up of this tree are in Sepia (B&W) but the majority if not all the rest are in colour…

    Cool shot though, somewhere I definitely need to check out!

  • Hi, its an unique photography with its colour and i like it.

  • Nice!

  • cindy williams

    Looking forward to the DVD, any news on its debut?

  • Gail in Montana

    Saw this on facebook yesterday and I still think it is beautiful, if scary looking. Sort of a metaphor of life. Great job, Trey!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you !

    Cindy – it’s in the works ! 🙂

  • Great image Trey! I am really enjoying your work and getting inspiration from it. Thanks for sharing!

  • I don’t like this either. I like your work. This one seems not you

  • casusan

    One of my favorites Trey!

  • Bonnie

    Interesting. Looks like something from Harry Potter. Neat effects.

  • Thanks for all the comments !

    Thomas – sorry mate – I can’t get you 365 winners a year… going for 80% hit rate.

  • Joe M. in San Antonio

    Trey, I’ve been to Angkor about six times in the last five years (worked in Taipei for a spell) and you take the absolutely best photos of park. Hope to get to meet you sometime and say “thanks” up in person. I’m in San Antonio now and will try to make your next Austin event.

  • Mr Jinxx

    Such a shame when these wide lenses distort perspective so much. I know it can be done in an arty way sometimes, but it’s so annoying when the verticals are so distorted that even Photoshop can’t deal with it properly. Luckily this dramatic shot is more arty so it isn’t so distracting and can add to the drama

  • Hi Trey, this is such a great photo. There is such a good contrast and all details just pop. It seems like everything in the photo was made of some unknown material (metal maybe?). It is different from what I saw in your previous photo. Keep doing your great photos, it teaches and inspires me!

  • alicia

    Bang Melia? It was worth the 2 hr ride on the back of a motorbike.

    But the restoration of Angkor proceeds at a steady pace.

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