Shopping in the Rain & Portofino Print Available

New Numbered Print, Limited Edition – The Boat in Portofino

This one is definitely a big favorite, and we have gotten many emails asking about when it will become available. Well now it finally is!

Now, let’s be clear. This isn’t really Portofino, but it sure does look like it, eh? We might even make the case that it is more pretty than the real Portofino! This is a beautiful resort in Orlando, over at Universal Studios. The lake is filled with a bunch of little boats, each of which has a different little Italian girl’s name on the back.

Daily Photo – Shopping in the Rain

Today we have another street photography shot from Tokyo. It was quite late at night, quite cold, quite rainy, and quite dark! But, it certainly made for an interesting challenge.

Street life is quite vibrant and pretty in the rain at night. I always struggle with bringing what is so obvious on the scene into the final photo. Getting the feeling right in the final photo without artificial life is tough.

This businessman was strolling down the street, doing some light window shopping. The 50mm 1.4 prime did most of the work here for me, even though it did require manual focus. That bit was hard. Real hard. But, I’ll do my best to put everything together into an upcoming post on the top 10 tips in street photography.

  • casusan

    Oh wow – cool shot of him – what a well dressed and interesting guy! Am sure these are hard to take! The print is totally awesome! I can see this in alot of homes and offices! Way to go Trey!

  • Hi Trey,
    Given you clearly read your posts I just want to say that I absolutely love your site. I started out by finding your HDR tutorial and soaking up the information. When you put up your e-books I was actually glad there was an easy way to give something back to you. That’s exactly how I think the net’s supposed to work so it’s great to see it in action. I’m in London so checking daily to see if you’ve announced your schedule. The shot of the guy in the business suite is special, nicely captured, love his choice of umbrella.

  • i agree with Michael mint umbrella! sweet shot Trey

  • The Portofino HDR is beautiful. So crisp. That must be very early in the morning for there to be no people and the water so calm. Do you sleep?

  • Jim

    Got to love the f1.4. Question about the Portofino shot. In a public/private place like that do you have to get permission to sale a image of their place? I was a student of yours down in Tampa and strive to improve. My latest attempt using your techinques.

  • Gail in Montana

    Nice photo, Trey, love the detail of the street and the gentleman walking!! I was telling my niece in Michigan(on facebook) that she was my second favorite photographer next to you and she commented back that she loves your photos, has bought your book, and is in the process of reading it as she wants to try HDR. She saw your photos I had posted in my 2 Trey Ratcliff albums. So I guess I was helping spread the word and didn’t even know it, lol. Have a safe trip, and let us know how Burning Man was, lol.

  • That Portofino shot is fantastic. For me, the best part has to be the sky – all the formations and cloud colours going on is just lovely! Wouldn’t mind going for a quick row in “Adriana” too..

  • Thanks!

    Michael – announcement will be fairly soon!

    Jen – I should sleep more… yes yes I know !

    Jim – I think they let guests of the hotel take shots with no problem.

  • Trey, that Portofino shot makes my heart skip a beat! Beautiful!

  • How do you take photos of people without them looking at you funny?? Making sure that you are a distance away?? I love people shots especially when they are candid and the subject appears unsuspecting. But I find it hard to whip out the camera when I am on the street and just start shooting.

    Here is a photo I took just recently at the park. Out of all the crazy, super cute, posed shots, I got this one semi-candid shot and I love it 😉 Even if the boy was looking at the camera.

    Would be awesome to know how people go about taking candid shot in public places though.

  • Of course I didn’t read your post or I would know that you will be posting tips soon!
    Every time I come here I just stare at the photos and the text all blur out of vision 😉
    Looking forward to the Street Photog tips then.

  • Fantastic shot. The light coming from the right really makes this a wonderful image. Well done.

  • I tried a shoot at Portofino and had no problems, despite the fact that I wasn’t a hotel guest. No one seemed concerned about me walking around taking shots with my tripod. However, I sure had problems with a strong wind. Those boats were blowing all over the place and the sun was setting behind me.

    I need to spend a night there and try a morning shot like this one.

  • Trey,are you planning to visit Toronto?

  • Wonderful shot, Trey. I’ve been looking forward to that Street photography post since it was mentioned in a Japan video.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  • call me picky, but I think the white dot just in front of his mouth is distracting – I would photoshop it ….

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