Tokyo Tunnel & Creative Commons Under Attack

Creative Commons Under Attack!

Michelle Greer  recently wrote an article that believers on Creative Commons (like me) should read.  What’s with these people?

I know we’ve got people like Joi Ito, Cory Doctorow, Xeni Jardin, and many others in our camp…  I have no doubt we will win the fight, but it’s still a worthy cause for artists and the web.  I know that not all photographers agree with me, and that’s okay.  (You’ll come around!)

If you are still flummoxed about IP and Art, I invite you to see a new perspective from a TED speech.  See my Best TED Talks page — there is a new one from Johanna Blakeley who gives a counter-intuitive talk about copying and the fashion industry.

Daily Photo – Tokyo Tunnel

During a fun photowalk in Tokyo, we were doing our best to get a city shot around sunset.  We speculated that perhaps the best way to get from Point A to a mysterious Point B was to go through this tunnel.  It didn’t quite get us where we wanted to go, but we did arrive someplace different.

Halfway through the tunnel, I asked my mates if I could set up for a quick HDR.  Luckily, I was surrounded by people that also love HDR, so they agreed with knowing smiles.

  • Thanks for mentioning the post, Trey. I believe if people are simply educated that Creative Commons is 1.) good for society and 2.) has commercial benefits, they will fall on the right side. We nerdy folk tend to gravitate towards our nerdy circles and can often take it for granted even though opponents are spending considerable sums of money to convince powerful people that cc is bad. No bueno.

  • Missed a few days – been busy. I’m glad I mad the time to check in today. Of course I also license all my HDR photos under creative commons and like you I release the full res file with no watermark. I don’t think I make quite the money you do from it, Trey 😉 But I do believe in giving away and that eventually I’ll be rewarded for it.

    Having said that, I’m afraid I don’t understand what the issue is here? Is this attacking my ability to use the creative commons license, or is it just mudslinging, trying to give creative commons bad PR? I’ll add that TED talk to my to-do list, by the way.

  • Those reflections on the ceiling are interesting – why are things in other countries always cooler?

  • Bitguide

    Jeze i miss Hunter S Thompson, the term Greed Head has fell from the lexicon.
    This comming from an industry who brought us Milli Vanilli, and don’t have a clue
    about there core business, now they want to expand their realm.

  • Loving the graffiti down the sides of the wall..

  • Great choice and great eye! Your daily photos hop around from place to place so much I feel I am missing out on more from places you mentioned in past entries. Guess I will have to hang in there and see if you come back and post more photos from those other places. 🙂

  • Gail in Montana

    Trey, you happen upon the most interesting looking places by accident. So glad you decided to take a photo of this tunnel as it is really neat!!!! Thanks for sharing. I hope you win the fight about creative commons!!!!

  • Anthony

    Why would Congress even get involved? No one is forcing people to use CC, so why does there need to be a fight? They want the government to ban people from choosing to make their creations available under a set of conditions and with a set of rights that they determine? These people are idiots.

  • From what I’ve read on CC, it’s just not for everyone. From what I assume about Trey, he takes pictures, sells prints, and makes the rest of his income from affiliate marketing, sponsors, book sales, speaking engagements and so on. Trey tell me if I’m wrong, but with CC you can never license one of your images exclusively to a company for use. But you probably wouldn’t want to. I do however license images to different companies because I don’t have 500k visitors a month yet. If I had my images under CC I couldn’t do this. Because once an image is CC, it can never have an exclusive licensing agreement attached to it. I’ve had this assumption for a while, but even Scott Bourne mentioned it when he wrote an article against CC.

    To summarize, it’s not for everyone (right now) because of the limitations it creates for working with companies. It is great for Trey because of the way his business is set up, and is equally great for people who have similar business models.

  • casusan

    Oh wow – cool tunnel Trey – glad you stopped to take a photo!

  • Richard (Oldhickory)

    Beautiful! The dark figure in the distance is certainly serendipitous. Looks really cool.

  • Richard (Oldhickory)

    Editorial note here.

    Our government is getting involved in all kinds of things it has no business in.


  • As a teacher, I’ve used your stuff in my World Geography classes because of the CC trademark – and was very happy that you licensed your work in such a way.

    This didn’t only let me use your work for educational use – it also 1.) persuaded me to buy your book and; 2.) persuaded me to eventually buy a DSLR and try HDR for myself.

    For someone who would never buy a print or digital photo rights, that’s quite the accomplishment…

  • tunnel perspective

  • Licensing music, pictures, paintings, etc. is a matter of control. A copyright gives more control, but costs more. CC costs less, but is a bit more risky. It’s a choice that one makes with the art they produce and it should be their choice, not some collaborative group. Sounds like ASCAP would like to eliminate all other options for licensing and use the copyright system to restrict how people can sell their products, reduce competition, and keep prices and profits artificially high.

    Great image Trey!

  • I was wondering how that shot turned out for you! It really brought out the reflection on that wall! Very nice!

  • That’s what I’m talking about Trey. This is the money shot! I am all about the beauty and the grit!!!!

  • wow good one! glad you got out, came out greatr

  • It is actually my great joy to hear coming from you and observe your great work of art. All of them look nice! Regards very much!

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